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Join CROSSOUT, the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from dozens of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles!


  • The adventure begins

    In previous entries of the developer blog, we covered the backstory of what's waiting for you in the new mode. Today we will share some details about the mode itself and the rewards.

    9 November 2018
  • Strange tidings

    Strange news is echoing from the Wasteland. Everybody is talking about it. Gang scouts find frightening evidence showing that the world of Crossout, as we knew it, is changing. Very slowly and quietly, only the hidden and forgotten corners of the world host mysterious events with untold consequences.

    7 November 2018
  • Changes in hover mechanics

    Greetings to all survivors! Today we would like to talk about such an important and long-awaited event as the change in hover mechanics. Please note that all the features described in this blog are preliminary and may still be changed before the final release on the game servers.

    26 October 2018
  • Fugitive

    Survivors! Today we would like to present you the first blog dedicated to the upcoming exploration mode!

    25 October 2018
  • Changes in the methods of obtaining weapon appearance customization kits and paint cans

    Survivors! Today we would like to inform you of our plans for changes in the methods of obtaining weapon appearance customization kits (CK) and paint cans.

    22 October 2018
  • Improved exhibition search and cabin appearance changes

    Greetings to all survivors! We would like to devote today's issue of the blog to the long-awaited exhibition search mechanic revamp, as well as a completely new way to change the look of your armored car. In addition, we will touch on a few more interesting changes that await us in the upcoming updates. So let me start from the beginning.

    26 September 2018
  • New Knight rider weapons

    Greetings to the Wasteland's inhabitants! The time of the knechte has come again, the knight riders have returned with trophies once more, and once again they offer the worthy to earn their fine weapons.

    13 September 2018
  • The next coming of Knight riders

    The Knechte are eternal vagabonds. Even among the restless population of the Wasteland, they are known for their passion for far journeys. They are led by the image of the enticing Flanders and the iron will of their leader, Martin.

    6 September 2018
  • Details on the future rework of seasons and daily challenges

    Survivors! Today it's time to share more details about the nature of future rework of seasons and daily challenges.

    16 August 2018
  • Wheel revamp plans

    Greetings to all inhabitants of the Wasteland! We would like to devote today's blog entry to our plans for the future in revamping the most widespread movement part in the world of Crossout — wheels.

    9 August 2018