• New raids. Part 1

    Greetings to all inhabitants of the Wastelands! Life is motion, it never stands still. Crossout is also moving forward, and today we are ready to share our plans for things which are likely to see the light in the next updates. We are going to talk about PvE scenarios.

    5 March 2018
  • Firestarters. Part 3

    Survivors! We can already hear the roar of engines and the screeching of augers. These are the Firestarters! They say that their engines run on flames, not gasoline. And the legendary Odegon leads them.

    5 February 2018
  • Firestarters. Part 2

    Preparations for the arrival of Firestarters are in full swing in the Wasteland. Faction leaders, of course, are not enthusiastic about the idea that they will have to make room, but the Survivors already anticipate this long-awaited event.

    30 January 2018
  • Developer blog. Pyrolators. Part 1

    To all survivors! The day is approaching when the mysterious Pyrolators faction will open the gates of their garages and begin recruiting volunteers who want to understand otherworldly secrets or simply share their passion for fire and destruction.

    16 January 2018
  • Developer Blog. Raid changes

    Today we are ready to share the first details of raid changes that will appear in Crossout with one of the nearest updates.

    29 November 2017
  • Changes in parts balance and explosion mechanics

    Crossout continues to evolve. We are preparing important changes to in-game balance and invite you to familiarize yourself with some of them.

    26 October 2017
  • Witch hunt in Crossout!

    Survivors continue to honour traditions of the past. In October Witch Hunt comes to Crossout!

    16 October 2017
  • Changes in ranked battle system

    We welcome all Survivors in another entry to the Developer blog! Today we are going to tell you about our plans for future changes in ranked battles.

    12 October 2017
  • Dawn's Children. Part 4. New locations and modes

    Survivors! In this blog, we would like to share with you the latest information about the most significant new features that you will see in next updates.

    18 September 2017
  • Dawn Children. Part 3

    Last time, we told you about the faction's curious weapons. Today we will show you new cabins and modules.

    4 September 2017