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New faction parts, part upgrade and balance changes. Mass testing

Hello there, survivors!

Another week — another mass testing! We made a number of changes to the tweaks that have already been announced and we are re-opening the test server so that you can study everything and share your opinion.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. You can study all the planned changes in detail on the special test server!

New rarity

We are not planning major changes with the announced “special” rarity. Until the release of the update, only the characteristics of parts and/or their crafting recipes may be adjusted.

We would like to talk more about the perks for parts that have been moved into the new rarity.

“Special” weapons will have perks if:

  • They are not the first in their series (like “Synthesis”, “Emily”, “Goblin”, etc.). In other words, if they have a “rare” analogue. You can always check the weapon series in the technology tree.
  • If the “epic” analogue of this weapon has a perk.

Part upgrade rework

For this testing, we fixed some issues that you informed us about. Otherwise, the mechanic remains the same and you can upgrade the parts again, try to get the desired result and share information with those players who will not be able to join the testing this week.

As for the players who already had upgraded parts, we prepare a change for them. It won’t be available during this test, as we’re still working on it. The new mechanic will work the following way:

  • If the old bonus is included in the new upgrade system, then it will be saved without any increase in the bonus. Additional random bonuses from other groups will be added to it. The number of additional bonuses depends on the number of upgrade groups for each part.
  • If the old upgrade is not included in the new list of possible bonuses, then all new bonuses will be randomly selected.
  • To repeatedly upgrade this part, you will need to use two more identical parts as usual.

As always, let's look at an example. Suppose you have a “GL-55 Impulse” with an upgrade providing increased explosion damage. Then:

  • Your “Impulse” will still have the same explosive damage bonus.
  • Two more random bonuses from the two remaining groups will be added to this bonus.

If your “Impulse” had an upgrade, for example, to reduce recoil (which we plan to remove), then the grenade launcher will get three new random bonuses.

Cabin rework

The cabin rework proposed in the previous testing is a fairly global change. We are confident that such changes need to be carefully studied and evaluated before they are released to the live server. We thank everyone who left their feedback on the new energy distribution system and those who simply played and helped in collecting statistics. We will study and evaluate all the data and voice our decision after the next major update. Do not expect the cabin rework in the update with the new faction.

In the nearest update changes in the parameters will affect only “Bat”, “Jawbreaker” and “Pilgrim”, which move into “special” rarity.

Attention! The changes in the parameters of cabins of "special" rarity are not final and may not be implemeted to the  game (live) server!

Reworked effect of explosive damage on radars

Today we would like to give you the opportunity to try out the most popular community-suggested solution for the problem of radar armour.

We examined your suggestions and comments on the early announcement of the limit testing (in the Q&A). Therefore:

  • As a test, we set a limit of 1 radar per car.
  • The restriction applies only to conventional radars that do not consume energy.

Hover balance tweaks

The latest testing of hover changes did not go as expected, due to several issues. Today we suggest you try out a less radical change that will affect only the altitude of cars with this chassis.

On the test server, the flight altitude of cars with hovers is reduced by 14%.

Parts of the new faction

On the test server, we also give you weapons and cabin of the new faction, which will appear in the game in the next update. Test, experiment and share your experiences with us!

Please note that the parts (their parameters, descriptions, etc.) may not be final.

Clan battles

In the next update, we also plan to improve clan battles. These changes cannot be evaluated on the test server, but we would like to inform you about them in advance.

We plan to return to the system of “safe” leagues. Let's recall the basic principles:

  • Clans in leagues below Diamond will not be able to drop to the league below the one in which they are, until the end of the current season.
  • If you lose points in the diamond league, the clan descends to the gold league and can no longer go down this season.
  • If the clan reaches the minimum number of points in the current league (except Diamond), subsequent defeats will not take away rating points.
  • With the start of the next season, all clans will still move to the league below.

We plan to add limits on the amount of ore that can be earned weekly in a particular league for victories in battles. The least amount of ore will be in the Bronze league, while in Gold and Diamond leagues you’ll earn the max. amount.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. You can study all the planned changes in detail on the special test server!

How to get to the test server?

If you have already participated in testing on a special server, then it will be enough to start the Launcher from the folder with the test client and wait for the update to complete.

  • Create a new folder for the game on your hard drive.
  • Download the Launcher from this link. The file name should not contain numbers indicating that the file is a duplicate. Please note that you should launch the file that does not contain any digits (1), (2), etc. in its name. If, when starting the installed launcher, you get to the live game servers, you need to delete all downloaded launchers from the download folder and try again.
  • Start the Launcher and install the game to the folder you created (for example: D:\Public test\Crossout).
  • After the installation is complete, start the Launcher and enter the game with your username and password.
  • The whole progress of your main account will be transferred to the main server (including parts in storage and levels of reputation in factions).
  • After logging in to the server to transfer the progress from your account, you must press the “Esc” key and select “Copy account data”.
  • Please note the schedule of the test server:
    • Friday, January 24, 2020: from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT time)
    • Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 15:00 to 18:00 (GMT)
    • Sunday, January 26, 2020 from 15:00 to 18:00 (GMT)
  • Any progress you make on the test server will not be transferred to the live game servers (INCLUDING ATTEMPTS TO BUY PACKS).

After testing the changes, we invite you to leave your constructive feedback on the planned rework in THIS THREAD (it will open a bit later after the launch of the test server).

You may leave your bug reports regarding all the issues you’ve encountered on the test server HERE.

The public test server is intended only for testing of the upcoming update, and may not accommodate all players without exception. However, absolutely anyone can join the server, as long as there are free spots.

Discuss it here!


24 January 2020