• Plans for Crossout's console versions

    We are planning a number of new features and improvements for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Crossout, and today we wanted to share this information with you.

    9 July 2018
  • Reworked daily challenges and seasons.

    Attention, Survivors! A revamp of seasons and daily challenges is coming! What's going to change and why is it good for the inhabitants of the Wasteland? Let's figure it out.

    2 July 2018
  • Crossout development plans for the near future

    Survivors! Time, as you know, flies, and now a year has passed since the transition of our game to the OBT stage. Listing all innovations and improvements can take quite a long time! And most importantly, we are not going to stop there and continue to move forward. What awaits us in the future?

    19 June 2018
  • Steel Championship

    The world of Crossout is full of strange, incomprehensible, and at times frankly insane things. Survivors of the catastrophe cling to the symbols of the old world with grim persistence, although in most cases, their memory fails them. 

    29 May 2018
  • Clan battles with Leviathans

    Judging by the rumours, very soon clan leaders (group leaders) will be able to mount Leviathans to bring their people to victory in endless wars over territory and spheres of influence.

    16 May 2018
  • Knight riders return

    Martin does not like to talk about his adventures, but the Knechte sometimes tell their stories to survivors.

    17 April 2018
  • Changes to melee weapons

    Soon we plan to make changes that are intended to be a serious step forward to increasing the attractiveness and effectiveness of melee weapons!

    10 April 2018
  • Battle Royale

    Here the laws of nature have become distorted and the place has become the center of sandstorms.

    3 April 2018
  • New raids. Part 3

    We continue introducing you to new raids. Survivors will have to become a part of these stories. Go through each one, feel everything themselves. Fight and perish. Fully understand life in the Wasteland. Good luck!

    21 March 2018
  • New raids. Part 2

    Greetings to all inhabitants of the Wasteland! Last time we promised to talk about PvE scenarios, which we plan to launch in the next updates in more detail — now we are ready to do it!

    14 March 2018