System Requirements



Graphics cards supported by Crossout

This page lists the graphics cards that are supported by Crossout.
If you experience graphical problems while playing Crossout, we recommend that you visit a special section on the official game forum and post an error message.
If you experience graphical problems while playing Crossout, make sure that your drivers are up to date.

Graphics cards supported by Crossout

These graphics cards will allow you to play Crossout at an acceptable level of performance.On weaker cards at the end of the list, you will have to reduce the graphics settings.

GeForce 10 series Radeon Vega/RX Vega series Intel HD Graphics 600 series
GeForce 900 series Radeon RX 500 series Intel HD Graphics 500 series
GeForce 800M series Radeon RX 400 series Intel HD Graphics 6000 series
GeForce 700 series Radeon Pro Duo Intel HD Graphics 5000 series
GeForce 600 series Radeon R9 Fury/Nano series Intel HD Graphics 4000 series
GeForce 500 series Radeon R7/R9 300 series  
GeForce 400 series Radeon R7/R9 M300 series  
GeForce RTX 20 series Radeon R5 200 series  
  Radeon HD 8000 series  
  Radeon HD 7000 series  
  Radeon HD 6000 series  
  Radeon HD 5000 series  


Minimally supported graphics cards: GPUs with support of DirectX version 10.1.

Video cards that are not supported by Crossout

The following cards do not meet the minimum Crossout requirements, including all cards from the following manufacturers: 3Dfx • Matrox • S3 Graphics • SiS / Trident



GeForce 256 series Radeon X series Any without HD prefix or suffix
GeForce 2 series Radeon 7000 series  
GeForce 3 series Radeon 8000 series  
GeForce 4 series Radeon 9000 series  
GeForce 5 series Fire, FireGL, 
FireMV, FirePro series
GeForce FX 5000 series    
GeForce 6 series    
GeForce 7 series    
Quadro series    
Tesla series