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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.


  • New season in Crossout. Part 3

    Today we will show you a new melee weapon, a new structural part, as well as a new relic weapon, that, while not included in the season and Battle pass, will still appear in the game with the upcoming update.

    17 May 2023
  • New season in Crossout. Part 2: new cabin and changes to existing parts

    Today we are going to present you the new legendary cabin and tell you about its features, as well as share information about the changes for the existing tracks and certain cabins in the game.

    11 May 2023
  • New season in Crossout. Part 1

    Today we are starting to share with you the details about the new parts that are coming to Wasteland next month.

    5 May 2023
  • The next Crossout update: first look

    Just a couple of weeks after the start of the major season “Polar lights” and the release of the eponymous update, we are ready to present you one more update, the main novelty of which will be a pleasant surprise for many players.

    16 February 2023
  • New faction “Hyperborea”. Part 3

    Welcome to the final part of our development blog! The update with the new season and the “Hyperborea” faction is very close! Today we will find out what else the mysterious guests from the north are preparing for us.

    26 January 2023
  • New faction “Hyperborea”. Part 2

    We continue to observe the parts of the new faction and prepare for the arrival of the Hyperboreans in the Valley! Today we will discuss a new tank track, a legendary machine gun, as well as a number of structural parts.

    12 January 2023
  • New faction “Hyperborea”. Part 1

    While you are conquering the snow-covered expanses of the Wasteland on these winter days, one may think that the only thing missing is a truly “winter”, northern faction with its distinctive massive parts, which combine the harsh temper of its members and the aesthetics of dieselpunk.

    5 January 2023
  • Crossout takes off!

    The New Year is getting closer and closer every day, which means that we can expect a festive update very soon as well. And this time, real wonders will happen in Crossout!

    8 December 2022
  • Audio-visual update for Crossout: artwork and effects

    Today we invite you to check, what has been done exactly to in-game effects and camera for the “Supercharged” update! 

    17 October 2022
  • New features of the Targem Engine 2.0: Global illumination in Crossout “Supercharged” update

    Let's find out what new game engine features await us in the nearest Crossout update!

    11 October 2022