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Join CROSSOUT, the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from dozens of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles!


  • New parts from the upcoming update

    We suggest you take a look at the new parts that will appear as part of the “Furia” — themed armoured car for Halloween.

    21 September 2022
  • Changes in the mechanics of obtaining items for the range

    As you already know, the next update will be dedicated to the return of the “Steel Championship” to the Wasteland. In this update, we also plan to improve the mechanics of getting new items for decorating your ranges.

    18 August 2022
  • New features of the upcoming season. Part 5

    Today we release the final development blog about the upcoming season. Some of you have guessed correctly that we are going to finally show a new cabin and, possibly, a new module. Let’s find out more about these parts!

    30 June 2022
  • New features of the upcoming season. Part 4

    In today’s devblog we will discuss: a new epic heavy minigun, a module for enhancing the built-in scopes, as well as the announcement of the very long-awaited return that we mentioned earlier. Let’s go!

    21 June 2022
  • New PvP map

    In this brief devblog, we would like to share with you some details and a panorama of the new PvP map, which will appear in the game with the next major update.

    20 June 2022
  • New features of the upcoming season. Part 3

    Today we are releasing the third part of our devblog, which means the start of the new season is getting closer! Let’s take a look at the new special autocannon, the legendary artillery launcher and 2 more new CKs.

    16 June 2022
  • New features of the upcoming season. Part 2: Co-drivers system rework

    It’s time to tell you about one of the most long-awaited changes that you’ve been regularly asking us about. Today’s devblog will be devoted to the co-drivers system rework.

    9 June 2022
  • New parts from the upcoming season. Part 1

    As we promised earlier, we are starting to post traditional development blogs closer to the Crossout’s anniversary!

    27 May 2022
  • New major Crossout update. Part 4

    There is not much time left before the update with the new season and the “Arena” is released. Let’s find out what other new features we can expect!

    10 February 2022
  • New major Crossout update. Part 3

    Let’s continue to find out what kind of new features are waiting for us in the next season! Today we will look at a new epic rocket launcher, a legendary drone and another map for the “Arena” mode.

    3 February 2022