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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.


  • New ravaging season in Crossout. Part 3

    Welcome to the final part of the developer blog on the new season! Today we will showcase the new Ravagers weapons and take a look at the rest of the new structural parts.

    24 May 2024
  • New ravaging season in Crossout. Part 2

    Let’s continue to learn about what new features are coming in the new season.

    16 May 2024
  • New ravaging season in Crossout. Part 1

    Today we start a series of texts about the upcoming season

    8 May 2024
  • What to expect in the upcoming April update

    As always, we would like to share the latest information about the next update with you. We hope you are ready to present your brawls to everyone in the Wasteland, but let's start at the beginning.

    12 April 2024
  • Return of Hyperborea. Part 3

    Today in this final blog we’ll learn all the details about the new weapons of Hyperborea and have a look at the new structural parts, but first of all, we’ll talk about the new type of damage that’s going to be introduced with the next season.

    1 February 2024
  • Cross-platform gameplay between different consoles

    It’s time to discuss a question we are frequently asked by players, especially those who prefer to play on consoles — the possibility of cross-platform gameplay, or as it’s commonly called, “crossplay”.

    18 January 2024
  • Return of Hyperborea. Part 2

    We continue to learn interesting details about the novelties of the coming season. Today we will discuss: a new module, a medium cabin, and a number of Hyperborean structural parts.

    17 January 2024
  • Return of Hyperborea. Part 1

    As early as February, we will see the return of Hyperborea and the Mentor as part of the new season in Crossout. Even at the first glance at the new parts, it’s safe to say that the engineers from the north didn’t waste any time.

    11 January 2024
  • New PvP map “Orbital Station”

    Today we will take a closer look at the new PvP location, which will become available with the update’s release. Welcome to the “Orbital station”!

    30 May 2023
  • New season in Crossout. Part 4

    It’s time for the final part of our devblog dedicated to the new season, which begins in the first half of June. And we have saved one of the main surprises (at least for fans of the spider type armoured cars) for last.

    24 May 2023