• New desktop wallpapers

    Survivors! The wallpaper section on our official website has been updated once again.

    6 March 2019
  • Special case. Part two

    Jones arrived when the horizon was wrapped in heavy purple clouds. Foxy's car stood next to the bonfire with its bonnet standing guard, like a watchdog.

    5 March 2019
  • Jeff

    We continue to introduce survivors to inhabitants of the Wasteland. Today we are going to talk about Jeff.

    4 March 2019
  • (Updated) Transition to the updated format of clan battles

    Survivors! The updated "Clan battle" mode is back!

    4 March 2019
  • Crossout Show: Lone wolf

    Riders of the Apocalypse! We welcome you to our weekly Show, made so that you - the Waste’s best mechanics and riders can win the Prize!

    1 March 2019
  • [PC] Crossout 0.10.30 Horsemen of Apocalypse

    Load your weapons, survivors! In the update Crossout 0.10.30, we will add new relic weapons and many new features for clan battles, open access to the long-awaited “Custom battle” mode and make a number of necessary balance tweaks. See you in the Wasteland!

    28 February 2019
  • Special case. Part one

    They did not stop for a second. The Engineer thought that he could just let go of the steering wheel and stand still — and the opponents would keep kicking up the dust.

    27 February 2019
  • Crossout Calendar — March

    You can download Crossout for March calendar from the project's official website in the “Wallpapers” section.

    27 February 2019
  • (Results) Rebuild in Crossout — A true defender's armoured car

    Your objective: assemble an armoured vehicle that is as close as possible to any model of military vehicle that ever existed.

    27 February 2019
  • Changes to names and descriptions. Part two

    Hello survivors! In the upcoming patch, we are planning new changes in the names and descriptions of parts. And we decided to tell you about them in advance.

    26 February 2019