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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

Game communities Crossout: clans

Clans are in-game associations of players intended for joint battles, participation in tournaments and just a pleasant pastime. It is difficult to survive alone, when the whole world that you knew was practically destroyed.

The time window for Clan Wars

This schedule is of informational nature and may be changed. We recommend that you check the start time of the Brawls, Clan wars and Ranked battles directly in the game. 

Creating your own clan
A clan can be created by any player. In order to register a new clan, you need to have 500 coins on your game account.  If you already have the specified amount — feel free to press ‘Create a Clan’! You can specify the name, tag and description of the clan. After you create your clan, you automatically become its leader and all clan management functions become available to you.


Joining an existing clan
You can only be invited to a clan. Publish your application for membership in a special chat channel


Clan Management
Each clan has its own unique name, tag and description.  The maximum number of people in a clan is 20. In addition, each clan has its own separate chat room, where clan members can communicate with each other.

  • There can only be one clan leader, this role can't be transferred;
  • The leader can invite and exclude players from the clan;
  • The leader can leave the clan only in the event that he is the only person in the clan;
  • If a clan leader is offline for more than 1 month, the leadership is being passed to the next clan member, who is online and has the highest role in the clan.
  • Having a leader in the group is not a prerequisite for joining clan battles.


Clan Events
Clan Wars & Clan Confrontations are a special modes, where only players from clans take part in 4x4 battles.

Rules for creation and behaviour of clans
1. Prohibited Content
It is forbidden to use the following in the name of the game community, as well as in tags, and text elements:
1.1 Material associated with pornography, as well as containing a clear hint of pornography, images of erotic nature, including drawings (anime, hentai, etc.);
1.2 Textual material containing obscene vocabulary and obscene elements, as well as violating moral and ethical norms;
1.3 Elements that violate the User Agreement;
1.4 Violence or elements associated with violence;
1.5 Propaganda and discrimination at all levels, including but not limited to political, religious, national, racial, ethnic, clan, etc;
1.6 Any references or images of narcotic, psychotropic, psychoactive substances and their use;
1.7 Text elements that violate copyrights.
1.8 Names, mottos and other attributes of organizations recognized by Russian or international law and courts as criminal, extremist or terrorist. Including the names of organizations, units and military units that were part of the SA, SS, SD of Hitler's Germany.
1.9 The names of persons who are recognized by Russian or international law and the courts as criminal or war criminals, extremists or belonging to terrorist organizations;
1.10 The administration of the project reserves the right to decide on the punishment of a user, as well as the whole gaming community, even if their actions are not formally included in the current prohibitions.
Clan names, both full and abbreviated (tags), descriptions of clans that explicitly or implicitly refer to the above forbidden options are also prohibited.
2. Punishment
Any full and / or abbreviated names of clans (tags), as well as descriptions of clans that violate the above rules, can be changed by the Administration without warning to the clan owner.
In particularly obvious and severe cases, a preventive measure can be the disbanding of the clan and the permanent blocking of access to the Game of the accounts of all or some of its participants. Severity is determined by the Project Administration. In these cases, the game currency used for the creation of full and abbreviated names in breach of the rules will not be refunded.
The money spent on the creation of the clan (including after its disbandment) is not returned.
3. Other
3.1 The administration of the project is not responsible for creating clans with similar tags, names. No administrative measures will be taken against such clans.
3.2 The administration of the project does not interfere with the distribution of powers within the clans.
3.3 The administration is not responsible for the actions of the leader of the clan.
4. Modifying and updating rules
The administration reserves the right to update and change the rules without prior and subsequent notification of users. The rules come into effect at the time of publication.