Preliminary information on the Crossout update 0.10.0

As always, we continue to share the changes and new features planned for the upcoming update. Let’s see what awaits us in the Crossout update 0.10.0!

New "Adventure" mode

Very soon the first lucky drivers will set off to the Blood Rocks and be lift the veil of secrecy over their past! A storyline, side missions and tasks that can be completed along with your companions, raider camps and other hitherto unseen places and, of course, new unique parts and items that can be crafted at the end of the closed testing phase — this is only a partial list of what every explorer will encounter. You can learn more about our plans in a special blog.

Submission of applications for participation in testing and the ability to purchase a new pack with guaranteed access to the new mode will be available on the day of the update. At the moment, the update is scheduled for Thursday, November 29.

Voiceover for in-game events

In the update 0.10.0, we will be happy to present voiceover for in-game events that will work in all missions and raids. Have you ever thought about how your teammates would react to this or that situation in a real battle? Then this feature is definitely for you!

Closing of the workbench “Expert Decorator”

We remind you that in the update 0.10.0 the Expert Decorator workbench will be closed. The production of the “Random paint container” will be transferred to the “Engineer Workbench”, which does not require coins for rent. The recipe for the paint container will change and will look like this:

  • 400 units of scrap metal.
  • 400 units of copper.
  • 300 units of electronics.
  • 300 units of batteries.

CK and containers with them can still be purchased on the market until the end of January.

Parts salvaging

We plan to change the number and type of resources received for salvaging parts (depending on the rarity of the part). After the update, when salvaging parts, the player will receive:

  • “Common” part: 1 unit of scrap metal.
  • “Rare” part: 150 units of scrap metal and 50 units of copper
  • “Epic” part: 80 units of scrap metal, 150 units of copper 170 pieces wires and 80 units of plastic.
  • “Legendary” part: 50 units of scrap metal, 250 units of copper, 250 units of batteries, 250 units of electronics.
  • “Relic” part: 350 units of copper, 350 units of electronics and 350 units of batteries.

In addition, in the next update, we plan to present several small, but extremely important fixes and improvements, including:

  • Removing the impulse from allied projectiles hitting your armoured vehicle.
  • Changes in the mechanics of Spark III in relation to allied minelayers. “Spark III” will no longer be able to destroy projectiles of the minelayers that are placed on the armoured vehicles of the allies (barrels of the “Porcupine”, wheels of the “Fortune”, traps of the “Kapkan”).
  • Add the ability to switch between inverse and normal reverse when using hovers.
  • Improve the behaviour of armoured vehicles with mechanical legs on slopes. Now armoured cars with mechanical legs can stop on an inclined surface, depending on its angle.
  • We plan to optimize the process of updating the game. The in-game archive format will be changed, and update 0.10.0 will require downloading more data than usual. Optimization will allow us to significantly reduce the volume of future updates.
  • Add the ability to toggle the coordinates grid on the location map.

Stay tuned to always be up to date on the latest announcements and changes. See you in the “Adventure”!

Please note that the plans described in this article are preliminary and may change in the development process or never make it into the game.

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28 November 2018