• Best videos since the start of the OBT

    I’ve got some fresh videos since the start of this long-awaited and epochal event! These are even better with a tasty supper! Perhaps you’ll learn something worthwhile…

    21 June 2017
  • Content partnership

    We invite those who like to share their gaming adventures on YouTube or Twitch to become our partners.

    16 June 2017
  • The best armoured vehicles since OBT launch

    We recommend that you familiarize yourself with a selection of the most interesting, unusual and outstanding vehicles that have been created by you, the players, from the start of OBT!

    15 June 2017
  • Crossout Video Tutorial: Part IV

    In previous issues we figured out the parts creation and marketplace trading. Today we dive into construction mode that every survivor spends a great time in. It's time to build a more serious auto!

    9 June 2017
  • Crossout fan-kit

    Download our fan-kit to immediately access project logos, a variety of screenshots and artwork, avatars and wallpapers.

    6 June 2017
  • Crossout Video Tutorial: Part III

    The third issue of ‘Tutorial’ is mandatory for those who want to make some money! Today, we will delve into the goods-money relations and make everything clear as crystal.

    5 June 2017
  • Crossout Video Tutorial: Part II

    The second episode of tutorial in our game world! This time, we will tell you in detail about manufacturing parts of all factions. A must-watch!

    2 June 2017
  • Two years since testing began

    2 years ago we introduced our first players to closed alpha testing.

    1 June 2017
  • Crossout Video Tutorial

    To all Survivors! Finally the OBT, that we had been waiting for, has started! Especially for all the Crossout players we have prepared some video tutorials.

    31 May 2017
  • OBT is live!

    Friends, we are proud to announce that Crossout has now moved into the open beta stage! From today, the game is available for free on personal computers and also on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles.

    30 May 2017