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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

[PC] Crossout 0.10.20. New sky

Welcome to Crossout 0.10.20, survivors! In this update, we have increased the number of prizes in Clan battles, redesigned the hovers and the lighting system, and also made a number of other equally important changes that improve your gaming experience!

Game modes

Clan battles

  • Clan battles are now held in the “Best of 3” format (up to two wins of one of the teams)
    • The team that wins two battles out of three is victorious. In case of a draw the teams keep fighting until one of the teams wins two battles.
    • To win a round, you have to either destroy all enemy armoured cars or capture the base.
    • After each battle in the brawl, the teams switch bases/spawn points.
  • The number of weekly prizes according to the results of clan battles has been expanded. The updated list of prizes and rewards for them is as follows:
    • 1st place — 50 units of uranium ore
    • 2nd-10th places — 30 units of uranium ore
    • 11th-30th places — 20 units of uranium ore
    • 31st-60th places — 10 units of uranium ore


  • Improved musical accompaniment for the mode in various situations.
  • Improved a number of cutscenes.
  • Increased the resource pickup rate from trash heaps.
  • Now, when a group task fails, players receive a portion of the reward.
  • Fixed collision models for a number of objects in the “Blood Rocks” location.
  • Improved the effect of low tower durability in the group task “The prime resource”.
  • Improved effects of damage to the tower in the group task “The price of water”.
  • Added tunnels to the location map and radar.
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of sound at the water tower.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect sounds in case of successful completion / failure of tasks.



Now upon completing the minimal conditions and early leaving the “Storm Warning” and “Battle Royale” the player receives part of the reward.

Battle Royale

  • Added new weapons:
    • “Nidhogg”.
    • “M-38 Fidget”.
    • “M-39 Imp”.
  • Improved environment collision models for the Blood Rocks location.
  • Fixed a bug where the installation of a machine gun after installing a grenade launcher “Retcher” blocked the rotation of the machine gun.
  • Changed the player marker on the map.


Now, when joining a raid after the countdown has ended or after returning to battle, the player’s armoured vehicle is invulnerable for 3 seconds.

New lighting system

In Crossout 0.10.20, we reworked the lighting system in the game. The changes will allow realizing realistic effects of dispersion of sun rays in the atmosphere, the position of the clouds and their illumination will be close to real, and the colour and brightness of the Sun in the game will correspond to the time of day when the battle between the players takes place. 

Now it will be possible to even more expressively reflect such weather conditions as, for example, fog, the intensity of which will vary depending on the relief, smog, sandstorm, etc. 

In the future, the rework will also allow us to change the time of day and weather conditions in the locations.


  • All appearance customization kits (CK) and containers with them (“Artisan's pack”) and (“Tinkerer's pack”) are now non-tradable. You can view the announcement of the change here.
  • In the “Appearance” section of the store, in honour of the New Year according to the lunar calendar, a temporary pack was added with 5 CK to change the appearance of your weapons:
    • CK “Guardsman”. Changes the appearance of the weapon “Avenger 57 mm”. Rarity: common.
    • CK “Demon”. Changes the appearance of the machine gun “Spectre-2”. Rarity: rare.
    • CK “Redbird”. Changes the appearance of the autocannon “AC43 Rapier”. Rarity: rare.
    • CK “Snow Leopard”. Changes the appearance of the shotgun “Sledgehammer”. Rarity: rare.
    • CK “Hiderigami”. Changes the appearance of the “Harvester” melee weapon. Rarity: legendary.

Please note that the above CK add new effects for the weapons to which they are applied. Each CK can be purchased separately. The pack and the CK themselves can be purchased from January 31 to February 28.


  • Changed the skills of the co-driver Hans (faction “Steppenwolfs”):
    • Level 1 — “Savvy 1”. Wheels, tracks, mechanical legs and hovers: durability +1%.
    • Level 2 — “Resilient 1”. Vehicle durability increased by 1%.
    • Level 3 — “Quickdraw 1”. Cannons: reload rate +1%.
    • Level 4 — “Drone master 1”. Sidekick: cooldown time - 5%.
    • Level 5 — “Rocketeer”. Guided missile “Clarinet TOW”: flight time +2 sec.
    • Level 6 — “Savvy 2”. Wheels, tracks, mechanical legs and hovers: durability +2%.
    • Level 7 — “Resilient 2”. Vehicle durability increased by 1%.
    • Level 8 — “Quickdraw 2”. Cannons: reload rate +1%.
    • Level 9 — “Experienced”. Reputation +2%.
    • Level 10 — “Protected”. Caucasus: optimal and maximum range +5%.
    • Level 11 — “Savvy 3”. Wheels, tracks, mechanical legs and hovers: durability +2%.
    • Level 12 — “Resilient 3”. Vehicle durability increased by 1%.
    • Level 13 — “Quickdraw 3”. Cannons: reload rate +1%.
    • Level 14 — “Indomitable”. Jawbreaker, Humpback: max. speed +5 km / h.
    • Level 15 — “Gunner”. Mandrake: +5% accuracy.
  • Changed several skills of the co-driver Misty (“Firestarters” faction):
    • The skills “Oneshot 1”, “Oneshot 2” and “Oneshot 3” now increase the damage not only of “Junkbow”, but also of “Fafnir” and “Nidhogg”.
    • The “Strong position” skill now increases the durability of not only the “Shiv” wheels, but also the “Meat grinder” augers.
  • Now the skills of the co-driver Perseus (faction “Nomads”), which increase the effectiveness of machine guns and miniguns, also work for rapid-fire machine guns.

Steel Championship is back!

Due to the upcoming major event in the world of American football, we are returning the “Steel Championship” as a temporary brawl and invite all the survivors to take part again in exciting matches in the best football traditions of the Wasteland!

We remind you of the mode's main conditions:

  • Players can take part in the mode both as a group and individually as part of a randomly selected team.
  • The match takes place in the “3vs3” format.  
  • The match lasts 5 minutes. The team that scores more goals against the opponents wins.
  • In the case of a tie in regular time, overtime is appointed.
  • Gather all your strength and play as one, because during overtime, the first goal scored leads to the victory of one of the teams. 
  • Overtime lasts 5 minutes.
  • If during the overtime, none of the teams scores a goal, the match ends in a draw.
  • Players can not destroy each other.
  • Participation in this brawl counts towards the assignment for 9 successful battles in brawls.

We would like to point out that the “Steel Championship” will be available from February 1 to February 3, 2019 and will not replace the brawls held on a schedule.



  • Reduced dependence of the armoured car's acceleration on the increase in the mass of the car. Increased overall dynamics of armoured vehicles.
  • Added welding points for the “Steel Mohawk” part.



  • The value of bonus damage for each second in stealth when using the cabin is increased from 1% to 1.5% per second.


  • The amount of energy, given by the cabin “Favourite”, is increased to 12 units. Cabin PS reduced from 1800 to 1500.


  • Increased resistance to melee damage.
  • Cabin power increased by 15%.


  • Hover power directly depends on the power of the cabin and engine.
  • “Icarus VII”: each installed hover reduces the power of the armoured vehicle by 5%.
  • “Icarus IV”: each installed hover reduces the power of the armoured vehicle by 8%.
  • The tonnage of both hovers has been increased from 500 to 850 kg.
  • The maximum possible speed of both hovers is reduced by 12%.
  • The PS of both hovers is increased from 225 to 360.
  • Now the power drain of an armoured vehicle with 3 (or fewer) hovers will, by default, correspond to the power drain of the same armoured vehicle with 4 hovers.

Decor container

The list of possible content now includes decor in the shape of spare tyres:

  • “Small spare”.
    • Rarity: common.
    • PS: 12.
    • Durability: 14 pts.
    • Mass: 12 kg.
    • Increases combat reputation gain by 1%.
  • “Single spare”
    • Rarity: rare.
    • PS: 20.
    • Durability: 19 pts.
    • Mass: 15 kg.
    • Increases combat reputation gain by 2%.
  • “Spiked spare”
    • Rarity: rare.
    • PS: 22.
    • Durability: 23 pts.
    • Mass: 18 kg.
    • Increases combat reputation gain by 2%.
  • “Twin spare”
    • Rarity: rare.
    • PS: 29.
    • Durability: 37 pts.
    • Mass: 30 kg.
    • Increases combat reputation gain by 2%.
  • “Military spare”
    • Rarity: rare.
    • PS: 23.
    • Durability: 26 pts.
    • Mass: 21 kg.
    • Increases combat reputation gain by 2%.
  • “Big spare”
    • Rarity: rare.
    • PS: 33.
    • Durability: 45 pts.
    • Mass: 36 kg.
    • Increases combat reputation gain by 2%.


  • Three new options have been added to the graphic settings menu:
    • “Adaptive resolution mode”. In this mode the scene will be rendered with a variable resolution depending on the current load to meet the specified FPS target. Please note that this is an experimental feature and it may lead to problems with the game on certain systems.
    • “Particle density”. Changes the number of particles of various effects of explosions, smoke, shots and other things. The decrease in density improves game performance.
    • “Dynamic Lighting”. Tunes the type and quality of dynamic light sources. Decreasing the value of this parameter may improve game performance.
  • Added chat option “Enable general chat in battle”. When the general chat channel is disabled, this option automatically becomes inactive.
  • The look of the “Battle” and “To garage” buttons on the debriefing screen has been improved.
  • Added subtypes “Radiator” and “Cooler” in the descriptions of radiators and coolers.
  • Improved interface for viewing factions. The change has been added for future improvements to the parts production interface.
  • Now the repeated selection of sorting by popularity on the market orders the parts in ascending order of their popularity. 
  • Improved portrait selection interface. The change has been added for the future rework of patches and adding banners.


  • Changed the appearance of the engine “Hardcore”.
  • The appearance of the “Fuel Barrel” module has been improved.
  • Improved smoke effects.
  • Improved the sounds of armoured vehicles riding on various surfaces.
  • Now in build mode, all installed parts cast shadows.
  • Added new blueprints for the auto assembly feature.
  • The faction blueprint “Schism” (Steppenwolfs) is improved.
  • The sound of repairing the turret in the “Frontier defence” raid has been added.
  • Improved animation of recoil for guns “Scorpion”, “M-38 Fidget” and “M-39 Imp”.
  • The sound of firing of the autocannon “AC43 Rapier” is improved.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the places in the table of results of the “Battle Royale” could be placed in an incorrect order.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Armored track” part could fall under the ground.
  • Fixed a bug when Misty's "Unstoppable" perk did not increase the maximum speed of the augers.
  • Fixed a bug with excessively loud sound of the gate explosion in raids.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Mandrake” howitzer in build mode could show an extra interface element when the “Show all weld points” option is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the countdown in the “Battle Royale” brawl.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of raiders and leviathans on the “Factory” map.
  • Fixed a bug in the “War for Fire” raid, where the damage dealt to the truck in the fuel delivery phase affected its durability in the protection phase.
  • Fixed the models of some objects and the location of vegetation on the map “Eastern Array”.
  • Fixed errors where car models on the “Wrath of Khan” map could be in the air, and part of the location could become invisible at a certain camera position.
  • Fixed collision models of a number of objects on the “Nameless Tower”, “Bridge” and “Desert Valley” maps.
  • Changed the spawn points of raiders and leaders on the map “Ship Graveyard”.
  • Changed the spawn points of raiders on the map “Fortress”.
  • Fixed display of the freezing effect of the “Favourite” cabin.
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.

This patchnote reveals all the key in-game changes and may not include all the fixes. Changes, that are aimed at improvement of Crossout, appear constantly and may not require their own patch.

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Small updates, 31.01.19

  • Fixed a bug with an 'incorrect token' issue.
  • Improved client stability.

Small updates, 01.02.2019

  • Fixed a bug with simultaneous availability of up to 4 public events in the "Adventure" mode.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect model of the "M-38 Fidget" weapon.
  • Fixed a bug with decor "Neon Santa" not being shown in the "Legacy GPU compatibility" mode.
  • From now each spare tyre decor can be obtained through "Fusion" option and can be used in "Fusion".
  • Improved client stability.


Small updates, 04 - 05.02.2019

Improved client stability

31 January 2019