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Closing of the workbench “Expert Decorator”


Earlier we announced our plans for changes in the procurement of weapon customization kits and paint cans. You can learn more about them in this blog post.

In the next major update, we plan to close the “Expert Decorator” workbench. The production of the “Random paint container” will be transferred to the “Engineer Workbench”, which does not require coins for rent. Please note that the recipe for the production of the paint container is going to change.

Production of “Random CK container” will no longer be available after the update. However, the Customization Kits and containers with them can still be purchased on the market from other players. Earlier we reported that we were planning to make them non-marketable about a month after the closing of the “Expert-Decorator” workbench, but we are happy to announce that this deadline is shifting to the end of January! Now everyone will have enough time to acquire all the necessary CK in the market and transform their favourite weapons.

We remind you that in the future, a number of CKs found in these containers may be improved or completely reworked and transferred to the “Appearance” tab of the in-game store.

Let's wait for the start of the “Adventure” mode's testing and get ready to explore the Blood Rocks! By tradition, before the update, we will release preliminary information on the planned changes and new features.

Please note that the plans described in this article are preliminary and may change in the development process or never make it into the game.

22 November 2018