April 1st vehicle parade


Today, on April the 1st, we celebrate April Fool's Day around the world. In our project, players can not only build powerful armored vehicles but also hilariously funny designs that can move and participate in battles! Today, we want to offer you a selection of the most fun designs built by our players in the game during CBT.

Snorp waiting for OBT. Author: FlameJoy

OBT! OBT! OBT! Author: Scavenger

Upside down. Author: Aim_2100 Tarakan. Author: ___Kenzo___

Craft! Ride! RnB !. Author: Crome__Division Selfie stick. Author: TerryTibst

Moto_Gun. Author: Darth_XpeHuys Toothbrush. Author: San34

Bug. Author: Kazuak Ice cream van. Author: Darth_XpeHuyC

Zeus the Thunderer in a chariot drawn by
a fiery bull. Author: Darth_XpeHuyC
Sawmill. Author: Yuhn

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31 March 2017