Radio “Voice of the Wastelands”

The new issue of the newspaper... I mean, the Voice of the Wastelands radio is here with its permanent host - Alexander Murch!

A brief passage about past events:

  • For three days, the survivors had a unique opportunity to try out the planned changes presented by the best factories in the Wasteland. factory representatives returned with boxes full of feedback;
  • a new battlefield will soon be added to survivors’ maps, and crowds of charged armoured vehicles will rush there. In the meantime, there are battles being fought, trying to determine tactical features from several pictures.

Very slowly, but I’m still getting information about some kind of reader competition. Its launch should be expected on the game’s forum. So, if for some reason you have not visited it yet, I highly recommend it. In the same place, somewhere between the discussion area, the official news bulletin and the bug reports, there is a contest thread. Yes, the one in which the main guest is Scar AB with his catalog of magazines. But who are we to judge him - he steadily rewards the contest winners with coins.

There are rumours. They say that there will be changes in conditions for the contest. It is not known what this will lead to. When it is going to happen is unknown too - that’s what rumors are for. But I will follow the development of events.

Well, the red envelope is a little strange today. One third of it consists of a new map which you already know about, and the remaining two consist of new opportunities for survivors. Opportunity number one will allow you to share something with each other, but in a different sense than before. And opportunity number two will test the spirit of rivalry between survivors, but as an experiment. Which of these things will appear first, or they will be added at the same time - it is not known, they don’t add such information in red envelopes. But they could have!

Anyway, that's all for today, until next time!

By the way, what is better - to release the news more often but with less information, or less often, but with more information?

Discuss it here!

18 November 2020