Crossout Friday News

Hello there, survivors! “Voice of the Wasteland” is here once again — the only radio in the Valley that your old receivers can tune into. And this is “Friday News”— the show with the latest gossip and rumours found by Brother Porcupine.

In today's edition:

  • Face-to-face with Valla: a shakedown for information about the new faction.
  • Looking ahead and discovering new locations.

We begin with the interrogation of Valla. Yes, right away. Tired of these predictions! In the Wasteland, information is like fuel! I don’t know why, but so my grandmother used to say that.

 So, Valla, tell me everything as it is with the new guys in the Wasteland or I'm not gonna untie you until their arrival! And no ohms.

— They are the creators of Powerplant in Naukograd... They are the ones who walk on wheels and ride on legs... None of the survivors have guessed their name yet!

We all know this without you, fortuneteller. So, if you don’t speak right now, you will no longer appear on air.

— OK, OK! Next week I will tell you everything that the gods had in mind about the new faction.

That's more like it. We'll wait.


And while Valla thoroughly prepares for the next conversation and collects information that will undoubtedly be useful, we will share the intelligence, survivors!

Our spies say that in the next Crossout update, survivors will discover new territories in the Wasteland world. Dawn's Children carry out secret excavations of the ancient collider. Rumour has it that it is still operational. In the past, the inhabitants of the planet were afraid that it would go boom and drag the whole world with it. Who knows what might happen now...


Today it’s all the news that we managed to find out. Survivors! We are recruiting our own correspondents. Write in the group’s private messages with the heading “Morning News”. Regular correspondents will receive small gifts from us.

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20 December 2019