[Xbox] Crossout 1.0.49 Hotfix

After recent statistics analysis, we’ve decided to extend weekly limit on scrap metal you may earn in battles. Starting from now:

  • Weekly limit on scrap metal is 4500 pcs.
  • Active premium subscription extends this limit by 50%.

Moreover, in this update we’ve also:

  • Fixed a bug with interface and sound effects disappearing right after entering game modes.
  • Fixed incorrect collision models of some parts with and without CKs.
  • Fixed the issue with long PvP matchmaking queues.
  • Fixed the issue with settings being restored to default after re-launching the game/console.

Update 16.08.19

Fixed a bug with being able to switch co-driver while standing in a queue, that could lead to incorrect work of the matchmaking system.


30 July 2019