“Crater” location panorama

"A crater about 500 m in diameter was found not far from the Sepulchre. The surface is covered with sand, which is not typical of this area. A space shuttle was found in the centre of the crater, but the diameter of the cavity is too large for such an object. It was probably formed much earlier and for reasons unrelated to the crash of the ship. 

In the centre of the crater, around the spacecraft, the grass had already begun to sprout at the moment of detection. The initial analysis of the soil and the damage to the shuttle showed that the shuttle had lain here for a little over a year. Establishing the causes of the incident and identifying the nature of the crater's appearance requires a detailed examination of sand and soil samples. It is recommended to send an expedition to the location." 

(Zero to Ulysses).

The Nomads arrived at the crater first, since the unknown and the mysterious fits their profile. They quickly deployed a camp and even managed to disassemble the shuttle, but rumours about the surprising discovery spread quickly. The object became too coveted. The brotherhood quietly hinted to Ulysses that it was interested in controlling the shuttle and the crater, and soon after the Kaganate raiders were spotted in the vicinity. It became clear that staying was a death wish, and the Nomads left the crater in a hurry, not even removing the camp. Now the shuttle belongs to nobody, and fights have unfolded for the shuttle and for the equipment left behind in the crater. 

Let's consider the “crater” in more detail:

The map is an open area, the main advantage of which is excellent visibility from any position. The main landmark is a crater occupying a large space on the map. The bridge on the edge of the map helps in navigation and allows for manoeuvring under it and between the columns. 

Along the perimeter of the crater and inside you'll find several sniping positions for long and medium-range combat. Fast armoured vehicles will be able to use the perimeter to reach the enemy positions relatively unnoticed, using the relief's features. 

The central zone is the most open part of the map with a capture point inside. In the centre of the crater, you can see the nomad tech, serving as cover for those capturing the point.

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23 July 2019