[PC] Holiday special: 50% off the “New Scanner” pack!

Survivors! This holiday weekend, do not miss the opportunity to get the pack “New Scanner” with a 50% discount on our official store!  The scanner allows you to detect valuables that are invisible to the naked eye on the battlefield, and earn more reputation.

The prototype multifrequency scanner, created before the disaster by engineers of Waderkvarn Corporation and modified by Dawn's Children, has many useful functions, some of which are still unexplored. It has enough charge for 30 days, and there is no shutdown button.

  • Increases reputation gain by 50%.
  • Also increases the amount of scrap metal earned in Missions and Patrol by 50%.
  • Also increases the number of wires and batteries earned in the respective Missions by 50%.
  • Also increases the amount of copper, electronics and plastic earned in Raids by 50%.
  • Additionally, it increases the amount of uranium ore received for victories in the Clan Battles by 50%, if your clan is in a league from bronze to diamond.
  • Unlocks a daily challenge for 40 coins.
  • Extends resource limit by 50%.
  • The pack can be purchased any number of times without restrictions.
  • When buying multiple packs, the activation time stacks!

This special event is relevant only for the PC platform.

The special will be available from May 8, 08:00 GMT, until May 12, 20:55 GMT


8 May 2019
Weekend Special