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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

Rebuild in Crossout: “Opportunity” - Results


We would like to make the new stage of the “Rebuild in Crossout” contest special. In honour of the upcoming Cosmonautics day, we invite you to remember the real hero of the world of machines, thanks to which the mysterious Mars has become a little closer and clearer for us, the inhabitants of the Earth. We are talking about the rover “Opportunity”, which, after 14 years of research on the surface of the planet, “died” because of a long sandstorm. We invite all craftsmen of the Wasteland to immortalize this rover at our exhibition and compete for valuable prizes!

The model of the rover “Opportunity”, which we propose to rebuild


The top 8 entries will be selected in total. Of them:

  • The 3 lucky players, selected at random, will receive a unique sticker “Caturn”. And in addition to such a rare and unique reward, they will receive 1000 coins each to continue their experiments in exploring the vast space.
  • The remaining 5 winners will get 600 coins and unique stickers: “Caturn” and “Lady Ivy”.

In addition, among all the participants, we will randomly select 15 lucky ones who will receive a scanner for 3 days!

To participate in the contest you need to:

  • Build your craft in the shape of the Mars rover, which absolutely has to be self-propelled.
  • Upload the craft to the in-game exhibition. The name must start with the tag 1204.
  • Post a screenshot of your work on VK, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #OppXO hashtag and specify the name of the craft at the exhibition.
  • Specify your nickname and your platform.
  • Build your entry in the slot for a car or a leviathan.
  • The armoured car must be functional.
  • Only one entry is accepted from each participant.
  • The entry cannot contain offensive and Nazi symbols, obscene language, references to prohibited groups and societies, elements of erotic content or in any other way should not violate the rules of the game.
  • By participating in the contest, you consent to the use of your work at our discretion.

Attention! Entries are accepted until April 16, 12:00 GMT. Results will be announced within a week after entry admission is concluded.

Good luck with your work and on the battlefield!



The results of the contest are here and we invite you to get acquainted with the works of our winners!

Based on our subjective opinion the best works are:

As a result the lucky winners of 1000 coins and unique "Caturn" sticker have been chosen with help of a random number generator. They are the creators of the following works:

1204 Mars by DD
1204 Opp RIP

The rest of the winners are rewarded with 600 coins and unique “Caturn” and “Lady Ivy” stickers!

The list of the works chosen randomly which authors receive a "3 Day Scanner":

  • 1204 0pp0rtunity
  • 1204_mars
  • 1204 Rover RC
  • 1204 Rover NASA
  • 1204 for_mars
  • 1204_Good way
  • 1204 OppXOXOXO
  • 1204 MAPS6JIN3KO
  • 1204_M_A_R_S
  • 1204rover
  • 204_Scriten
  • 1204 RoverMars
  • 1204_GoodBuddy
  • 1204 mars
  • 1204Marsfactor

We remind you, that the rewards are going to be sent within the several working days. Please, don't delete the contest posts until you get the award!

Thank you for participation!


23 April 2019