Riley's survey: maps (available till the 18th of March)

Of course, you know that all changes in the game occur after a thorough study of statistics, but this is not the only thing we pay attention to when discussing and introducing changes. Today we want to talk about another important way of obtaining information for us — surveys.

You probably remember the survey that we launched after the update 0.10.20. Its results are hard to overestimate. Most likely, you noticed how the “Clan battles”, the lighting in the game and the hovers have changed since the update 0.10.20. All this thanks to you, because the statistics were confirmed by your feedback. We plan to continue this practice and work together to make the game better.

And this time we will talk about maps. We never stop thinking about the introduction of new spaces for battles, as well as the improvement of existing ones. We want to understand what you are paying attention to, which things you like more and which things you like less. It should be noted that this is not a way of announcing new maps, but rather we are looking for a way to make future innovations more enjoyable to play.

We invite you to express your opinion and fill out the survey below. It will not take you more than 5-10 minutes.

Thanks for the help!


12 March 2019