New Year's Crossout survey. Results

Recently, we offered you to take part in a small New Year's survey. The holidays are over, it's time to take stock.

In total, more than 1,000 survivors took part in the survey! The majority of those who filled out the survey were between the ages of 24 and 35 (33%). Another 29% are those who still remember the world before the disaster, the old residents of the Wasteland over 35 years old. 25% are still too young to die, their age is from 18 to 24. And the remaining 14% of the responders are not 18 yet.

Most of the survivors are men. They turned out to be 83% among those who filled out the survey. And only 2% of girls travel around the Valley. And who are the other 15% of the respondents? They are the ones who will take our scrap!

The vast majority of those who filled out the survey in English live in Western Europe This is 36%. 32% of respondents live in North America. It's also worth mentioning that the CIS countries had their own survey. The other raiders came in contact from Asia, South America and Oceania.

Most players (43%) found out about the game from YouTube videos. Slightly less (32%) saw Crossout for the first time in ads on websites. Friends dragged 22% of players into the Wasteland. The remaining 3% came from the recommendations in social networks.

It is quite natural that the majority of survivors (49%) have been with us since the time of OBT. But a significant number (25%) stayed from the closed beta. Another 16% of players remember the legendary “battle testing” of the game. And 95 survivors are with us from the very beginning, from the times of alpha!

We are fans of video games. And you are exactly the same! 53% of respondents play daily. Another 30% play 5-6 days a week. Moreover, almost half of the respondents (41%) played during the holidays. And 49% spent New Year's Eve in the Wasteland!

We have carefully read thousands of messages sent to us and want to share some particularly heartfelt ones. Spelling and punctuation are on the conscience of the authors.

What do the survivors expect from the new year and dream about, while fighting in the Wasteland? We selected a few random wishes:

-I dream of finding new ideas for builds to play.

-Moar dakka dakka, boyz! Moar!

-Fuel, fire, desire.

-Finding a forgotten treasure from the old world and buying relics.

-A glorious new arsenal, so that I might bathe my foes in flames for years to come.

-Continueing of the adventure mode story. Seriously, that was great, keep it up.

And at the end of the holidays we'd like to share some of the wishes sent to us by the players:

-You guys are doing a fantastic job with this game. You must seize the opportunity to expand if it presents itself. I would love to see this community explode and further fuel even more awesome Crossout content.

-I hope you had a beautiful Christmas full of peace, love and many blessings with your loved ones. I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year full of successes.

-Thanks for a fantastic game and please focus on making it bigger and better next year

-It was a great year for us. I expect another great year for all of us in 2019...oups 2049.

-Great job with Crossout! It is the post-apocalyptic game of my childhood dreams.

We hope all the players had a great holiday. Many thanks to everyone who filled out the New Year survey. We will carefully review all your feedback and suggestions. We have a new exciting year ahead of us, new adventures, fierce battles and curious armoured vehicles.

Best wishes,
Crossout Team

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10 January 2019