“Blood rocks” location panorama

Remote settlements in the Blood Rocks have been going silent one after another. But who cares about wilderness far from real life, from resources, from hubs of power and authority? But if the number of disappearing settlements keeps growing every month, even the dumbest raider may become suspicious.

The ruins of an industrial complex, encircling the Blood rocks, have long been known in the Wasteland. Many buildings, mountains of twisted rusty iron, skeletons of mechanisms frozen forever — all this initially attracted the attention of survivors who hoped to profit from something useful, but almost everyone who went here disappeared without a trace.

The terrain in the rocks has been seriously transformed, and now raiders of several factions are trying to settle it, protecting their camps and territories from uninvited outsiders.

Most of the territory is controlled by a gang of Lunatics — the Bladespines. They chose the old mines as their headquarters, remade them to be livable and dug more passages inside the rocks. They call their home the Den. Their boss is the raider, known in the Wasteland as Fiercehog.

In addition to the Bladespines, one can easily run into smaller gangs of completely feral Lunatics in the Rocks. Escaping with your insides intact is a great success.

Scavengers still retain a small outpost in the eastern Rocks. They actively dig for oil and fighting with the Lunatics. But they prefer stealthy and unexpected hits.

In the central part of the Rocks, there is a small settlement of Engineers. Persecuted by everyone, they live a hard life. Their main item of value is water. The Engineers are trying to grow something and they built a large water tower for this. But the local wild raiders are trying to destroy it all the time.

In the north-east of the Rocks, a roaming Nomad city appeared not so long ago. One of the squads came to the Rocks for some of their secret affairs. Rumour has it that someone attacked the Nomads. There was a heated battle, and the famous roaming city was partially destroyed. Many Nomads died, and their commander went missing.

Firestarters settled in the south-west of the Rocks. In an old quarry, they staged a real Colosseum, where raiders fight to the death.

The Western Rocks are the worst place in the Wasteland. All those who came to those places, either never returned, or lost their memory.

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5 December 2018