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Special test server


Good news for all those who were looking forward to hover changes! Today, on a special test server, you can try out the updated hovers or fight against hovercrafts and assess how the changes affect the in-game balance. Test your craft with updated hovers, build various crafts on hovers with different cabins and different PS values, fight, evaluate the planned changes and share your constructive feedback IN THIS THREAD (the thread will be open within some time after the test starts).

You can find the full description of the changes in our blog.

As part of mass testing, we are announcing a contest for the best feedback on planned changes. Each message in a special thread, with proper structure and a constructive review/feedback, has a chance to win a prize. The author of each prize-winning review will have a choice: get the pack “Japanese bonus ” OR the pack “New scanner for 7 days” or the pack “Special gift ” (aka “Gamescom 2017”).

How to get to the test server? (for those, who have participated in the previous testing)

  • Create a new folder on your hard drive for the game.
  • Download the Launcher from this link. The file name should not contain numbers indicating that the file is a duplicate. Please note that you should launch the file that does not contain any digits (1), (2), etc. in its name. If, when starting the installed launcher, you get to the live game servers, you need to delete all downloaded launchers from the download folder and try again.
  • Start the Launcher and install the game in the folder you created. 
  • After the installation is complete, start the Launcher and enter the game with your username and password.
  • The progress of your main account will be transferred to the main server (including parts in storage and levels of reputation in factions). Pay attention that your blueprints won’t be transferred.
  • After logging in to the server to transfer the progress from your account, you must press the “Esc” key and select “Copy account data”.
  • Please note the schedule of the test server:
    • Friday, November 16, 2018: from 13:00 to 21:00 (GMT)
    • Saturday, November 17, 2018: from 15:00 to 21:00 (GMT)
    • Sunday, November 18, 2018: from 15:00 to 21:00 (GMT)
  • On the server you’ll be able to play only PvP-missions.
  • Any progress you make on the test server will not be transferred to the live game servers (INCLUDING ATTEMPTS TO BUY PACKS).

If you have already installed the special client during the 1st public testing, you need just to launch the Launcher and update the client.

The public test server is intended only for testing of the upcoming update, and may not accommodate all players without exception. However, anyone can get to the server, as long as there are free spots.

16 November 2018