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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

[PC] Crossout 0.9.90

Greetings to all Survivors! Crossout update 0.9.90 adds a new PvP scenario, the ‘Nameless Tower’ map, a new raid with a Leviathan, and also includes a number of previously announced balance changes. Without further ado, let's start to analyze all innovations and improvements.

New PvP scenario ‘Domination’

Scenario conditions:

  • The battle involves 2 teams with 8 players in each.
  • There are 3 neutral bases on the map available for capture.
  • The battle is won by the team that destroys all opponents or captures 2 bases out of 3.
  • If all armored vehicles of the team leave the base's zone during capture, the progress achieved during its capture is gradually reversed.
  • If the base is fully captured, and players have left it, then the progress of capture is not lost.
  • If there are armored vehicles of both teams in the capture zone, then the status of capture does not change.
  • If the players of one team were destroyed or left the zone during capture, and the players of the other team took their place, then the progress is nullified and begins anew for another team.
  • If the base is already captured by the enemy team, the players of the opposing team can still capture it. Until full capture, the base remains under enemy control.

Please pay attention to a number of features:

  • ‘Domination’ scenario is not classified as a separate mode. You can get into it randomly while in general queue for one of the missions.
  • Players can get into the ‘Domination’ scenario after reaching level 10 in the ‘Engineers’ faction.


New map ‘Nameless Tower’

  • The map is included in rotation in the ‘Missions’ mode.
  • The map hosts battles with ‘Capture’ and ‘Domination’ scenarios.

During the absence of people in the Sepulchre, a tall unfinished tower appeared. None of those who were in the city before the disaster, remembered anything of the kind which made the structure even more terrifying and attracted desperate adventurers and explorers. 

For those who returned to the Sepulchre, the tower became a sacred symbol. A cult formed around it, the followers of which decided to settle right there — in the abandoned buildings. Most likely, it was they who unearthed one of the mounds at the foot of the Tower, exposing the dilapidated dome, and in its center, a forgotten reactor started working with renewed vigor. A lot of gloomy rumours were born around it. Someone says that only thanks to this the city eventually turned green again, and the deadly anomaly disappeared. Others claim that the reactor is not so harmless, and it works on human sacrifice. Therefore, the price of the revival of life in the region is too high. And some lunatics believe that the reactor feeds the Nameless Tower, allowing it to grow higher and higher.

But now, when the terrifying city finally became partially accessible to the wasteland raiders, many survivors rushed there in search of the remaining valuables. It is not surprising that the mystery of the Tower particularly draws their attention.

New raid ‘Steel Cradle’

Survivors spent many hours building Leviathans, menacing machines of war, in their garages. Until recently it was thought that it is very painstaking handwork and mass production is impossible, until a few factions blocked off a couple of areas in the Wasteland and started to shoot at passers-by. Those who miraculously survived were sure that they saw large-scale construction of mechanical monsters. Just a bit more and their mass production will begin. A large number of Leviathans threatens to destroy the delicate balance in the Valley, if no one intervenes.

Survivors will need to figure out who's building the Leviathans and why, and also to disrupt their production. An improvised plant for assembly of these mechanical monsters is fed by three energy towers. And if you destroy them, the Leviathan will be significantly weakened and the final battle with it will be easier.

Raid features:

  • The map has a hangar an inactive Leviathan, which is the main objective for the players. Until the moment of its activation, it is completely invulnerable.
  • Activation of the Leviathan takes a certain time, while the connected towers provide the energy necessary for full activation.
  • The towers can not function at the same time in order to avoid a general overload of the Leviathan systems, so they start one by one in random order.

Raid objectives:

  • The main task for the Survivors is the destruction of the Leviathan after its activation.
  • Survivors can significantly weaken the super-heavy vehicle, destroying the towers that feed it one by one.
  • After activating a tower, the Survivors have a short time frame for the destruction of the tower. After the expiration of the allotted time, the destruction of the tower does not count.
  • To destroy each tower, you must complete a certain task, among which:
    • Destroy an extremely durable tower with the help of explosive loads. 
    • Destroy a tower, guarded by a gang of Raiders and their leader. Having destroyed the leader, survivors can use the charge to instantly blow up the tower.
    • Destroy a tower, guarded by protective turrets and raiders. Destroying each turret reduces the tower's durability by 20%.
    • The most confident and experienced players can try to destroy all the towers with their weapons.
  • Each tower destroyed on time lowers the Leviathan's durability by 25%.

New scanner

  • Now, to complete the task ‘Scanning debris’ you must complete 2 battles.
  • Now the player receives 40 coins for the ‘Scanning debris’ task.
  • Improved scanner description.

Faction blueprints

A number of existing faction blueprints have been improved/changed for the factions: ‘Lunatics’, ‘Nomads’, ‘Scavengers’, ‘Dawn's Children’, ‘Steppenwolfs’, ‘Firestarters’.

Parts Fusion

Now, when the same part is re-upgraded, the player is guaranteed to get a result different from the current one.

Structural parts


  • Now when you reach levels 7 and 12 with the faction, the player gets 2 pieces of ‘Avia panel small’.
  • Now when you reach levels 8 and 13 with the faction, the player gets 2 pieces of ‘Oblique slope narrow’.


  • Now, when reaching level 12 with the faction, the player gets 2 ‘Container wall’ parts.


  • The amount of plastic received for completing normal difficulty raids has been doubled.

Game Modes


  • Increased the reward for capturing the enemy base sector in the ‘Assault’ scenario from 100 to 200 points.



  • Improved display of current raid tasks.
  • Now, depending on the current task, its progress is displayed in the right corner of the screen.
  • Now raiders attacking Survivors along with the leader are always displayed on the map, and the leader's icon is always visible (even through obstacles).
  • Increased display time for notification messages.

The Chase

  • Truck durability at all difficulty levels is increased by 20%.
  • Truck weapon damage at normal difficulty is increased by 10%.
  • Players may now also face resistance in the form of hostile missile turrets and mines.

Frontier defence

  • At hard difficulty level, tower durability is increased by 26%.

Perimeter breach

  • Increased the amount of time given to complete the mode before reinforcements arrive:
  • Easy difficulty level: 4 minutes.
  • Normal difficulty level: 3.5 minutes.
  • Hard difficulty level: 3 minutes.



  • Changed booster mechanics in the brawl:
    • Players begin the race with a full supply of fuel in boosters. 
    • When passing through control points, the fuel supply is replenished, depending on the current position of the player. The higher the player's current position, the less fuel he receives when passing through a checkpoint. The player that leads the race doesn’t receive any fuel replenishment for passing through a checkpoint.
    • The vehicle destruction no longer restores fuel. Now when the armored car is destroyed, the player appears on the map without fuel in the boosters


Shotgun ‘Junkbow’

  • Reloading time is reduced by 17% (from 3 to 2.5 seconds).

Developer comment: ‘We consider Junkbow's reloading speed a little too low. If the player failed to hit the opponent the first time, there was very little opportunity for a second shot. We have increased reloading speed to lower the price of possible mistake.

‘M-37 Piercer’ machine gun

  • Maximum spread is reduced by 20%.
  • Spread radius speed increase reduced by 13%.
  • Firing range increased by 33%.

Developer comment: ‘With the current range and accuracy parameters, Piercer is most effective at short distances where it loses to shotguns due to lower durability. We increased the accuracy and range of fire to boost the effective combat range and distance it from the melee weapons’.

‘MD-3 Owl’ drone

  • Drone missile explosions no longer deal damage to the owner's armored car.
  • The other drones of the armored car no longer interfere with the Owl's missiles.

‘RT Anaconda’ turret

  • Turret missile explosions no longer deal damage to the owner's armored car.
  • Rotation speed increased by 150%.
  • Reduced the delay before the start of shooting.

Developer comment: ‘At the moment, Owl and Anaconda's performance does not meet our expectations, and the complexity of their use has a significant impact on this. Increased rotation speed and the delay before the turret starts shooting. We also improved behaviour of the Owl and Anaconda's missiles, and they will no longer deal damage to their owner, and the Owl's missiles will ignore the player's other drones. This change will simplify both the installation of several drones on the machine, and their use in combat. ”

Automatic weapon ‘Caucasus’

  • Firing range increased by 21%.

Developer comment: ‘With the new targeting system, Caucasus has ceased to be a fully automatic weapon and has become a transitional element between conventional weapons and weapons controlled by AI. We believe that for effective play in a new role, it does not have enough range, which we’ve fixed in this update’.

Frontal machine gun ‘ST-M26 Tackler’

  • Weapon damage reduced by 11%.

Developer comment: ‘We feel that Tackler stands out from the current balance pattern, possessing high survivability parameters and also dealing a decent amount of damage, which makes it a formidable weapon. We see that Tackler's main advantage is the high structure value, which is perfectly combined with its perk and allows you to deal more damage due to longer life. We have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to compensate for this by reducing the weapon's damage’.

Plasma emitter ‘Prometheus V’

  • Weapon durability reduced from 200 to 180 pts.

Developer comment: ‘We conceived Prometheus as a glass cannon — weapon with high damage, but very fragile and easily destroyed in the hands of a rookie player. Currently, Prometheus is not like this, so we decided to reduce its durability to better match its role’.

‘Kapkan’ minelayer

  • Simultaneous number of mines on the map is limited to 2 for each installed minelayer. After installing the third mine, the first one will be destroyed.

Developer comment: ‘One player with the help of a Kapkan can completely block passes on the map or create entire mine fields, using several minelayers at once. We believe that this gameplay reduces the dynamism of battles and gives the team too much advantage. Therefore, we decided to limit the number of mines, which each ‘Kapkan’ minelayer can place on the map at a time’.

Flamethrower ‘Draco’

  • Firing range increased by 10%.
  • Fire rate is increased by 13%.
  • Spread is increased by 47%.

Developer comment: ‘The Draco flamethrower may not be a support weapon, but it seems it can perfectly be combined with other weapons such as shotguns and melee weapons. We increased the flame jet's speed and the spread of the flamethrower to increase the effectiveness of flamethrower combos with other weapons. With these changes, it will be able to heat the enemy car parts faster and in greater numbers’.

Flamethrower ‘Firebug’

  • Weapon durability increased from 392 to 470 pts.
  • Firing range increased by 25%.

Developer comment: ‘For a melee weapon Firebug has a very large size, and this greatly complicates its protection and reduces survival in battle. Therefore, we decided to increase its durability’.


  • Now when pressing the ‘Clans and tournaments’ button, a player without a clan can not only create his own, but also browse the list of existing clans and apply to join one of them.
  • The window of general information about the armored car has been improved and revised.
    • Added information on the current armored car tonnage.
    • Expanded functionality of the armored car information window, available on the garage screen. Added a button with information about the components installed on the armored car and their approximate total market value at the moment.
  • Improved pop-up windows with information about the part.
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions, and tips.
  • Now the maximum number of players that can be on your friends list is 200 people. The limitation does not apply for the blacklist.

Developer comment: “We’re introducing this feature in order to increase current servers stability. From a technical perspective this feature is a highly important one, as it will help to get rid of sudden connection issues and disconnects.”

  • Now, when you test-drive blueprints from the list of packs, as well as saved or factional blueprints, exiting the test-drive mode returns the player to the blueprint in the list that he was testing.
  • The debriefing screen now also shows the reasons for team victory / defeat.
  • Improved windows with information about game modes.
  • Changed scope sight of the minelayer ‘Kapkan’.


  • Improved camera behaviour, acceleration effect and the interface in the second phase of the TOW missile flight (unguided flight phase).
  • Improved he painting effect of the minigun ‘MG13 Equalizer’
  • The effect of the ‘Rate’ function at the exhibition is improved.
  • Models of a number of weapons have been improved.
  • The appearance of various objects on the game maps is improved.
  • Added smoke effects for the exhaust pipes of the cabs ‘Werewolf’, ‘Cerberus’ and ‘Tusk’.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where an active melee weapon could damage the energy shield while inside it.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Phoenix’ bolts would not attach to the ‘Kapkan’ mines.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Skinner’ harpoon's cable snapped during automatic winding from excessive tension.
  • Fixed a bug where explosive spears could break and not detonate in a collision.
  • Fixed a bug where the improved radiator bonus was not displayed in the part description.
  • Fixed the absence of the PS parameter for a number of parts (decor and fireworks).
  • Fixed a bug where raiders destroyed their own drones.
  • Fixed a bug where an armored car with a flag at the exhibition got a note the car would not be able to go into battle.
  • Fixed a bug where a Leviathan weapon, covered with a part, could not fire, even if visually such an opportunity existed.
  • Fixed a bug where player armored cars could fail to be visible through mesh and latticed objects on the maps.
  • Removed the ability to open the context menu (the RMB) for own profile in the list of players (the map window) and the debriefing window.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Kapkan’ projectiles were visible on the weapon model even with an empty ammo pack.
  • Fixed minor errors on the maps ‘Bridge’, ‘Ship Graveyard’ and ‘Broken Arrow’.
  • Fixed a bug with getting stuck in obstacles on the maps ‘Station Control-17’, ‘Sector EX’ and ‘Terminal-45’.
  • Fixed a bug related to the small icon activation area on the world map.
  • Fixed a bug where the appearance of the boss in the ‘Frontier defence’ raid was not accompanied by a pop-up notification.
  • The size of vehicle debris in the brawl ‘Battle Royale’ is increased.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect painting of details with the ‘Checkers’ pattern.
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of another cargo when a cargo-carrying driver self-destructed in the ‘Data theft’ raid.
  • Fixed a bug where sound volume could vary on different maps.
  • Fixed a bug when the item ‘View profile’ could disappear from the list in the context menu of a group member.
  • Fixed a bug with an interaction of the surface textures with the "Bigfoot" wheels.

This patchnote reveals all the key in-game changes and doesn't include all the fixes. Changes, that are aimed at improvement of Crossout, appear constantly and may not require their own patch.

Small update, 29.06.18

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect visual effects of interaction between movement parts and different surfaces.
  • Fixed a bug with unavailable co-drivers' perks.
  • Improved client stability

Small update, 03.07.18

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect suspension height of the 'Bigfoot' wheel.
  • The durability of the truck on the 'Easy' diffculty of the 'Chase' raid is reduced by 15%.
  • Reduced the number of raiders of the 'Lunatics' faction in the 'Frontier defence' raid.
  • Improved client stability.

Small update, 10.07.18

  • Support of Easy Anti - Cheat has been re-enabled;
  • Added an explanatory concerning an error when starting the game with certain anti-viruses.

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29 June 2018