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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

[PC] Crossout 0.8.0: Dawn's Children

Survivors! Our servers have received an update with the new faction ‘Dawn's Children’. The update also presents new types of weapons, modules and hovers that allow the machine to soar above the surface. We have also added new maps and a new mode ‘Chase’.

New faction ‘Dawn's Children’  

After the disaster, some people have acquired genius-level inventiveness. This gift quickly changed people. The so-called gadgeteers lost their intelligence faster than the others, fled to the wasteland, leaving behind unfinished ingenious inventions, which often exploded and could rarely be copied.

But not everyone went crazy or fell victim to their own experiments. A group of scientists led by Riley found a way to significantly delay the arrival of the gadgeteer madness, as well as resist the deadly effects of Crossout virus.

The faction ‘Dawn's Children’ is available to players who have reached reputation level 10 with the Nomads.

Together with the faction, we have added new parts and a new co-driver.

Took an active part in the development of energy weapons, and now she is itching to test the prototypes in combat conditions.
Skills and abilities:

  • Increased damage of combat lasers, tesla cannons and plasma casters.
  • Increased structure of combat lasers, tesla cannons and plasma casters.
  • Reduction of damage from explosion of an installed generator.
  • Increased durability and active time of ‘Aegis-Prime’ defence field.
  • Reduced recharge time of ‘Barrier IX’ turret.
  • Increased damage of drones and turrets.
  • Reduced weapon spread for moving vehicle.
  • Increased reputation gain.

‘Pilgrim’ cabin

  • Rarity: rare.
  • Energy reserves: 10.
  • This used to be a cabin from a multifunctional research apparatus. Now it is converted into a basis for a combat vehicle.

‘Quantum’ cabin

  • Rarity: epic.
  • Energy reserves: 11.
  • Previously, the control section of an experimental aircraft. Now it's fit to move on the surface.
  • A unique feature of the cabin: if the car does not receive damage for 10 seconds, damage of energy weapons is increased by 20%.

Lunar IV

  • Wheel.
  • Rarity: rare.
  • Intended for movement over the surface of celestial bodies, but it also works great for wastelands.

Icarus 7

  • Hover.
  • Rarity: epic.
  • The vertically placed jet engine provides stable traction and allows the car to soar above the surface. Each installed engine reduces power of the cabin.


Plasma emitter ‘Synthesis’

  • Rarity: rare.
  • Power consumption — 4 units.
  • The weapon launches a dense bundle of superheated plasma at enemies.

Combat laser ‘Aurora’

  • Rarity: epic.
  • Power consumption — 4 units.
  • A mixture of mechanics and electronics. Air cooling of the barrels provides a continuous rate of fire for pulse lasers. Unfortunately the range of shooting in the atmosphere is very limited.
  • Heats the parts on hit. They receive up to 100% more damage depending on the heating.

Plasma emitter ‘Quasar’

  • Rarity: epic.
  • Power consumption — 6 units.
  • Generates a ball lightning that deals significant damage to any matter it comes into contact with.
  • Ammunition of the weapon in raids is automatically replenished every minute when the reserves are empty.

Tesla cannon Spark III

  • Rarity: legendary
  • Power consumption — 4 units.
  • Deals damage to all targets in the aiming cone. Effective for fighting multiple enemies at once.
  • Reduces the movement speed and recharge of target weapons by 50%.

Micro-factory ‘Genesis’

  • Rarity: rare.
  • Module that contains spare parts and assemblies for instant production of small mechanisms. Increases the number of launches of any drones and turrets by 25%. When destroyed, it explodes and deals 400 damage within 5 meters.

Turret ‘Barrier IX’

  • Rarity: epic.
  • Power consumption — 4 units.
  • Creates a stationary protective field of large radius, absorbing damage from rapidly flying objects and energy flows for a few seconds.
  • Ammunition of the weapon in raids is automatically replenished every minute when the reserves are empty.

‘Neutrino’ scope

  • Rarity: epic.
  • Power consumption — 1 unit.
  • Two zoom levels and target highlights — everything an experienced sniper needs Also increases detection radius to 400 m.
  • The built-in sensor system highlights explosive modules in the scope.

‘Aegis Prime’ protective field

  • Rarity: legendary
  • Power consumption — 3 units.
  • Creates a spherical protective field that absorbs any damage from rapidly flying objects and energy bolts.

‘Apollo-IV’ generator

  • Rarity: legendary
  • Adds 4 energy units.
  • When destroyed, explodes and deals severe damage to everyone nearby. Only one generator can be installed on a vehicle.

Structural elements
New factional details are also available and can be obtained for achieving reputation levels with ‘Dawn's Children’ faction. These parts can not be bought or sold on the market.


Now, upon reaching level 2 the faction, the player gets a new portrait ‘Rocket’

  • One of the inventors and testers of the protective suit you'd hardly find a Dawn Child without. The prototype was cumbersome and uncomfortable, but it saved Rocket's life and mind, so she decided not to tempt fate and refused to change it to more modern models.

Now, upon reaching level 7 the faction, the player gets a new portrait ‘Spike’

  • Crazy about science fiction and comics since childhood. Of course, he wanted to become an astronaut, but an injury in his adolescence closed that door. After depression and several unsuccessful attempts to get a job, he was hired as a security guard by a laboratory. And when strange things unfolded with space and time, he turned out to be one of the most prepared for change and formed the backbone of Dawn's Children.

Now, upon reaching level 15 the faction, the player gets a new portrait ‘Daedalus’

  • A true mad genius. It was he who achieved stable work of hovers and understood the principle of the work of several artifacts left by the gadgeters, which allowed the children to reach the technological levels never seen before.

Changes in the mechanics of gaining access to factions
With the advent of the second high-level faction in the game, the mechanic of gaining access to them changes. This change allows us to link the starter and high-level factions more closely, aligning them with a common history and aspirations. So:

  • Joining the ‘Steppenwolfs’ faction will now be available after reaching Level 10 in the ‘Scavengers’ faction.
  • Joining the ‘Dawn Children’ faction will now be available after reaching level 10 in the ‘Nomads’ faction.
  • ATTENTION! Those players who already are or have been members of the ‘Steppenwolfs’ faction, but do not meet the new requirements, will not lose access to the faction.

Game Modes
New Raid ‘Chase’


Intelligence recorded the movement of secret Raider cargo. We can not allow its arrival, so a 4-player squad is sent to the mission, whose task is to destroy the convoy of two heavily armed trucks guarded by four escort vehicles and a large number of weaker vehicles.
Convoy Escort


Developers comment: Analysis of the statistics of ‘Convoy Escort’ showed that each separate game session did not meet our expectations for the duration, and the raid lacked dynamics.So a number of changes were made to the mode:

  • The truck no longer stops when it takes damage.
  • The truck ignores the presence of the player's car in front of it, and will try to keep moving.
  • An unescorted truck will continue to move at 40% of its maximum speed.
  • A hint was added for far-away players about their impact on the speed of the truck.
  • Removed force-stop points for the truck


  • Destruction of turrets in ‘Heist’ and ‘Convoy Escort’ now counts as minimal activity in battle.
  • Ammunition reload time reduced to 1 minute.


  • Permitted stop time for checkpoints increased to 10 seconds. Now players have extra time to pass the gate, even when they collide with it.

Ranked battles
Changed rewards for prize places in Ranked Battles:

  • 1st place - 450 coins
  • 2nd place - 225 coins
  • 3rd place - 150 coins
  • 4th place - 135 coins
  • 5th place - 120 coins
  • 6th place - 110 coins
  • 7th place - 100 coins
  • 8th place- 90 coins
  • 9th place - 80 coins
  • 10th place - 70 coins
  • 11 - 20th places get 30 coins
  • 21 - 30th places get  200 scrap units

New map: ‘Cursed mines’


  • The map is only available in ‘Chase’ and ‘Escort’.

Once there was a huge mining complex, which was built on a grand scale, in the hope of extracting superprofits from rich deposits. Today the gorge is a home, a testing ground and a hunting ground for hundreds of raiders who settled in the old mines. It is through this area that the shortest trade route between the valley and the western Kaganat lies.

New map: ‘Broken arrow’



  • The map is available in the Mission ‘Encounter’

Waderkvarn Corporation owned large areas in the south of the valley, that housed laboratories and high-tech production complexes, as well as small closed towns serving them. One of the objects discovered only many years after the disaster was an almost pristine private cosmodrome with a space vehicle prepared for launch. Was this an attempt to escape? But where? And why wasn't the ship launched? Those who survive have little interest in these issues. But valuable resources and materials found in the town at the cosmodrome, made it an arena of constant fighting.

Map ‘Founders Canyon’


Analysis of the battles on the map ‘Founders Canyon’ showed that a very large percentage of victories are made by capturing the base. We decided to change the map by closing unnecessarily wide passages for the players. As a result, the map was significantly redesigned:

  • Changed the layout of the map.
  • Landscape, cover were tweaked.
  • Lighting adjustments
  • Changed appearance of the map, added new objects
  • The map is removed from the rotation of the raid ‘Assault’ .

New system of earning resources
We would like the reward for completing difficult raids to be extremely valuable. In the world of Crossout, electronics are a rare and valuable resource that is used in the production of powerful and rare weapons. In this regard, we decided to transfer electronics to the category of PvE-resources. Nevertheless, participation in raids is not the only option for obtaining electronics.  Players always have the ability to get various resources in battles, and then sell them on the in-game market. And with the earned coins, players can purchase all the missing elements for crafting. In the future, we would like the world of the wasteland to change dynamically and set new goals and objectives for players that would offer various rewards. We want our players to take part in various activities and, among other things, trade resources. All changes in full will be shown on the global map, which in the future will visually unite all missions and raids into a single world. (the appearance of a global map is planned within the framework of one of the following updates).
Now electronics can be obtained in difficult raids. The amount of fuel needed to participate in difficult raids is going to be reduced. The number of raids available at the same time will be increased. Eventually:

  • In the ‘Mission’ PvP mode, you can obtain resources such as scrap metal, wires and fuel. In the PvE-mode ‘Raid’ you can get resources such as: copper, coupons and electronics.
  • Electronics can be earned in special difficult raids.
  • The amount of fuel needed to participate in difficult raids, is reduced to 60 units.
  • Attention! The process of copper production does not change.  Copper can still be obtained in individual raids of any difficulty.


BG2 Goblin

  • Added the option to produce the shotgun on the rare ‘Lunatics’ workbench (Lunatic cutting board).

Machine guns
ST-M23 Defender

  • Changed the physical model.

BC-17 Tsunami

  • Added the option to produce the cannon on the legendary ‘Steppenwolfs’ workbench (HQ delivery).


  • Drones are transferred to the category of weapons.

‘Fuze’ wheel drone

  • Added the option to produce the drone on the epic ‘Lunatics’ workbench (Lunatic slaughterhouse).

Attack drone

  • It was renamed into AD-12 Falcon.

Rocket drone

  • It was renamed into MD-3 Owl.


  • Turrets are transferred to the category of weapons.


  • It was renamed into DT Cobra.

Missile turret

  • It was renamed into RT Anaconda.


‘No entry’ sign

  • Updated appearance.

Maintenance sign

  • Updated appearance.

Temporary parts

  • Added the ability to scrap temporary parts.
  • For scrapping temporary parts, players do not receive resources.

System for changing weapon appearance


Added new customization kits: The kits can be obtained in the Tinkerer's pack at the Expert-Decorator workbench. We remind you that the changed item can not be sold:
CK ‘Kaboom’

  • Rarity: common
  • Changes the appearance of the rocket launcher AT Wasp

CK ‘Armadillo’

  • Rarity: common
  • Changes the appearance of ST-M23 Defender

CK ‘Bumbarash’

  • Rarity: common
  • Changes the appearance of ST-M23 Defender

CK ‘Cannoneer’

  • Rarity: common
  • Changes the appearance of ‘Little Boy 6LB’

CK ‘Flying Daggers’

  • Rarity: common
  • Changes the appearance of the Circular saw

CK ‘Thunderclap’

  • Rarity: common
  • Changes the appearance of the rocket launcher Cricket 1M

CK ‘Sling’

  • Rarity: common
  • Changes the appearance of the autocannon AC43 Rapier

CK ‘Anaconda’

  • Rarity: rare
  • Changes the appearance of Lancelot contact mines

CK ‘Garuda’

  • Rarity: rare
  • Changes the appearance of the AGS-55 grenade launcher

CK ‘Demon’

  • Rarity: rare
  • Changes the appearance of ‘Spectre-2’

CK ‘Officer’

  • Rarity: rare
  • Changes the appearance of Judge 76mm

CK ‘Hunter’

  • Rarity: rare
  • Changes appearance of MG13 Equalizer

CK ‘Swashbuckler’

  • Rarity: rare
  • Changes the appearance of ‘Auger’

NK ‘Snow Leopard’

  • Rarity: rare
  • Changes the appearance of the Sledge Hammer Shotgun

CK ‘Swarm’

  • Rarity: rare
  • Changes the appearance of the rocket launcher Cricket 1M

CK ‘General’

  • Rarity: epic
  • Changes the appearance of The Executioner 88mm

CK ‘Hiderigami’

  • Rarity: legendary
  • Changes the appearance of the Harvester

CK ‘Centipede’

  • Rarity: epic
  • Changes the appearance of the flamethrower Firefly

With the release of this update, we change the system of drops from containers. ‘Steppenwolfs’ and ‘Dawn's Children’ are high-level factions, which only the most experienced survivors are able to join, and their use should reflect an exceptionally high level of game progress. In this regard, the Steppenwolfs faction stops supplying containers with its own technologies.

  • Now you can get ‘Steppenwolfs’ parts only with the help of workbenches or buy them on the market.

Game login

  • Updated information on account binding when using Steam


  • Now the current battle mission is displayed on the map screen.
  • Now the fact that the player's car was flipped is displayed with an icon icon, not by text.


  • Now the workbenches first show normal wheels, and then steering. Thus, the display of the wheels is reduced to a single standard view both on the workbenches and the player's warehouse.

Battle debriefing

  • Improved window appearance.


  • The button ‘To store’ is renamed into ‘Buy’.
  • Now the button ‘Buy’ shows the pack's price.
  • Improved error message for blueprints

My offers

  • Now when you press LMB on the offer, the lot management window opens.In this window you can:
    • Change the price of the lot.
    • Change the quantity of the item in the lot.
    • Cancel the lot.
  • When the RMB is pressed on the offer, a drop-down menu is displayed,where you can:
    • Go to the trade item window.
    • Cancel the lot.
  • The windows for buying and selling items have been improved.


  • The screen for upgrading items has been improved.

Opening containers

  • The button ‘Exchange for’ now has a tooltip.

Friends, Groups and Clans

  • The player in the black list can no longer send an invitation to a group.


  • Now the chat is scrolled line by line.
  • Now the background is not displayed when the chat is inactive.

Audio Settings

  • Added setting for disabling the sound of private messages in chat.


  • The function of transferring leadership in the clan is added.
    • To transfer leadership, you need to right-click the player in the clan to whom it will be transferred, and click ‘Transfer Leadership’.

Medals and Stickers


Added new medals and stickers associated with the emergence of a new faction in the game:
Medals :

  • Dawn Disciple
    • Achieve a given level of reputation with the ‘Dawn's Children’ faction
  • Dawn Warden
    • Achieve a given level of reputation with the ‘Dawn's Children’ faction

Stickers :

  • X-ray I, X-ray II, X-ray III
    • Kill a specified number of enemies with energy damage
  • Aegis I, Aegis II, Aegis III
    • Block a specified amount of damage with shields


  • The system of counting points in combat has been revised
    • For direct destruction of a part or destruction of an opponent, points are awarded to players in proportion to the damage dealt to that part or the enemy's cabin.
    • For indirect destruction of parts:
      • ‘Indirect destruction’ occurs when a part falls off because its base part is destroyed.
      • Players who have dealt damage get points based on the degree of damage to the part.
      • Players who deal damage to the base of this part receive points depending on the remaining structure of that part.
    • No points are awarded for destroying AI vehicle parts.
    • For destruction of AI vehicles points are awarded to players in proportion to the damage dealt to the cabin.
    • For destruction of other gameplay objects (static turrets, pumpjacks) points are awarded in proportion to the damage inflicted.
    • Players who do not damage the part for more than 15 seconds do not receive points.This rule does not apply to damage to gameplay objects.
  • The mechanics of perks, related to the distance traveled have been improved
    • Now the upgrades related to the distance traveled are related to the speed of rotation of the wheel and its size.
    • Now the mileage also includes idling (you press the accelerator, but there is no movement) and when free rolling (you do not press the accelerator, but there is movement).
  • A number of texts and descriptions have been improved.
  • The height vehicle lifting during assembly is increased to 5 cells.
  • You can't join battles on machines with improperly installed parts.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs related to physical models of some parts. 

This change can cause the impossibility of installing parts in those positions where they were previously installed without problems. In the event that the blueprint of your vehicle does not meet the new rules, then when you try to enter a battle you will see an error message with a list of problematic parts. They need to be removed from the vehicle or reinstalled in a new suitable place. Such optimization of physical models will exclude the possibility of obtaining an unfair advantage and put players in equal conditions on the battlefield.

  • The error of the invitation to the group ‘You are not the leader of the group’ has been fixed. The missing welding point has been added to the ‘Gas generator’
  • Fixed several map bugs
    • Sandy Valley, Rock City
    • Old Town
    • Eastern Array
    • Factory
    • Fortress
    • Lost Coast
  • The possibility of a draw in clan battles is excluded
  • Fixed rare shotgun shot effect error
  • Fixed a number of errors in texts
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Box with gifts’ pop-up blocked parts of the interface
  • The error of awarding medals for the destruction of drones has been fixed.
  • Fixed position of locks on raid icons
  • Fixed a rare error with the inability to join a group
  • Fixed a bug with disappearing part of the environment
  • Fixed some decor elements icons
  • Fixed the ‘Flame’ rockets on Leviathan
  • Fixed a bug with the presence of extra welding points on the Chameleon module
  • Fixed a bug with automatic chat mute when logging into the game again

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21 September 2017