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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

Planned changes to clans and weekly challenges

Hello, survivors! 

Today we’d like to talk to you about clans. They are an integral part of Crossout, and the current clan battles concentrate a real competitiveness. It’s where experienced players test their strengths and see who’s worthy of being called the best of the best.

Over time, the average clan battles participant became stronger and stronger. At this point, it has become extremely difficult to play this mode effectively without a very powerful vehicle blueprint (or even several blueprints!). Not everyone can reach such a level, which is why many players are actually deprived of the opportunity to participate in this important activity.

At the moment we are working on refining the clans, which will help improve this situation. We can’t share all the details yet, but we can share with you a few things right now!

Band and clan

First, it will become much easier to take the first step on your clan path. A clan in its current form will be the second level of development for your community, and the first will be a band.

A band can consist of up to 4 players, it can be created for only 200 units of scrap metal, and if necessary, can be expanded into a full-fledged clan. All the clans that exist at the moment will remain as they are — that is, alliances of 20 players.

By the way, the recruitment of new fighters will now become easier, because it will be possible to make a band or clan “open”. In this case, any player will be able to join the association in a couple of clicks, without waiting for the leaders to accept the application.

Clan skirmish

So, the band is formed. What can you do now? For example, you can take part in “Clan skirmish”, a new mode in which the battle rules are identical to its “big brother”. The same two teams, the same choice of several cars, the same game until two victories. 

According to our idea, this mode will allow players who are not familiar with the nuances of clan battles to learn the basics, develop their strategies and prepare for more serious battles. Veterans will be able to help them with this without any risks of losing their competitive rating. The mode will be available for both clans and bands. We plan that the mode will have a limit on the minimum and maximum vehicle Power score.

Clan challenges

According to the statistics, there are currently very few players who actively complete weekly challenges. We decided to reconsider this system and give the option of performing them together, where players would mutually help each other. According to our idea, weekly challenges will turn into a clan activity — that is, the entire clan (or a band) will have a single list of challenges, and each member will be able to contribute to their completion.

This means that each member of the clan will be able to do what they like more. Don’t want to play raids? Not a problem, you can always ask a friend to help with it. Or, on the contrary, you don’t feel like going to PvP? Feel free to go to PvE — the members of your clan will take care of the missions!

The completion of these challenges will still be rewarded with the Engineer badges — all active clan members will receive them for each completed stage. We should note that the maximum amount of Badges received by each player will not change or will increase relative to the current amount.

This is not all the details of the planned improvements, but only the most basic points that will give you an idea of the planned changes. We will definitely share more information with you in the future.

See you soon!

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22 June 2023