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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

Anniversary of Crossout!

Hello, survivors!

Starting from today, we are launching a festive in-game event prepared specifically for the 8th anniversary of Crossout! Join other survivors, take part in the festive brawl and get rewards!

Crossout Day

Attention! The event and festive rewards scale will be available from May 25 to June 7 inclusive!

This year, we’ve updated the “Crossout Day” brawl that many enjoyed playing last year:

  • “Crossout Day” is a confrontation similar to the “Free for all” brawl, where the player has no allies. You are surrounded by enemies and you need you to destroy as many of them as possible!
  • You can enter the mode as part of a group of up to 4 players, but all players in the group will be enemies to each other.
  • The battle takes place on the maps “Sand harbour” and “Abandoned town”.
  • Players take part in the battle on pre-built vehicles, sometimes highly unusual. All armoured vehicles in the battle are created by our players.
  • This year, we’ve updated the list of blueprints for the brawl. Just like before, all these blueprints are creations of our players, including not only the regular survivors, but also the blueprint builders and partners of the project.
  • The brawl also has respawns.
  • Only the first 4 places at the end of the battle are considered victorious.
  • The resource — scrap metal — is rewarded based on the place you occupy. The amount of scrap metal received decreases with each subsequent place.
  • At the beginning of the battle and after respawning, you can choose which vehicle to continue the battle on: there will always be 3 random blueprints to choose from.
  • Points are awarded both for shooting off parts and for destroying opponents. The points for destroying the enemy are also added to the points for all the parts that were on his armoured car at the time of destruction.

Event rewards

Each player will have access to a special event reward scale with levels for free.

  • You can unlock a level by completing daily challenges. One of the challenges can only be completed in the “Crossout Day” brawl. The second task is not tied to the festive brawl.
  • The number of levels is strictly limited by the scale. There will be no additional rewards and additional levels.
  • In order to unlock the whole rewards scale you need to complete all the tasks available.
  • All uncompleted daily challenges are accumulated. If you missed a few days, then you can easily complete several challenges in one day.
  • For leveling up, you can get the following rewards:
    • unique blueprint and all parts of the “Armoured camper” vehicle;
    • stickers, decor and paints;
    • containers with resources;
    • 2 containers with a “rare” part of your choice;
    • a container with an “epic” CK of your choice;
    • Blueprint storage;
    • workbench coupons;
    • unique background and logo for profile customization. The emblem displays how many years ago you joined the world of the Wasteland (or will display when your first year passes);
    • Engineer badges.

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25 May 2023