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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

[PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Off we go!

“Off we go!” — that is the main slogan of these New Year and Christmas days in Crossout! Build your own unique armoured aircraft, take part in air battles with other players and collect all the festive rewards!

Off we go!

Attention! The event, brawl, and workbench will be available until January 25 inclusive!

  • “Off we go!” is the first brawl in Crossout for which you can assemble a real “armoured aircraft” and fly it into battle against other players.
  • The brawl is available from reputation level 4 with the Engineers faction.
  • In this brawl, the matchmaking is based on Power score, and it is identical to the matchmaking system in standard PVP missions.
  • The battles are held according to the rules of the “Carnage” brawl:
    • The battles are held in the “8 versus 8” format.
    • Both standard vehicles and vehicles with a mounted propeller can participate in the battle.
    • Respawns are enabled in the brawl: after being destroyed, your armoured car will reappear on the battlefield after some time.
    • The goal is to score 10,000 points faster than the opposing team.
    • Points are awarded for shooting off parts and destroying opponents.
    • If no team scores 10,000 points before the time runs out, the team with the most points wins.
  • The battles are held on 3 maps designed specifically for flying:
    • Dead city;
    • East quarter;
    • High cathedral — a new map created specifically for the “Off we go!” brawl;
    • All maps have altitude limits and borders within which you can move. When flying outside the allowed limits, players will see a warning message. If the player doesn’t return to the allowed area within the allotted time, his car is destroyed.
  • To assemble flying aircrafts, each player is given a special propeller upon entering the game, which must be mounted on the vehicle. The propeller will only be available for the duration of the event and will automatically disappear when it ends.
  • The assembled flying aircrafts can be tested in test drive or in the “Custom battle” mode (with certain restrictions).
  • The settings “Control of movement parts with strafing” do not affect vehicles with the propeller.
  • An armoured car with a propeller can only be used in the “Off we go!” mode.
  • To participate in the “Off we go!” mode you need an armoured car that has from 3000 to 10000 PS.
  • You can also mount ground movement parts on any vehicle with a propeller. Using a special key you can:
    • Start the propeller. In this case, the ground movement parts become inactive.
    • Stop the propeller. In this case, the propeller stops working, the vehicle can no longer take off, but can move with the help of ground movement parts.
  • For participating in the “Off we go!” mode you receive wires and “Crackers”, which can be used on the special New Year’s workbench “Lost and found explosives”.

Daily challenges

  • During the event, a special challenge that can be completed only in the “Off we go!” mode will be available to you every day.
  • As a reward for completing this challenge, you will receive the “Pilot’s container” which contains new cosmetic items.
  • Only 1 item can be randomly obtained from one container.

New Year workbench “Lost and found explosives”

  • Crackers are a special New Year resource that can be obtained in the special PvP mission “New Year’s Fever” or in the new mode “Off we go!”.
  • At the end of the event, all unused crackers will be withdrawn without the option to exchange them.
  • You will be able to exchange the received crackers, as well as other resources, for :
    • A number of themed cosmetic items from previous New Year events;
    • A container with a tradable epic part of your choice;
    • A container with New Year stickers from previous events. 1 sticker can be randomly obtained from each container.
  • Also during the event, you can produce upgraded parts by using resources and non-upgraded parts. You can find the full list of parts in the game.
  • The schedule for the appearance of certain upgraded parts can always be found in the game.

“Savior” pack (Deluxe edition)

  • Armoured car: “Predator”;
  • New epic cabin: “Savior”:
    • Heavy cabin.
    • PS: 1500.
    • Maximum cabin speed: 65 km/h.
    • Tonnage: 9500 kg.
    • Mass limit: 18500 kg.
    • Adds energy: 11 pts.
    • Durability: 455 pts.
    • Mass: 4000 kg.
    • Perk: When dealing collision damage, temporarily increases the damage of all weapons. Max. bonus is 25% when dealing 175 damage.
  • New decor: “Truck exhaust pipe” (2 pcs.);
  • Character portrait: “Sarah Snow”;
  • Unique chameleon paint: “Gleam of the north”;
  • A set of stickers;
  • Early access to certain structural parts;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 80.
  • 4000 in-game coins.

While watching her favourite action film once again, Sara suddenly realized that she was the only person who could avenge the people who had once saved her. And so she rushed to continue her search with renewed vigor. Surprisingly, at the first survivors camp she was told about the odd man in red clothes who was seen in the Valley every winter. Sarah checked her rocket launchers, brushed the snow from her hair, and set a course towards her former home.

“Savior” pack

  • Armoured car: “Last action hero”;
  • New epic cabin: “Savior”;
  • Character portrait: “Sarah Snow”;
  • Paint can: “Grey ice”;
  • Early access to certain structural parts;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 75.
  • 1500 in-game coins.

Exhausted from her fruitless searches, Sarah settled down in the middle of nowhere and withdrew into herself. Now her entire life consisted of searching for supplies and watching the film collection she had managed to acquire while she was living in the cult. The TV helped her forget the pain for a while, but each time it came back around again. And even her favourite hobby could not make the young woman forget about revenge for a long time.

“Savior” pack (Lite edition)

  • Armoured car: “Running man”;
  • New epic cabin: “Savior”;
  • Paint can: “Slate-gray smoke”;
  • Early access to certain structural parts;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 65.

After Sarah found the burnt-out ashes at the site of the Frosts’ camp, her life was divided into before and after. The young woman lost her family for the second time. And, of course, it affected her very much. But the most frustrating thing was that she had absolutely no leads. For a long time she wandered the Wasteland, trying to find even a hint about the Frosts, but the only answer the universe gave her was silence.

Attention! All versions of the “Savior” pack will be available until January 25 inclusive!
On PlayStation® consoles, the pack will be available from 08:00 GMT on December 17!
On Xbox consoles, the packs will be available from 10:00 GMT on December 15!

New map “High cathedral” for the “Off we go!” brawl


  • During the New Year’s event, most of the in-game locations will have winter decorations.
  • Added a new “Acid fog” weather for the “Ship graveyard” map. This weather is available only in the “Custom battle” mode.
  • Fixed a number of minor issues with the “invisible walls” on the following maps:
    • Factory;
    • Rock City;
    • Bridge.
  • Added the ability to call up bots in the old Engineer garage.

  • A new music track has been recorded and added into the game specifically for the New Year’s event.

  • Fixed the firing sound of the “Pyre” rocket launcher.

  • Added the in-game “Guide”
    • In the guide, any player can read tutorial articles, tips and videos that will help you build cars and tell you about other features of the game.
    • You can open the guide through the main menu of the game (using the “Guide” menu tab) or using a special button with a question mark in the upper left corner of the garage screen.
  • Added the ability to view all player blueprints from the “Best authors” section that are currently displayed on the exhibition.
  • Improved the search of players and vehicles on the exhibition: now, if you enter only part of the nickname or name (more than 3 characters), the search system will offer you possible options. If the desired result was not found, then you need to refine the search query and add additional characters.
  • Improved display of item covers in the in-game store.

  • “Battle royale” brawl has been returned to the brawl rotation.
  • Added a number of stickers and paints to the “decoration recycling”.

  • Fixed a bug due to which the raiders of the Firestarters and Scavengers factions could not descend from the hill on the “Ship graveyard” map.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect respawn locations for players’ armoured vehicles in the “Data theft” raid on the “Powerplant” map.
  • Fixed a bug with excessive damage dealt by the “Snowfall” rockets to the player’s own armoured car. The rocket launcher now deals less damage to the player’s own vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where the projectile speed bonus of the co-driver Jay was working incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where destroying an enemy with wheeled drones would not activate the “Sword of Damocles” hologram.
  • Fixed a bug with the shifting of the scope of artillery weapons when using a lock on the weapon rotation.
  • Fixed a bug where intel was only credited when re-entering the game after receiving reputation level 30 with the Engineers faction.
  • [PC] Fixed an issue where enabling NVIDIA DLSS would not disable the “Render scale” option.
  • Improved a number of texts and in-game icons.

Small update, 28.12.2022

Improved stability of game servers.

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15 December 2022