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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

[PC] Crossout 0.13.80. Big chase

Welcome to the new season “Big chase”! You can expect: a lot of new parts and customization kits, an updated “Chase” mode, a redesigned co-drivers system, a new PvP map, as well as other new features, improvements and fixes.

New season: “Big chase”

Attention! The “Big chase” season and battle pass packs will be available until October 16th inclusive!

  • There are 75 levels with rewards in the event. Leveling up in the event will unlock new rewards.
  • If the player has a Battle Pass, 20 in-game coins are rewarded for each level above 76.
  • All players without exception (both with and without a paid Battle Pass) can access:
    • “Workpieces” of the parts from previous seasons (you can find and use the received workpieces in the “Resources” tab in your storage). The workpieces remain in your storage forever. They can be used at any time, even after the end of the season.
    • Recipes for new parts production. ATTENTION! These recipes will only be available temporarily during the current season. Once it is completed, the part recipes will be unavailable. In the future, recipes for new parts may be available as part of future seasons or in-game events.
    • Elements for banner customization.
    • Structural parts.
    • Containers with resources.
    • New stickers.
    • Coupons for free use of the workbenches.
    • New amusement rides for the range.
    • 100 in-game coins.
  • Players who have purchased a battle pass may receive the following additional rewards:
    • Parts that have been crafted before. Please note that such parts are already issued with certain upgrades and cannot be sold/bought on the market.
    • 5 new CKs (visual customization kits).
    • 2 new portraits.
    • In-game coins.
    • Cosmetic items: paints, stickers, decor, hubcap.
    • Additional elements for banner customization.
    • Additional amusement rides for the range.
    • “Storage expansions” and “Blueprint storages”.
    • Legendary upgrade stabilizers.
  • Rewards marked with a lock icon are only available in the battle pass.
  • Parts that you didn’t have time to unlock can be purchased on the in-game market from other players.

Event level up

  • You can increase your level in the event by completing special daily and weekly challenges.
  • At the end of the day, all uncompleted daily challenges are reset and replaced with new ones.
  • Every Thursday, after the list of challenges is updated, all uncompleted weekly challenges are carried over to the next week.
  • Weekly tasks of the season are divided into “main” and “additional” groups. At one time, 4 “main” and 2 “additional” tasks are issued.
  • Please note that it is possible to get the maximum level in the event by completing only daily and “main” challenges. Completing “additional” challenges will help you increase your level even faster.
  • Try not to miss challenges to open all available rewards as soon as possible.
  • When the event level is increased, the reward is issued automatically.
  • You can still complete the regular daily and weekly challenge, save badges and other resources.

Novelties of this season

Autocannon “Tempest”

  • Rarity: special.
  • PS: 760.
  • Durability: 390 pts.
  • Energy drain: 4 pts.
  • Mass: 729 kg.

Optical module “Iris”

Increases the magnification rate when using the standard (built-in) scope (min. — 3x, max. — 5x).

  • Rarity: special.
  • PS: 190.
  • Durability: 101 pts.
  • Mass: 96 kg.

Heavy minigun “Miller”

  • Rarity: epic
  • PS: 1375.
  • Durability: 427 pts.
  • Energy drain: 5 pts.
  • Mass: 495 kg.
  • Perk: after hitting an enemy 15 times, it fires an explosive projectile. Each miss reduces the number of accumulated hits.

Rocket artillery “RA-1 Heather”

  • Rarity: legendary.
  • PS: 2800.
  • Ammunition: 10 pcs.
  • Durability: 626 pts.
  • Energy consumption: 7 pts.
  • Reload: 10 sec.
  • Mass: 2070 kg.
  • Perk: The higher the speed of the car, the faster the weapon reloads. Max. efficiency: +30% at 80 km/h.

Passive defence module “Omamori”

  • Rarity: legendary.
  • PS: 400.
  • Durability: 303 pts.
  • Energy drain: 1 pts.
  • Mass: 240 kg.
  • Perk: Absorbs half the damage dealt to parts that are attached to power nodes, up to 360 pts. If the threshold is exceeded, the module turns off until the capacity is fully restored, while excess damage will damage the “Omamori” module itself. The capacity begins to be restored if the module does not absorb damage for 3 sec.

Mortar “AM-5 Avalanche”

  • Rarity: legendary.
  • PS: 4800.
  • Ammunition: 10 pcs.
  • Durability: 1592 pts.
  • Energy drain: 12 pts.
  • Mass: 3510 kg.
  • Perk: receives 30% of additional damage resistance during reload.

Cabin “Kami”

  • Rarity: legendary.
  • Type: lightweight.
  • PS: 2400.
  • Maximum cabin speed: 100 km/h.
  • Tonnage: 4600 kg.
  • Mass limit: 8700 kg.
  • Adds energy: 12 pts.
  • Durability: 280 pts.
  • Mass: 570 kg.
  • Perk: When activated, provides invulnerability to heating and enemy effects, and deactivates the shells attached to the vehicle for 5 sec. Cooldown 15 sec.

CK “Kusari” for the “Small track”

CK “CK Tinbe” for the “Bastion” cabin

CK “Basan” for the “Harpy” cabin

CK “Amaterasu” for the “Aurora” combat laser

CK “Yari” for the “Cyclone” autocannon

New amusement rides for the range: machine gun and rocket turrets

As part of the season, all battle pass owners will be able to get new amusement rides that will add more various challenges to the track on your range. These rocket and machine gun turrets can be activated and deactivated. Activated turrets will constantly attack your armoured car. The turrets will remain activated/deactivated the next time you enter the test drive mode. Each type of turrets can be activated and deactivated separately.

“Elite Battle pass” pack

  • Unlocks additional rewards of the season “Big chase”.
  • Upon purchasing this pack, the player gains 15 levels to his current progress in the event. All additional battle pass rewards for already received levels are automatically made available.
  • The pack can be purchased only once.

“Battle pass” pack

  • Unlocks additional rewards of the season “Big chase”.
  • Upon purchasing this pack, the player gains 1 level to his current progress in the event. All additional battle pass rewards for already received levels are automatically made available.
  • The pack can be purchased only once.

Both packs will be available until October 16 inclusive!

New co-drivers system

With the “Big chase” update, we're introducing a new system of co-drivers. In the new system, we tried to combine our vision of this mechanics and at the same time take the suggestions and ideas of the players into account.

Features of the new system:

  • With the release of the update, there will be 8 co-drivers available in the game. In the future, the list of available co-drivers may be expanded.
  • In order to unlock the co-drivers, you need a special resource — “intel”.
  • The ability to unlock and use a co-driver appears for a player who has reached reputation level 30 with the “Engineers” faction.
  • Each co-driver has 3 passive skills that improve the parts on your armoured car or increase its effectiveness.
  • Also, each partner has a special ability called “talent”. To activate it, you must meet certain conditions that are indicated in its description.
  • When you unlock a co-driver, all of his passive skills and talents immediately become available to you. It’s not necessary to additionally level up a co-driver.
  • Different co-drivers may require different amounts of intelligence to be unlocked. Jay, Grizzly and Yuki are the “starting” co-drivers. Unlocking them requires less intelligence.
  • You can only use one co-driver at a time.
  • You can still save co-drivers together with the armoured car’s blueprint.
  • Attention! With the introduction of the new system, the data on the co-drivers saved in blueprints has been reset. You need to re-save the amoured car blueprints with certain co-drivers in order to load a vehicle with a co-driver already activated for it in the future!
  • Note that the new co-drivers cannot be used with Leviathans
  • In future updates we plan to add more specialized heroes, which would work well with certain types of weapons and match certain situations on the battlefield. Our goal is to create a list of co-drivers with which every player could find a co-driver that will fit their style of gameplay.

How to get “Intelligence”

  • Upon reaching level 30 reputation with the “Engineers” faction:
    • The player is given 7,000 intelligence, which is enough to unlock one “non-starter” co-driver.
    • You can start earning Intelligence in PvP battles (missions) and “Patrol”.
  • In total, 8000 intelligence can be stored on the account at a time. Any intelligence that is obtained in battles over the limit does not accumulate. All intelligence acquired through refunds, purchases of packs, giveaways and gifts are added and stored over the limit.
  • In total, 4000 intelligence can be earned in battles in one week.
  • An active premium subscription will increase the weekly limit and the amount of intelligence received for each battle.
  • Intelligence can also be purchased in the in-game store (the “Premium and season” tab).

Compensation for co-drivers upgraded before the system redesign

  • Those players who have upgraded old co-drivers will automatically receive a certain amount of intelligence to unlock the new ones.
  • The amount depends on how many co-driver levels have been unlocked.
  • Players who spent in-game resources to unlock levels will receive more intelligence.
  • For one fully upgraded old co-driver, the player receives the amount of intelligence that is enough to unlock one “non-starter” co-driver.

Unlimited switching between factions

With the update 0.13.80, we are disabling the restriction on switching between the in-game factions. Previously, you could change the faction only once a day. Now this possibility is not limited in any way, and you can freely switch between the factions.

Please note that unlimited transfer between factions will not be available if you have already changed your faction within 24 hours before the restrictions were removed. As soon as the timer expires, the unlimited transition will become available.


Attention! The mode will be available until August 14 inclusive!

  • The chase takes place on a new map “Warrior’s path” created specifically for this mode.
  • Your objective is to stop the moving trucks before they leave the location.
  • The location has several different routes. The routes of the trucks and their guards, as well as the trucks themselves and their weapons, may change from battle to battle.
  • The trucks are always moving.
  • All trucks and their guards are armed and ready to fight back anyone who dares to attack the convoy.
  • The team is defeated if you can't stop even one of the trucks.
  • If you were able to stop only one of the trucks, the task is considered partially completed.
  • Points are awarded for the stages of destruction and for complete destruction of each of the trucks. Depending on the points scored, the team receives a certain amount of plastic as a reward.

New map “Peaceful atom”

The new location is located on the maps that you are already familiar to you — “Powerplant”, “Chemical plant” and “Factory”. Stylistically, the location continues the theme of industrial buildings and factories.

One of the location’s main feature is its asymmetry, which becomes most apparent closer to the centre of the map.

The map offers excellent opportunities for long-range builds. For example, there is a long corridor without any additional covers, which can be seen on the panorama. It allows you to control the map and conduct sniper duels or shoot enemy vehicles that are trying to break through to your position.

For the builds designed for medium or close range, there will be flanking bypasses which, however, cannot guarantee your safety.

Both teams will have access to elevated areas like the one in the picture on the left. They open a view to the central part of the map and allow you to partially control the passages from the enemy side. But don’t forget about the opponents who can outflank you!

The central area of the map is a fairly large arena, where the proper use of terrain, covers and vegetation can generate a lot of unique combat situations. Even if you find yourself in open space, you will most likely have options to hide from enemy fire by using hollows in the landscape.

Various shelters and covers will also be placed at the bases. They will be useful both when capturing an enemy point, so you can hide from shells and stall for time, and while defending your own base, which is being overrun by enemies.

The new map is available in the “Assault” mode in “Missions”.


  • A number of environment objects on the “Copperhead stadium” garage have been improved.
  • Improved a number of environmental objects on the “Control-17 station” map, which are not intended for armoured vehicles to climb on them.
  • Improved the spawn points on the maps of the “Bedlam” mode.
  • Improved spawn points for combat bots in the Engineer garage.

Structural parts

The formula that automatically calculated the parameters of structural parts has been corrected. As a result, the parameters of some parts have automatically changed:

  • “Left buggy corner” and “Right buggy corner”
    • Durability increased from 3 to 4 pts.
    • PS increased from 5 to 11.
  • The durability of “Digger side” increased from 62 to 64 pts.
  • The durability of “Backend” increased from 118 to 155 pts.
  • “Mengu”
    • Mass increased from 139 to 296 kg.
    • Durability increased from 86 to 183 pts.
    • PS increased from 30 to 68.
  • “Haraate”
    • Mass increased from 161 to 343 kg.
    • Durability increased from 69 to 212 pts.
    • PS increased from 35 to 77.
  • “Gessan”
    • Mass increased from 263 to 562 kg.
    • Durability increased from 113 to 347 pts.
    • PS increased from 58 to 126.


  • Refined the physical models of the “Spike-1”, “Toadfish”, and “Phoenix” crossbows.
  • Physical models of crossbows have become smaller, and now they correspond to their visual models.

Pulse accelerator “Astraeus”

The physical size of the projectile has been reduced by 75%.

Comment: the weapon’s projectiles will now be more accurate due to the fact that they will not cling to parts close to the projectile flight path.

Cabin “Master”

  • Cabin type changed to “Medium”.
  • PS reduced from 2400 to 2100.
  • Max. cabin speed reduced from 95 to 75 km/h.
  • Tonnage increased from 5000 to 5350 kg.
  • Weight limit increased from 10000 to 14100 kg.
  • Mass increased from 750 to 1150 kg.
  • Now the cabin heats up to a maximum of 25% (instead of 100% before).
  • Now, the automatic activation of the parts restoration occurs immediately after the cabin heats up to the maximum possible level. You can still turn off the cabin heating manually at any time.

Comment: the cabin’s form factor and perk didn’t fit its “light” type. Considering the not very high weight limit, the choice of weapons that could be mounted on the power nodes was severely limited. An increase in tonnage and weight limit along with changing the cabin’s type to “medium” will help correct the situation. And decreasing the maximum heating level will make using the cabin’s perk easier and safer.

Autonomous drone “SD-15 Vulture”

  • Target acquisition time reduced by 19%.
  • The drone’s flight speed increased by 5%.
  • Enemy detection range increased by 17%.
  • Cooldown time reduced from 13 sec. to 12 sec.
  • Explosion radius increased by 80%.
  • Blast damage reduced by 53%.
  • Periodic damage increased by 33%.
  • The drone now deals periodic damage 5 times before it explodes.

Comment: these significant changes are implemented in order to rebalance the way the drone deals damage. It used to deal significant damage, but due to the small explosion radius, the enemy could only lose a couple of parts. 
Now the explosion radius has been significantly increased and it became necessary to reduce the drone’s blast damage in order to maintain balance.

Disc launcher “Ripper”

  • Now the weapon rotates freely around its axis.
  • Durability increased from 484 to 581 pts.
  • Mass increased from 540 to 648 kg.
  • Disc impact impulse increased by 40%.
  • Weapon rotation speed increased by 25%.
  • The time before the disks that are stuck in objects are destroyed has been increased from 5 to 7 sec.
  • Damage received from colliding with discs that are stuck in objects has been increased by 2 times.

Pulse accelerator “Scorpion”

Damage reduced by 5%.

Comment: when combined with some of the new co-drivers, the effective “Scorpion” becomes an even more menacing weapon. In order to prevent the obvious superiority of this weapon over all others on the battlefield, we slightly reduce its damage. Despite this change, “Scorpion”, when combined with certain co-drivers, will still deal more damage than it did without any co-drivers before the changes were made.

  • Added the ability to select a red color for the crosshairs.
  • Improved the visual appearance of windows with license agreements.

  • Recorded and added a new music track for the garage.

  • Improved the sound of shell casings for the following shotguns: “Parser”, “Arothron”, “Junkbow”, “Fafnir”, “Nidhogg”, “Jormungandr”.
  • Updated the sound of charging the shot for the “Toadfish” crossbow.
  • Improved the sound reverberation.
  • Improved the balance of sounds.
  • Optimized and fixed minor bugs in weapon sounds.

  • Optimized the effects of multiple fire puddles located close to each other left by the “Porcupine” barrels.
  • Disabled the movement physics on the surfaces covered with water. We plan to enable it back when we finalize it to the desired level.
  • Improved the model of the “Closed circle” hubcap.
  • Reworked the model of the “Small track” movement part.
  • Reworked the model of the “Headlight” decor.
  • Reworked the model of the “TS-1 Horizon” scope.
  • Improved destructible environmental objects (a number of car wrecks located on maps).
  • Added the “Cross Art” community sticker into the game.
  • Added the “CHAINSAW” sticker into the game.

  • Fixed a bug where the respawn window turned gray.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Executioner 88mm” and “Prosecutor 76mm” cannons could penetrate more than 2 cells of an armoured car’s structure.
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of base capture animation on the minimap in the “Assault” mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Aurora” laser upgrade to increase the heating rate was almost unnoticeable.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies in the “Frontier defense” raid on the “Ship graveyard” map could get stuck at spawn points.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Argument” weapon didn’t play the recoil animation after firing.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the language while viewing the range from the exhibition led to the range becoming unavailable for viewing.
  • Fixed a bug where, at the moment of firing, shells became visible at a certain distance away from the weapon’s barrel.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect painting of the “Ermak” cabin.
  • Fixed a bug where crosshair “jumps” could be observed when using a free camera (the “alt” key by default).
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions and icons.

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14 July 2022