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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

[PS] Crossout 2.78. Knight Mayhem

The long-awaited “mayhem” returns in an updated form: the same fierce battles, selection of roles and tactical tricks, but now in the medieval battles setting! Along with the event, you can also expect a new “Polar explorer” pack with a unique cabin and pulse weapon, as well as a redesigned system of markers and quick messages.

Knight mayhem

Attention! The event will last from April 21 to May 12 inclusive!

This year, the classic confrontation between two teams gets a new look!

Key features of the event:

  • Battles are held on the following maps:
    • “Tank range”;
    • “River lighthouse”;
    • “Fortress”.
  • Survivors will use pre-built armoured vehicles in the “8 vs 8” format.
  • At the beginning of each battle, you can choose the desired armoured car:
    • A choice of 5 blueprints with different weapons and, accordingly, roles.
    • The same blueprint can be selected at the same time by no more than 3 players.
    • If you do not have time to choose a car in the allotted time, the blueprint is randomly selected.
  • The mode has respawns. Before the respawn, you need to choose one of the 5 cars on which you want to continue the battle. If you do not have time to change the car in the allotted time, you will automatically be given the same armoured car as before
  • The goal of the battle is to fill the point scale before the opposing team. You can also win by scoring more points before the time runs out. Points are awarded for the destruction of opponents.
    • A team is awarded a win if it scores 50 points and outscores the opponent's team by at least 5 points.
    • A team is awarded a win if it outscores the opponent’s team by 5 points after the game timer expires.
    • If one of the teams scores 50 points, but the gap between the teams is no more than 5 points, the teams are given an additional 3 minutes to score the maximum possible amount of points before the allotted time expires or before any of the teams scores 75 points.
    • After the additional time expires, the victory is awarded to the team, that scored the most amount of points.
    •  If both teams have equal points after the allotted time expires, a draw is declared.
  • The number of points for each destruction increases, depending on the number of bases that your team controls:
    • No bases: 1 point for destruction.
    • 1 base: 2 points for destruction.
    • 2 bases: 3 points for destruction.
    • 3 bases: 4 points for destruction.

Points scoring:

  • The rating points earned by a player affect his place in the rating leaderboard and belonging to one of the leagues.
  • Points are awarded at the end of the battle.
  • In addition, all participants in the battle, depending on their contribution, receive reputation points and scrap metal at the end of each battle.
  • In order to ensure fair play and advancement on the leaderboard, a limit on the maximum number of rating points that can be obtained in one battle has been introduced. 
  • To enter a rating battle, a player uses a certain number of rating points. The entry fee depends on the player’s current league.
    • Rust: 0 points.
    • Iron: 8 points.
    • Steel: 12 points.
    • Bronze: 14 points.
    • Silver: 16 points.
    • Gold: 17 points.
    • Legend: 17 points.
  • If you lose, you do not lose rating points, except for those that you spent on entering the battle.

Rewards and special challenges

League rewards:

  • “Iron”: unique emblem for banner customization;
  • “Steel”: unique background for banner customization;
  • “Bronze”: unique emblem for banner customization;
  • “Silver”: unique decor “Coif”.
  • “Gold”: special container “Knight’s chest”, from which you can get one tradable epic part of your choice.

In addition, a special challenge for achieving 3 victories in the “Knight mayhem” brawl will be available to you daily. For completing this challenge, you will receive a special container with resources “Page’s chest”. When the container is opened, the reward is determined randomly.

New pack “Polar explorer” (Deluxe edition)

Attention! The pack will be available from April 22 and until May 22 inclusive!

  • Unique armoured car: “Polar explorer”;
  • New weapon of epic rarity: “Astraeus”:
    • pulse cannon;
    • PS: 1650;
    • durability: 400 pts;
    • energy drain: 6 pts;
    • mass: 702 kg;
    • perk: Charging the weapon increases the damage of the shot at the enemy by 50%, but also deals 50 damage to your own armoured car.
    • 50 pts. of damage are distributed among all parts to which Astraeus is mounted.
  • New cabin of epic rarity: “Ermak”:
    • heavy cabin;
    • PS: 1500;
    • maximum cabin speed: 65 km/h;
    • tonnage: 9000 kg;
    • mass limit: 18000 kg;
    • adds energy: 11 pts;
    • durability: 550 pts;
    • mass: 3200 kg;
    • perk: Upon receiving damage increases the armoured vehicle’s damage resistance by 10% for 7 sec. The effect stacks up to 3 times. Delay of the effect boost is 0,4 sec.
  • Unique character portrait: “Dalis Rhyme”;
  • Unique paint cans;
  • 4000 in-game coins.

Additionally, the player receives:

  • Unique background and logo for profile customization;
  • Unique decor “Rover mirror” (2 pcs.);
  • New hologram “Northern lights”;
  • A set of stickers;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 55.

Dalis Rhyme, a meteorological scientist, who devoted his life to studying the north, was hardened not only by the cold. As a young man, by a twist of fate, he found himself in the far North. He fell in love with this region and decided to settle down to explore it. In a small fishing village Dalis found his future wife, and together they built a research station and raised their daughter. Even Crossout didn’t have much effect on their lives and didn’t disconnect them from science, forcing them only to be more concerned about provisions. But during one of their expeditions, Dalis and his wife ventured very far into the permafrost territory. They decided to spend the night in a cave at the foot of a giant mountain range, where they stumbled upon indescribable organic specimens that were unknown to science. After that, Dalis lost consciousness. He came to his senses in the middle of a snowy forest. Having returned home and not finding his wife and daughter there, the man went searching to the only place where he had seen people in recent years — the Valley.

New pack “Polar explorer”

Attention! The pack will be available from April 22!

  • Unique armored car: “Icepick”;
  • New weapon of epic rarity: “Astraeus”;
  • New cabin of epic rarity: “Ermak”;
  • Unique character portrait: “Dalis Rhyme”;
  • A paint can;
  • 1500 in-game coins.
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 50.

New pack “Polar explorer” (Lite edition)

Attention! The pack will be available from April 22 and until May 22 inclusive!

  • Unique armoured car: “Pioneer”;
  • New weapon of epic rarity: “Astraeus”;
  • New cabin of epic rarity: “Ermak”;
  • A paint can;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 43.


We have conducted a full evaluation of the performance of AI enemies in raids, and based on these results, we have made adjustments to the damage they deal. The changes affected most of the enemy armoured cars from all factions.

Some armoured cars were too efficient for a certain raid difficulty, others were too weak and didn’t reach the intended level of difficulty.

If any enemy in raids appears to be too powerful or extremely weak, please let us know and attach a screenshot so that we can quickly identify the armoured car, check it and implement additional changes. Thank you!

Rare parts


Durability reduced from 330 to 231 pts.

Comment: at the moment, “Borer” shows excessive effectiveness in battles at 4000 - 5000 PS range. Reducing the durability will make it easier to counter-play this weapon and give you more opportunities to destroy it before colliding with enemies.


Damage reduced by 10%.

Comment: we’re slightly reducing the shotgun’s damage to bring its excessive effectiveness back to normal within 5000 - 6000 PS frames.

R-2 Chill

The module’s effectiveness when combined with shotguns has been reduced.

Comment: This radiator is practically the only option for a powerful 4000 - 5000 PS build equipped with shotguns.

CS Taymyr

Bonus to cooldown speed increased from 50% to 60%.

Comment: along with the improvement of coolers, we are trying to diversify vehicle builds and make coolers a real alternative to radiators.

P-23 Defender

Durability increased from 140 to 161 pts.

Comment: despite the fact that the machine gun was designed to be used at 4000 - 6000 PS, currently it’s not effective enough within those frames. We are slightly increasing its durability to improve the weapon’s survivability in combat.

Special parts

AC62 Therm

Damage increased by 11%.


Damage increased by 6%.

Comment: like “Synthesis”, “Therm” is not powerful enough compared to other weapons of its level. A small increase in damage should improve the situation and increase their demand among the players.


  • Now, at long range, the silhouette of an armoured car becomes barely visible if it’s moving at a speed of 70 km/h (previously - 100 km/h).
  • Now the silhouette becomes visible from a distance of 80 m. (previously - 70 m.).

Comment: the main problem with those invisibility modules is that they are too effective and not particularly demanding to player skill. Often the vehicle, being invisible, simply picks up the speed and rushes directly towards the enemy. Now, even while being in invisibility, the player needs to be more inventive.

Epic parts

Hot red

PS increased from 216 to 275.

RN Seal

  • PS increased from 275 to 400.
  • The module’s effectiveness when it’s combined with shotguns has been reduced.

Comment: at the moment, the radiator is too effective. This is especially noticeable at 5000 - 6000 PS and when using shotguns. That’s why we are implementing minor changes to its PS and reducing the module’s effectiveness when it’s used with shotguns.


  • PS increased from 275 to 400.
  • Bonus to cooldown speed is now 85% (instead of 70%).
  • Maximum bonus from the perk increased from 30% to 45%.

Comment: the situation with “Shiver” is similar to the situation with “CS Taymyr”. We would like to make coolers a good alternative to radiators while assembling certain armoured cars.

AC72 Whirlwind

Damage increased by 17%.

Comment: we have taken into account your feedback about the lack of effectiveness of “Whirlwind”, and we are increasing the damage dealt by the autocannon.


  • Spread format changed from square to rectangular (closer to shotgun spread).
  • Maximum spread reduced by 25%.

Comment: changing the spread format will increase the convenience of using the nailgun, and the spread reduction will allow you to more effectively “disassemble” the enemy vehicle in close-range battles.


Damage reduced by 10%.

Comment: “Thunderbolt” is too effective at 8000 - 10000 PS level and clearly stands out from other epic weapons.


  • The required force of impact to activate the perk was reduced by 50%.
  • Damage increased by 10%.
  • Reduced the weapon’s physical model.

Comment: the situation with “Gremlin” is the opposite to the one with “Thunderbolt”. These changes will make it easier to use the weapon’s perk, and a slight increase in damage will improve the weapon’s effectiveness during moments when the perk cannot be used.


  • Mass reduced from 840 to 576 kg.
  • Durability increased from 223 to 290 pts.

Comment: since “Bootstrap” has appeared in the game, one of the most frequent (besides questions about the non-standard model) questions we’ve been receiving concerned its excessive mass. We invite you to evaluate how a lightweight and durable generator will fit into your builds.


  • Bonus to projectile explosion radius from the perk increased from 100% to 150%.
  • Bonus to blast damage from the weapon’s perk increased from 50% to 100%.

Comment: with these changes, we tried to take into account your feedback on how this weapon can be improved. We’re making it easier to use the weapon’s perk by increasing its blast radius, and the increased damage will be a nice bonus for those who use it.


Damage increased by 15%.

Comment: this damage increase will improve the effectiveness of this rocket launcher.


Now, to activate the perk, the car must not take damage for 4 sec. (previously 10 sec.)

Comment: the previous version of this perk was quite difficult to use during fast-paced battles in the game.


Now the bonus from each charge is 4% (instead of 5% before).

Comment: we would like to balance the effectiveness of the wheel’s perk when it is used in conjunction with some weapons on 9000 - 10000 PS levels.


  • Maximum bonus to damage from the perk was reduced from 50% to 40%.
  • Now the bonus received from an epic booster is 15% (instead of 13% before).
  • Now the bonus received from a rare booster is 10% (instead of 8% before).
  • Now the bonus received from a common booster is 5% (instead of 4% before).

Comment: with the help of these changes, we would like to balance the cabin’s effectiveness in comparison to other cabins. We also want to increase its relevance at lower PS ranges, where the players usually use fewer epic boosters or boosters of other rarities.

Chameleon Mk2

  • Now, at long range, the silhouette of an armoured car becomes barely visible if it’s moving at a speed of 70 km/h (previously - 100 km/h).
  • Now the silhouette becomes visible from a distance of 70 m. (previously - 50 m.).


Projectile flight speed increased by 14%.

Comment: a slightly decreased projectile flight speed will simplify the aiming at long ranges and will increase the cannon’s effectiveness.

Legendary parts


  • Damage reduced by 10%.
  • Ammunition reduced from 175 to 100 pts.

Comment: this flamethrower is often used with the “Blight” and it’s currently too effective at high PS levels.


  • Durability increased from 221 to 260 pts.
  • Damage increased by 14%.

Comment: this change should slightly increase the survivability of the shotgun in close-range combat. The increase in damage will compensate for the changes in the parameters of radiators.


Damage increased by 15%.

Comment: we have taken into account your comments that the shotgun is not very useful in battles, especially compared to other legendary weapons.


  • Durability reduced from 765 to 576 pcs.
  • Mass reduced from 940 to 648 kg.

Comment: similar to “Borer”, these changes are meant to simplify the counter-play against this weapon before colliding with an enemy. Before these changes, “Harvester” was extremely effective in high-level battles (13000 Power Score).

AC80 Stillwind

Damage increased by 18%.


Damage increased by 10%.

Comment: “Stillwind” and “Fortune” were not efficient enough compared to other legendary weapons. In both cases, many players believed that the increase in damage could fix the issue. We invite you to check out the changes for both weapons.

Relic parts


Damage increased by 14%.

Comment: After all changes, the effectiveness of the shotgun has decreased too significantly. The increase in damage will compensate for the changes in the parameters of radiators and the “Cockpit” cabin.

CC-18 Typhoon

The blast epicenter shifts according to the parts destroyed by bullet damage (implemented the part piercing mechanics, similar to “BC-17 Tsunami”)

Comment: the armor-piercing projectiles will help the players who use the cannon fight against the builds whose parts are mounted away from each other more effectively.


  • Range of fire increased by 25%.
  • Durability increased from 390 to 437 pts.

Comment: the shotgun was insufficiently effective and did not match its rarity. We will assess how these changes will affect its performance in combat and, if necessary, make additional tweaks.

The system of markers and quick messages has been redesigned:

  • Now players can mark places, objects or opponents on the map directly in battle, as well as select a theme from these available options:
    • Movement
    • Attention
    • Defence
    • Attack
  • You can also use the quick marker placement key on the map screen (“Attention” or “Movement”). 
  • To place a marker on a specific point through the map interface, you need to enable the map, move the cursor to a specific point, hold down the “Command wheel” key (“V” by default), select one of the options, and then release the command key. Your marker and the notification about it will be displayed to allies.
  • To place a marker directly from your armoured car, you need to point the crosshairs at the target and press the “Command Wheel” key once: an attack marker will automatically appear above the enemy. Please note that you can only place a marker on an enemy if he is within your radar’s range or if he’s highlighted by an ally’s radar.
    • The enemy drones and planted landmines can be quickly marked the same way.
    • Pressing the key again on an already marked target will remove the marker.
    • To place the “Movement” marker from your armoured vehicle, point your crosshairs to a certain point of the map and press the corresponding button once. To place the “attention” marker you need to quickly press the same button twice.
    • You can also hold down the “Command wheel” key, and then select the option you need: allies will see the coordinates of a certain target or quadrant in this automatic message.
  • The placing of these markers is accompanied by special sound notifications. All these notifications are enabled by default. If you want to turn them off, you can do it in the sound settings.


  • Updated the visual appearance and positioning of the fuel widget above the “Battle” button in the garage and on the world map. This is done to prevent accidental activation of the tank refill button, instead of pressing the “Battle” button.
  • Improved the appearance of the increase / decrease buttons.
  • The appearance of mode icons on the world map has been improved.
  • Changed the color of sticker backgrounds. The light stickers will now be clearly visible in the game interface.
  • Improved a number of icons and their placement in the interface.

  • Fixed a bug where the sound effects of “Destructor” could differ when it was used in test drive and in battle.
  • Improved the sounds of the “Mandrake” howitzer’s shell explosions.

  • Improved the freezing effect for the cabin “Favorite”.
  • Improved the physical model of the part “Hard module”.
  • Improved the visual model of the decor “Bucket”.
  • Now the barrel on the “Porcupine” minelayer’s model is not painted.

  • Fixed a bug where in some cases all game sounds could disappear.
  • Fixed issues where some cameras in the “Adventure” mode were indestructible.
  • Improved the environment objects in the Colosseum on the “Blood rocks” map.
  • Improved collision models for train cars on the “Powerplant” map.
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles could get stuck in pillars on the “Naukograd” map.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could stay in their spawn points:
  • in the “Steel cradle” raid on the map “Factory”;
  • in the “War for Fire” raid on the map “Ship Graveyard”.
  • Improved the model of the cliff on the “Factory” map. Now it’s impossible to climb it.
  • Fixed a bug where, in some cases, the projectiles of “Ripper” could disappear.
  • Fixed the placement of the “Phantom gaze” hologram cap on some wheels.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect work for “Kapkan” that adds +9% to its active time.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect visual effects of the “Jormungandr” shotgun’s perk.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect spawn points on the “Terminal-45” map in the “Bedlam” mode.
  • Fixed the location of the turret on the “Founders canyon” map in the “Data theft” raid.
  • The “Sword of Damocles” hologram is no longer activated when the “Activate all” button is pressed.
  • Fixed a bug where the recoil of “CC-18 Typhoon” cannons could cause vehicles to fall through some maps.
  • Fixed numerical display of progress for some patches.
  • Improved a number of in-game texts.

Small update, 26.04.2022​

  • Improved the game client stability.
  • Improved a number of in-game descriptions.
  • Due to the upcoming end of the “Steel gladiators” season, the design of the loading screens was updated.
  • Now the players will receive more points for successfully hitting the enemy with the “Trombone” rocket launcher.
  • Improved the image in the “Knight mayhem” event window.

Small update, 27.04.2022

  • Due to their excessive effectiveness, the damage of the “Corvo” revolvers mounted on the “Carriage” blueprint in the “Knight mayhem” brawl was reduced.
  • Now only one fuel tank is mounted on the “Bombard” blueprint.
  • Improved the game client stability.
21 April 2022