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Preliminary information on the upcoming Crossout update


A minor, but anticipated by many players is planned to be released next week. In the second half of January, the Ravens will visit the Valley again!

All the new features described here are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all.

Raven’s path

Please note that the event will not add any new parts to the game, but this time you will be able to manufacture all the parts and cosmetic items of the Knechte and Ravens, which are still exclusive and cannot be produced on other workbenches.

As before, production will require resources, parts, and talers, a special temporary currency. Talers can be obtained in several ways, which we will tell more about with the release of the update.

There will also be a number of positive improvements: you will be able to produce already upgraded versions of the Knechte and Ravens parts, as well as some other upgraded parts.

Balance changes

Shotgun “Spitfire”

The optimal range is planned to be reduced from 40 to 30 m.

Developer Comment: being a close-range weapon, “Spitfire” is currently too efficient at long distances. The change will preserve the effectiveness of the shotgun at close range, but will also allow other weapons to efficiently fight against it at a distance.

Small caliber cannon “Median”

Damage is planned to be increased by 7%.

Developer comment: according to the statistics, the cannon needed a slight increase in damage to destroy more important parts on enemy armoured vehicles with precise shots.

Cannon “Prosecutor 76mm”

Blast damage is planned to be increased by 6%.

Rocket launcher “Nest”

Blast damage is planned to be increased by 25%.

Developer comment: both “Nest” and “Prosecutor” lacked the increase in their blast damage, which affected their effectiveness in combat. The “Prosecutor” required a minor increase, while “Nest” needed more radical changes.

Grenade launcher “Thresher”

The spread from each shot will be decreased 15%.

Developer comment: when using the grenade launcher’s perk, the players often noted that the weapon didn’t have sufficient accuracy in order to use the perk consistently. This change will help them use the bonus more efficiently and deal more damage.

Grenade launcher “AGS-55 Impulse”

The projectile speed is planned to be increased by 33%.

Developer Comment: this change will make it easier to engage in medium-range combat and to shoot at moving targets.

Rocket launcher “Yokai”

The bonus to blast damage from the weapon’s perk is planned to be increased from 40% to 50%.

Developer comment: “Yokai” is an uncommon weapon, whose efficiency depends largely on the use of its perk. We are increasing the bonus to its blast damage so that proper use of the rocket launcher becomes more beneficial for players. 

Shotgun “Gremlin”

The duration of the bonus received from the perk is planned to be increased from 5 to 8 sec.

Developer comment: previously, it was quite difficult to use the weapon’s perk right after ramming a target. The increase of its duration will allow you to do more damage or have time to correct the position of the vehicle for subsequent firing.

Shotgun “Fafnir”

  • Damage is planned to be increased by 5%.
  • The bonus from the perk will reduce the spread by up to 40% (instead of 30% previously).

Developer Comment: "Fafnir", compared to other epic shotguns, showed insufficient efficiency. A slight increase in damage and increased accuracy received from its perk will allow you to quickly shoot off weapons and other important parts from the enemy vehicle.

Autocannon “Cyclone”

  • The durability is planned to be increased from 535 to 661 pts.
  • The mass is planned to be increased from 510 to 729 kg.

Developer Comment: “Cyclone” has received an increase in durability and is now ready for more aggressive gameplay. Separately, we would like to note that a single shot fired from two “Scorpions” will no longer destroy the autocannon. 

Autocannon “AC80 Stillwind”

Blast damage is planned to be increased by 9%.

Developer comment: we took into account your reports about the insufficient damage of “Stillwind”, evaluated the statistics after the 0.13.30 update, and now we are slightly increasing this parameter.

Crossbow “Toadfish”

Now the delay between shots will be shorter by 30%.

Developer Comment: Another change aimed at improving the usability and making the use of the weapon’s perk more efficient.

Rocket launcher “Waltz”

  • The projectile speed is planned to be increased by 12%.
  • The durability is planned to be increased from 209 to 259 pts.

Developer Comment: increasing the speed of the rockets will increase the effectiveness of the rocket launcher in medium-range combat, and the additional durability will increase its survivability in battles.

Shotgun “Hammerfall”

The physical model of the shotgun will be improved (reduced).

Developer Comment: previously, the shotgun had an increased physical model that did not match the visual model. Now it will be more difficult to hit it, which will have a positive effect on its survivability. And the ability to cover it with more armour will also be a pleasant bonus.

Shotgun “Parser”

  • The reload time is planned to be increased from 2.6 to 2.8 seconds.
  • The time to fully charge the shot is planned to be increased from 1 to 1.5 sec.
  • The holding time for a full charge before automatic firing is planned to be reduced from 2 to 1.5 sec.

Developer Comment: the shotgun still shows an overestimated efficiency. The changes should reduce its too high DPS (damage per second) parameter, which is especially noticeable when firing in charged mode.

We remind you once again that all of the above edits are not final and may still change before the update is released.

See you on “Raven’s path”, survivors!

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14 January 2022