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“Holy Motors”

Access level: high.

Seeker We-E’s investigation report on the cult of Ravager fanatics “Holy motors”.

Leadership and structure: The cult has a clear hierarchy where the younger members are subordinate to the older ones. But there are not many steps. There are only ordinary fanatics and “close ones” who command small squads.

The leader of the cult is the All-Seer. There is not much information about his biography. Several anonymous sources claim that he once went by the name of Summers and was one of the first members of the Scavengers. As a result of an accident during an expedition he lost his sight and almost died. The source claims that this was partly the fault of Scar AB, who left Summers to die, having decided that he was not going to survive. The Scavenger leader himself refused to discuss the subject, stating only that he never knew a man named Summers. There’s also some evidence that Summers was seen accompanying Lloyd.

During a personal conversation, the All-Seer stated that this version had nothing to do with reality. He never heard of Lloyd and Scar AB. He only remembers waking up in the middle of the desert a few months ago and immediately hearing a voice in his head calling him the All-Seer and talking about the arrival of God on earth. The voice provided him with instructions and helped him to gather followers.

The right hand of the All-Seer is called Octopus. He follows the leader’s orders, serves as his “eyes”, and has the right to give orders to the fanatics lower down in the hierarchy. It is known that previously he was not a member of any organizations and was an unsociable loner.

Cult personnel: Almost all members of the “Holy Motors” are intimidated survivors. Someone gets into a cult from captivity. Others come themselves. But they all hope that their life will be spared. There are former members of various organizations, as well as ordinary residents of the Valley.

Ideology: The All-Seer convinces his followers that the Ravagers are the new “God” who came to Earth to cleanse it of rotten souls — humans. They will only spare the lives of those who admit their worthlessness before the new form of life and will obey without question.

Activity: For the most part, fanatics propagate their ideas, forcing intimidated people to join them. Occasionally, they attack small groups of survivors. It is known that cultists make sacrifices to the Ravagers. Giving them some of the technology, weapons, and prisoners who did not agree to join the cult. According to sources, the Ravagers actually don’t harm the members of the cult.

Household and equipment: Cultists live an ascetic life, building their homes from simple materials. They are engaged in military drills, training and sermon studying. Their armoured vehicles are created in a style that imitates the Ravagers. However, their technology was not observed among the cult members, except for the non-combat parts, which the cult uses to create idols and other objects of worship.

Conclusion: The “Holy motors” cult is a danger to the stability of the situation in the Valley. They are hostile to all organizations, including the Order of the Seekers. The cult also destabilizes the moral state of the Valley inhabitants, forcing them to surrender and stop fighting. 

I was “honoured” to visit their camp and to talk to the All-Seer just because, according to their leader, the voice told him so. I suppose he hoped this information would be spread around the Valley and serve the cult as additional propaganda. 

The followers of the cult sincerely trust the All-Seer and obey all his demands. Even if he asks them to sneak into the camp where they used to live and disable security systems. After such actions, several settlements were captured by the Ravagers. They took away the equipment and dealt with those who were opposing them. Those who surrendered joined the cult. Therefore, we can conclude that the “Holy Motors” cult has a connection with the Ravagers and are acting in their interests.

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23 November 2021