50% premium subscription discount for 30 and 90 days!


We congratulate all survivors on the upcoming May holidays and launch of the long-awaited premium subscription sale! This time you can purchase a 30 and 90 day subscription with a 50% discount!

We remind you that you can purchase a subscription an unlimited number of times: all purchases are added together, and the current subscription is automatically extended.

What does a premium subscription offer?

  • Increases reputation gain by 50%.
  • Unlocks a daily challenge for 40 coins.
  • Extends resource limit by 50%.
  • The amount of scrap metal earned in Missions and Patrol by 50%;
  • The amount of wires and batteries earned in their respective Missions by 50%;
  • The amount of copper, electronics and plastic earned in Raids by 50%;
  • The amount of uranium ore received for victories in Clan Battles by 50%, if your clan is in a league from bronze to diamond.

Attention! The offer is valid only for PC and will last from April 30, 13:00 GMT, until May 9, 23:59 GMT!

30 April 2021