Syndicate Garage

After Crossout, the inhabitants of the Valley could not return to giant structures made of concrete and glass. Those survivors who still remembered the world before the disaster tried to get close to the old houses, but the view of the deserted world brought them longing and made them leave quickly — the feeling was conveyed to their fellow residents too. Besides, today’s nomadic life required constant travel, and it was easy to get ambushed in the narrow streets, so the concrete giants were destined to spend eternity in solitude. Until the Syndicate appeared.

The deserted neighborhood turned out to be a real gift for the newcomers from the East. The concrete giants of the East Quarter, with their shimmering windows in the sun, became the Syndicate’s best shelter: the narrow streets, so hated by the residents of the Valley, played only to the advantage of the guests’ manoeuvrable armoured vehicles. They created their own fortified outpost in the central building of the office complex. And one of the best eastern warriors, Munmu, has accepted the responsibility of being the keeper of these ancient metal “dragons”. 

Life started thriving again in the long-abandoned buildings. The high-tech Syndicate managed to adapt the environment for themselves. The multi-level car parking allowed the fighters to test armoured vehicles and test their strength in races, and the restored park was a reminder of their homeland. The newcomers even managed to get a monorail leading to the center of the East Quarter operational again.

Because of the Syndicate, the residents of the Valley regained interest in the remnants of the past, and the survivors started to arrive at the outpost. Guests from the East willingly recruited mercenaries. It would seem that there is nothing that can surprise the locals, but the mysterious and willful Syndicate had enough tricks up their sleeves. And their arrival has made adjustments in the lives of the survivors.

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5 April 2021