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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

[Xbox] Crossout 1.0.95. Dronapocalypse

Welcome to the update 1.0.95, survivors! This update includes: the updated “Dronapocalypse”, the Easter event, the possibility of choosing blueprints in clan battles and saving co-drivers along with blueprints, a new pack with a unique garage and much more!


Attention! The event will last from March 29 to April 11 inclusive!

Drones are taking over the Wasteland again! Play as one of these small, intrusive and, in some cases, dangerous opponents and destroy a powerful enemy leviathan!

The main features of the brawl:

  • The battle takes place in the format “8 vs 8”.
  • The team that defeats the enemy Leviathan wins the battle. If at the end of the allotted time, no team destroyed the enemy Leviathan, then the one whose leviathan has more durability remaining wins. If at the end of the battle both Leviathans have the same amount of durability, then the battle ends in a draw.
  • Survivors use pre-assembled drones in this brawl.
  • This year, we have upgraded the Leviathans and added new drones, so you might have to look for new victory tactics. Among the new additions you will be able to try:
    • “Fireworks” drone (with the rocket launcher “Nest”)
    • “Pointer” drone (with the guided rocket “ATGM Flute”)
    • “Power drill” drone (with the pulse cannon “Kaiju”)
    • “Fryer” drone (with the melee weapon “Tempura”)
    • “Tourist” drone (with the minelayer “King”)
    • “Toaster” drone (with the minelayer “Jubokko”)
  • At the start of each battle, you are automatically given a drone with random weapons.
  • The mode also has respawns. Before each respawn, you need to choose one of the 5 drones to continue the battle. The shown blueprints are randomly selected. If you fail to choose a drone in the allotted time, you will automatically be given one of the five picks.
  • Choose a drone wisely and take into account the current situation on the battlefield. The right choice will help you not only to destroy the enemy Leviathan faster, but also to buy more time by controlling your opponents and defending your Leviathan.

Special challenges and rewards

In addition to scrap metal, you can also get unique stickers for completing special tasks:

  • Play 3 battles in the “Dranapocalypse” brawl. Reward: 2 stickers “Dronapocalypse 2051”.
  • Deal 20,000 damage to the enemy Leviathan. Reward: 2 stickers “Power of the atom”.

Follow the rabbit

This year, we will again have to test our observation and find all the hidden festive eggs. Lewis reports that their number has increased this year (as well as the number of rewards). If you have already participated in the event last year, then you will continue searching from where you left off (the progress of the found and destroyed Easter eggs will be preserved). Follow the in-game news or announcements so you don’t miss the start of the event!

Added a new medal “Easter Rabbit IV”. Rewarded for finding and destroying 24 Easter eggs in the garage.

Crossout — Triad: The keeper (Deluxe edition)

Attention! The deluxe edition pack will be available from March 30 and only until April 30 inclusive!

All players who buy the pack get a garage of the Syndicate as a gift!

Armoured vehicle “Harmony”:

  • Unique weapon of epic rarity “Yongwang”:
    • Grenade launcher that launches a volley of 5 projectiles that explode on contact with the enemy or after a short timer expires.
    • PS: 2475.
    • Ammo: 40 volleys.
    • Durability: 423 pts.
    • Energy drain: 9 pts.
    • Mass: 495 kg.
    • Perk: “Damage is increased by 15% for each unit of energy spent on the hardware.”
  • Unique portrait “Munmu”;
  • Paint cans «Dark Gold» and «Azure Dragon»;
  • 4000 in-game coins.

Additionally, the player receives:

  • The unique background and logo;
  • Cabin “Pilgrim” of special rarity;
  • Unique decor “Blue lamp”;
  • “Small track” of epic rarity (2 pcs.);
  • “Reinforced track” of epic rarity, (2 pcs.);
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 62.

The appearance of a permanent Syndicate outpost in the Valley was only a matter of time. As usual, the “Dragons” occupied several business centers, which soon shined with neon lights. And soon the Survivors heard rumours about the guardian of newly developed places — Munmu. Ruthless and rarely participating in any negotiations, he quickly demonstrated to local raiders that those who challenge the Syndicate do not live long.

Crossout — Triad: The keeper

Armoured vehicle “Harmony”:

  • Unique weapon of epic rarity “Yongwang”;
  • Unique portrait “Munmu”;
  • Paint can “Dark Gold”;
  • 1500 in-game coins.

Additionally, the player receives:

  • Cabin “Pilgrim” of special rarity;
  • “Small track” of epic rarity (2 pcs.);
  • “Reinforced track” of epic rarity, (2 pcs.);
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 62.

Attention! The pack will be available from March 30!

Sandy gulf

Large vegetation becomes translucent when approaching it (as it is implemented at the “Clean Island” and “East Quarter” locations).

Dead Highway

Added destructible objects to the location.

East quarter

A number of environment objects have been improved.

Clan battles

  • Now players can save up to 3 blueprints for regular clan battles and clan battles with leviathans. Once the location is loaded, it will be possible to select the appropriate blueprint for battle.
    • To save the blueprints you want to use in clan battles, you must go to the mode selection window - the “Clans” tab and manually specify the desired vehicles (to the left of the “To Battle” button). You can save blueprints for both cars and leviathans (used in clan battles with leviathans).
    • The lists of blueprints saved for regular clan battles and battles with leviathans can be different. If the player has not saved any blueprints in advance, he will get into battle in the car that is currently in his armoured car slot.
    • You can only specify the builds that are saved in your blueprints.
    • You can specify only those saved blueprints that you can assemble at the moment (if all the required parts are in storage).
  • After entering the battle, you will have a limited time to choose 1 out of 3 armoured vehicles. If you did not select a blueprint in the allotted time, it will be automatically selected from the available options.
  • You can change the blueprint at the beginning of the next round. Try to surprise your opponent and turn the tide of the battle!


  • Changed the number of raiders in enemy waves to adjust the difficulty of enemies in various raids.
  • Improved AI of raiders. They now react more correctly to attacks and can come to the aid of other raiders who have been attacked by the players at a nearby point.
  • Now a truck that has strayed from the players is trying to catch up with them, rather than waiting for them to return.

  • Added the option to save the blueprint with a specific co-driver
    • Now when saving a new blueprint or overwriting an existing one, you will be asked to choose a co-driver, who will be saved along with the blueprint.
    • If at the time of blueprint loading you have a co-driver different than the one saved in the blueprint, the co-driver will be replaced automatically.
  • Now you can draw the attention of your allies to a specific point on the location and put a special marker on the map.
    • To put the marker, you need to open the map and select the specific location within one of the grid squares.
    • Your marker will be visible to all allies for a short period of time on both the standard and mini-map.
    • Setting the marker is accompanied by a quick message “Attention to the position!”.
  • The option to listen to the car horn has been added to the “Parameters” tab of all horns and cabins.
  • Improved the appearance of the notification windows for completing missions in the “Adventure” mode.
  • Improved effects of windows that notify of new faction levels and levels, received during the season.

  • Replaced (created new) sounds for machine gun shells.
  • Improved the sounds in the special brawl “Dronapocalypse”.

  • Now, the maximum value for the aim assist setting “Assistance intensity for player and enemy movement” is 0.9 (instead of 1 previously).
  • Improved the behavior of the vehicle when pressing the reverse key for a short time while moving forward. Earlier in this situation, the car continued to brake for a few seconds. That long braking does not happen now.
  • Improved the physical model of the cabin “Wyvern”.
  • The appearance of the “Shock absorber” part has been improved.
  • Improved the auto-assembly function: now it also uses available parts of the “Syndicate” faction.
  • A number of edits have been made, correcting for the ability to comfortably fly vehicles with hovers using the weapon recoil and shoot the opponents from the air.
  • Improved “Enlightenment” module effects.
  • Improved visual display of parts mounted to the “Bear” cabin.
  • Improved the effects of the decor “Kuwagata”.

  • Corrected a bug in which strafing using a handbrake was much slower than with the corresponding key pressed.
  • Fixed a bug where flying “Kaiju” projectiles could become invisible to the enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where the previous “Spread growth when firing decreased by 17%” autocannons upgrade did not change to the new one — “Spread -17%”.
  • Fixed a bug due to which, under certain conditions, the number of required components for crafting a part was incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the vehicle could gain and maintain speed only by turning, without using the “gas” key.
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles could pass through some environmental objects on the “Sandy gulf” location.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases in the raid “Hit and run” the truck could turn and go in the opposite direction.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect appearance of players on the “Dead Highway” location
  • Fixed a bug where a truck in the raid “Last convoy” (“Dead highway” location) could stray and collide with the tower.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the logo with the season level in the interface of the “Banner” tab.
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions and icons.

“Rare” parts

Cannon “Little Boy 6LB”

Durability reduced by 7% (from 454 pts to 422 pts).

Shotgun “Spitfire”

Damage reduced by 7%.

“Epic” parts:

Crossbow “Phoenix”

Reload time reduced by 9%. Now the crossbow reloads faster.

Autonomous drone “Yaoguai”

Drone’s durability increased by 50% to increase its survivability and correct its short lifespan in combat conditions.

Minelayer “Kapkan”

  • Mine fire rate reduced by 25%.
  • Now the rope doesn’t affect fast vehicles that much.

Developer comment: this change is directed primarily towards fast builds. Now they will not brake so sharply when they are caught by a “Kapkan” mine. And reducing the mine’s will reduce the number of situations when the mine almost immediately fastened a new rope, after the previous one was cut.

Automatic weapon “Caucasus”

Optimal and maximum range of fire reduced by 30%.

Cabin “Dusk”

The bonus damage from the perk is reduced from 30% to 20%.

Tracking system “Enlightenment”

Reduced the system’s reloading time (from 15 to 14 seconds).

Cabin “Jannabi”

Now the cabin’s perk bonus works with all damage types.

Drone “Fuze”

The number of launches increased by 2.

Radar “Verifier”

Radar reload time increased from 30 to 35 seconds.

Chassis “Omni”

  • Turning radius reduced.
  • Improved surface grip.
  • Now each chassis consumes 16% of power, instead of 19% earlier.

Armoured track

  • Driving with these tracks has become less “twitchy”.
  • Improved surface grip.

Auger “Meat Grinder”

  • Turning radius reduced.
  • The chassis’ longitudinal traction has been improved.

Cabin “Cockpit”

  • Now the maximum bonus damage from the cabin’s perk is 50%.
  • Now each booster installed gives more bonus damage:
    • Common: 4% (instead of 3% before).
    • Rare: 8% (instead of 6% earlier).
    • Epic: 13% (instead of 11% before).

Developer comment: the changes are aimed at making the cabin no longer the main and only option for assembling an effective leviathan, but at the same time, become more attractive for use in regular battles.

Cabin “Favourite”

  • Now, in order to charge the perk, you need to drive 20% less distance.
  • The duration of the perk has been reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.

Developer comment: with these changes, we would like to adjust the excessive efficiency of shotguns in conjunction with this cabin, as well as make its perk more useful for machine guns.

Hover “Icarus IV”

  • Tonnage increased from +750 kg to +1050 kg
  • Durability increased from 160 to 200 pts.
  • Total acceleration reduced by 10%.
  • Increased the chassis’ inertia.

Hover “Icarus VII”

  • Mass reduced from 325 to 280 kg.
  • Durability increased from 135 to 165 pts.
  • Maximum speed increased from 75 to 80 km/h.
  • Total acceleration reduced by 10%.
  • Increased the chassis’ inertia.

Hovers (General)

Now installing hovers on a vehicle with any other chassis, except mechanical legs, reduces the height of the armoured vehicle above the ground.

Developer comment: first of all, we would like to again agree with the opinion of many players that the use of wheels and other chassis that don’t touch the ground, on vehicles with hovers needed to be corrected. We also revised the parameters of hovers to make it easier to gain the maximum mass on many cabins. At the same time, the dynamics of such builds should not significantly decrease. 
You may also notice that now “Icarus IV” has become the preferred option for heavy, “tank” builds.
The changes in the inertia of the hover vehicles are primarily aimed at slightly reducing the efficiency of the fast builds, whose efficiency has stood out consistently in many tests.

“Legendary” parts

Minigun “Reaper”

Maximum spread in motion reduced by 11%.

Pulse cannon “Kaiju”

  • Weapon recoil increased by 50%.
  • Energy consumption increased to 12 pts.
  • Now the shells have a flight time to reach the target (previously they hit the target instantly).

Drone “Annihilator”

Now when dealing damage, the drone reduces cabin power by 5%, instead of 6%.

Minelayer “Jubokko”

Now the minelayer has a limited ammunition - 18 pcs.
The distance at which the attached wire rope breaks is increased by 50%.

Small update, 02.04.2021

  • Fixed a bug when the standard range objects might not appear in the Syndicate garage after they are received.
  • Improved the appearance of a number of environment objects in the Syndicate garage.
  • Improved the effects of projectiles hitting the water.
  • Improved collision between the stone and the dragon in the Syndicate garage.
  • Improved the updated sounds of machine gun casings.
  • Improved the Syndicate garage mini-map.
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.
29 March 2021