Crossout Update 0.3.18


Ranked battles

Survivors! Now, everyone who owns an armored vehicle, can compete for the title of the deadliest raider in the wastes. In order to participate in ranked battles, a survivor needs at least reputation level 10 with Engineers and an armored vehicle of at least 3000 PS. Ranked battles take place in 4v4 format. Each player is assigned a rank (1500 is the initial value). Matchmaking functions with this rank in mind — regardless of the vehicle's Power Score. If the player's team wins, his rating increases, and it the team loses — rating is reduced.
At the end of each week, rating is rounded to a fixed value of player skill level:

  • 2200
  • 2000
  • 1800
  • 1600
  • 1400
  • 1200
  • 1000 — below this value the player loses 10 points instead of 25 after each defeat.
  • 800 — below this value the player does not lose rating after defeats.

This new mode has been specifically designed for those who want to have more motivation to win.


  • The time between the first and the second Raider waves reduced to 35 seconds.
  • The time between the second tower wave and the first wave of the next tower reduced to 50 seconds.


  • We redesigned the turret system. Now each turret has a number of distinctive features.
  • Machine-gun turret has the highest damage per second, but is very flimsy.
  • Missile turret has a high rate of fire and homing missiles, but they are easy to dodge.
  • Cannon turret has the highest durabilityand the highest alpha-damage but rotates slowly and has a low rate of fire.
  • Cannon turret rate of fire reduced by a third.
  • Missile turret rate of fire increased by a third.


  • Time for completion reduced to 5 minutes


  • LM-54 Chord - Structure reduced by 10%.
  • MM5-4 Vector - Structure reduced by 10%.
  • ST-M23 Defender - Structure increased by 10%.
  • ‘Spitfire’ shotgun - Damage increased by 10%. Structure increased by 10%.
  • Cricket 1M - Accuracy increased by 10%. Volley time reduced by 10%.
  • Attack drone - Damage increased by 10%.
  • Missile drone - Damage increased by 10%.


  • During testing of the new ‘Ranked battles’ mode, ‘Clan battles’ and ‘Brawls’ will be available only at weekends.
  • The final season rewards now give containers with a random part.
  • In a normal season — a container with a random rare part except for movement parts.
  • In a hard season — a container with a random epic part.
6 April 2017