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Now, old Bootleg will show you the magic TV that is YouTube, that showed the deeds of old. Late winter, early spring, that is...

Killer chemstar was a rising star of the Lunatic lot. He started with a simple pickup and progressed quickly to the tri-wasp slow anti-leviathan car! A fine mechanic, that was him!

Entak the cowboy carried on with vehicle testing - this time one for racing and one for plowing, both of them fit for raiding.

But there was something else. Entak created a monster. A hunchback monstrosity with two Scorpions on top. Laying waste and wreaking havoc.

However sometimes it was the small things that did the most damage, and Iggame’s Firestarter was one of them. A flame-painted truck, its cannons can be heard halfway across the wastes, it rode into battle, sowing fear and death.

[Lots of static on the screen, then words emerge]
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24 March 2017