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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

New Knight rider weapons

Greetings to the Wasteland's inhabitants! The time of the knechte has come again, the knight riders have returned with trophies once more, and once again they offer the worthy to earn their fine weapons. If we're to believe the rumours, this time they decimated a big gang of Raiders who had settled in the army depots of the old world, and now the Riders have too any deadly weapons on their hands. What can the knechte offer this time?


Legendary plasma emitter “Helios” 

Even in the time of the old world, such systems were considered secret, and there weren't too many prototypes around. In the Wasteland they can become the final argument, putting an end to a battle.

This plasma emitter has come a long way. It changed hands dozens of times and earned enough notoriety. None of the owners of the legendary relic died quickly and painlessly. Martin still hasn't told anyone how exactly the emitter got into the hands of the knechte. But it is known that there have also been several owners among the Riders, and then the weapon went on sale.

Part Specifications:

  • PS: 1300.
  • Durability: 225 pts.
  • Power consumption: 4 pts.
  • Mass: 300 kg.
  • Unique perk: “The enemy's cabin receives additional damage if all the shells within the same burst hit this target.”

Legendary shotgun “Nidhogg”


This shotgun was once a mounted defence weapon on the crest of the wall of a raider settlement. It should be noted that its former owners were famous for two things: haplessness and grubbiness. They weren't really the hottest raiders on the block and they followed the tactics of jackals: find a crippled caravan or a solo survivor by their stronghold, and then attack, trying to steal rather than kill. Martin decided to check in on them them during one of his pilgrimages and he nearly died laughing when he saw that the only thing capable of firing actual projectiles was that shotgun. They scared the raiders away with claps and loud noises, and the weapon was taken as a trophy.

Part Specifications: 

  • PS: 1300.
  • Durability: 320 pts.
  • Power consumption: 4 pts.
  • Mass: 330 kg.
  • Unique perk: “The higher the speed of the car, the faster the weapon is reloaded. Max. efficiency: +20% at 80 km/h.

Revolver “Corvo”

The knechte don't just collect trophies. Their craftsmen watch, learn, analyze. And now, it's time to put ne of the unique products up for sale. A deadly one. And sure like a blade.
The creator of this revolver sought to meld two things: reliability and high firepower. The idea came to him when he came across an old film one day. It had stern, lonely warriors in wide-brimmed hats and some kind of cloaks travelling through the desert and using weapons that never misfired. And then it dawned on the artisan: if you take this scheme, appropriately fit the right ammunition and make space for more of it — you will get a faultless killing machine! Simple mechanics, nothing that can break down, no complicated electronics. In addition, a weapon like this is easy to maintain. This easily compensates for the gun's small ammo pool!

The time has come, and the craftsman presented his creation to Martin. He loved the efficiency and power of the revolver and gave the engineer a wide-brimmed hat as a reward for his services.

Part Specifications: 

  • PS: 940.
  • Ammunition: 6 pcs.
  • Durability: 160 pts.
  • Power consumption: 4 pts.
  • Mass: 200 kg.
  • Unique perk: “The last projectile in the clip deals 200% more damage.”

Attention! During the event, you can produce only 1 revolver.

Radar “Oculus VI”

This project by Dawn's Children sees the invisible, and you don't. Therefore, just for your sake, the sensor turns toward the hidden enemy, flashes and beeps. With this invention, nobody can take you by surprise!

Part Specifications:

  • PS: 270.
  • Durability: 130 pts.
  • Power consumption: 1 unit.
  • Mass: 110 kg.

Coupling module “Contact 2M”

Want to shoot some targets with a friend, but he keeps driving away? Just couple his vehicle to yours! Install the module on both cars, activate it and get the crafts as close together as possible.

Part Specifications:

  • PS: 275 pts.
  • Durability: 126 pts.
  • Mass: 120 kg.

Attention! After analyzing the feedback and suggestions of players on the relic machine gun and the current system of clan battles, we decided not to include the “Punisher” machine gun in the list of parts available during the in-game event. However, we still plan to add the machine gun to the game as part of one of the future updates.

Paints and stickers

Paint “Fleur-de-lis”

Attention! During the event, you can produce only 1 can of this paint.


Rarity: epic.

  • “Lance knight shield”: common.
  • “Drain knight”: common.
  • “Lion rampant”: “rare” sticker.
  • “Iron Lily”: “rare” sticker.
  • “Jouster”: epic (during the event, you can produce only 1 such sticker).
  • “Knight Rider”: epic (during the event you can produce only 1 such sticker).

In addition, you will be able to build the following items once again:

  • Crossbow “Spike-1” (during the event, you can produce only 1 crossbow);
  • Gun-mount wheel; 
  • Decor: “Bludgeon” and “Armored skull”; 
  • Paints: 
    • “Material: Plate steel” (during the event, you can produce only 1 can of this paint);
    • “Teutonic Cross”; 
    • “Teutonic Stripes”; 
    • “Teutonic Eagle”;
  • Horn “Huntsman's Horn” (during the event, you can produce only 1 such horn).

Clan battles

We would also like to inform all survivors that in the upcoming update we will add the following maps to the rotation in the clan battle mode:

  • Broken Arrow
  • Sector EX
  • Old Town
  • Rock City

Plans for the near future

Speedometer and odometer

Soon we plan to add a speedometer and odometer to the game. Thus, each survivor can control the work of unique perks associated with vehicle speed or the distance travelled, whether it is a new shotgun “Nidhogg” or the good old “Powerful radiator” and the engine “Cheetah”. We are already working in this direction, but we'd also like to note that neither feature is expected in the next update.

The knechte and Sir Martin are close, survivors! Prepare to meet the legendary knight riders!

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all.

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13 September 2018