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New raids. Part 3

We continue introducing you to new raids. Survivors will have to become a part of these stories. Go through each one, feel everything themselves. Fight and perish. Fully understand life in the Wasteland. Good luck!

‘Data Heist’

Some survivors are known for not making long-term relationships with anyone and trying to stay away from constant clan squabbles. Connoisseurs of anomalies and old abandoned places, avoided by other survivors, the keepers of the secrets of the old world and the discoverers of new places in the Wasteland. Abandoned towers previously used for broadcasting have become the temporary base for several groups like this — it is rumoured that someone managed to re-start them and use them to monitor anomalies and exchange messages. This means that even short-term control over the towers will allow us to slightly lift the veil of secrecy and learn the secrets of the Nomads. In any case, the one who ordered the daring foray into the protected area is certain of this. He is willing to pay for the risk generously, but you need to:

  • Get to the towers, breaking through the guards
  • Capture each of the towers with special equipment
  • While the data is being sent — protect each site of communication from enemies who arrive after the alarm
  • Pick up information and get out of the danger zone before the arrival of large enemy forces.

‘The War for Fire’

A group of wastelanders managed to launch one of the drilling stations left from the old world. This promises them considerable reinforcement in the region, which makes some influential survivors from competing factions very unhappy. A direct attack will lead to another redistribution of spheres of influence, which is unprofitable for anyone — but the strengthening of this gang must be stopped. In response to this challenge, a daring plan was born: not only to destroy the mining unit, but also to steal the available fuel! The team of desperate thugs needs to:

  • Get into the oil production area and destroy the defences
  • Ensure the uninterrupted operation of the tower for the last batch of oil: it needs energy, the employer recommends looking for ‘live’ energy cells in piles of garbage around — that's what the Scavengers do
  • Export all extracted oil 

Attention! The leader of this group will fight fiercely for oil production — for him it is a matter of survival.

‘Perimeter Breach’

This cargo was perfectly hidden. At least that's what its owners thought. A reliable gate, a lot of serious security. But the more valuable whatever they want to protect is — the more other survivors want to get it. In the Wasteland this principle is especially relevant. Your customer was extremely laconic when you discussed the details:

  • Break into the guarded perimeter
  • Destroy anyone who tries to interfere
  • Take everything you can
  • Take the goods to a safe place

According to rumours, the guards of this place are true madmen. But madmen with excellent driving skills in all conditions. Some even say that they can fly, attacking their enemies from the sky — but you'll have to see if it's true or not. The last message from the customer sounded ominous ‘Beware of their leader — what he will do with you can not be described.’
Please note that all features described in the ‘Developer blog’ are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or they may not make it into the final version at all.

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21 March 2018