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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

New raids. Part 2

The wasteland in Crossout is full of hard situations and hard decisions. Every survivor has to fight daily for his place in the new world, with fire, steel and blood, to prove his right to a simple existence. The factions' mutual relations lead to unexpected results — yesterday's enemies can sometimes unite against a new threat, and allies may end up on different sides of the barricades. In the new PvE missions, you will realize that life in the wasteland is not just existence in post-apocalypse — it is a daily struggle, and your life is at stake. Below are a few stories, and any survivor can take part in them.

‘Hit and Run!’

This time the enemies seemed... crazy. In any case, this is how the driver of the combat truck, who tried to get out of the dangerous area, described their behaviour. Of course, he chose to stay silent about the fact that this truck had to be borrowed from a group of survivors. The situation's tough — you have to not only get away from the chase, but to slip out of the triple ring of roadblocks and minefields.

  • Speed and firepower are the guarantee of a long life.
  • The outposts will become an obstacle, which must be destroyed.
  • The commandant of this fortified area will not be happy with the hijacking attempt and the destruction of so many fortifications.He will be furious. And you — will be in front of him.

‘The Last Convoy’ 

It is hard to say what the raiders did to this person's relatives. For you, only one thing is important: his revenge is going to be terrifying and he is ready to generously pay for assistance. The hellish device, capable of erasing a small village from the face of the earth is packed into a truck, which must be delivered to a certain address — that's what you have to do! Besides:

  • Escort the truck to the place, protecting it from attacks
  • Help gather some explosives parts that are in the vicinity
  • See how great the anger of a man can be!

Attention! The ultimate objective has an owner — and he certainly will not step aside, letting you quietly complete the contract and enjoy the reward. Be careful on the road.

Gone in a Few Minutes

Valuable goods are valuable goods. Fuel, ammunition, food, medicine. Survivors can get them in different ways. In battle. Some find them.Others steal. This time you will have to feel like a real plunderer of riches. A huge truck full of various goods is waiting for its new owners. The task is extremely clear — find the truck and deliver it to the desired point. But, as always, the customer forgot about ‘details’:

  • The truck with cargo was left in the heart of a protected area.Now you need to take it back.
  • The truck has no fuel — you will have to solve this problem
  • Finally, most likely, you will have to fight when you escape.

The truck's cargo is important, very important. It's very likely that high-ranking enemies have become curious about its fate, or... maybe even the gang leader may come to look at the treasures that you have to steal.
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Please note that all features described in the ‘Developer blog’ are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or they may not make it into the final version at all.

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14 March 2018