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Answers to player questions. Part III


The ‘Developers answers’ section once again welcomes everyone who wants to learn more about the world of Crossout! Today we are ready to share the third part of the latest developer answers to player questions.

What is Customization in Crossout? How do I customize?

Customization is changing a weapon's appearance. Customization kits can be obtained from an Artisan's pack. It can be manufactured at the ‘Expert decorator’ craftsman of the ‘Engineers’ faction.

How do i put a co-driver in the vehicle? How do I level him up?How to I replace him?

By default, the Engineers' co-driver sits behind the wheel of an armored vehicle. In battles, he gets experience and in time gets higher levels, which gives the player various bonuses. Change the co-driver by clicking on the wheel icon next to the chat.

How do I report a violation of in-game rules?

If you see unsportsmanlike behavior of a player, you can report a violation of the rules by left-clicking on the player's nickname. Do not forget to state the reason.

Why can armored vehicles with machine guns meet opponents with cannon in the same battle?

Opponent matching takes place on the basis of each player vehicle's Power Score. The same PS value can be built from various combinations, which provides a variety of armored vehicles in combat. You can get ideas about assembling vehicles at the exhibition and on our site in the section ‘How to play’.

How are Leviathans selected in PvE missions?

In battle, players meet 3 Leviathans, each stronger than the previous one. PS of the 1st Leviathan is 50% of the total sum of PS of all players, PS of the 2nd is 75%, and PS of the 3rd is 100%. If there is no exact match on the points, then the nearest one is sought.

Tasks from the seasons do not register, what should I do?

Make sure that you have met all the requirements of the task. Particular attention is paid to the required difficulty of the battle, where you must perform each task.

How can I upgrade parts?

Right-click on the desired part in the warehouse, select the option ‘Upgrade’. You will need to use 2 more identical parts. After pressing the ‘Create’ button a new improved part will appear in your storage. It will have one unique bonus. The bonus can be changed to a different one by means of another upgrade. It is worth noting that common (white) parts can not be upgraded. Part upgrades can be made indefinitely, but a part can have no more than one additional characteristic.

How do I combine multiple fragments into a part?

You can combine fragments into a single relic part at the appropriate workbench of the Engineers faction.

How much does blueprint storage increase the number of stored blueprints?

Unlocking the fifth slot requires 1 blueprint storage, for each subsequent slot you need more of these.The maximum number of slots is 20.

How do I mix paints?​

You need 10 paints of one rarity, when mixing, the player gets one paint of a higher degree of rarity. For example, out of 10 rare paints, mixing produces 1 epic paint. Please note that not all paints are suitable for mixing.​

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4 July 2017