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Crossout is the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game in which you can craft your unique battle vehicles from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into combat and destroy your enemies in explosive PvP online battles in the air and on the ground.

Answers to player questions. Part II


The ‘Developers answers’ section once again welcomes everyone who wants to learn more about the world of Crossout! Today we are ready to share some more of the latest developer answers to player questions. 

How do I add someone to my friends list?

You can invite any player to be your friend if you know his nickname. You can find the player using the dialog box on the left, in the upper corner of the garage. You can also add a player to your friends by right-clicking his nickname in chat.

How do I see my FPS and Ping data?

By pressing F11, you will see the FPS data. Another press of F11 will display the Ping data. The third press shows information about screen resolution, your graphics card model and DirectX version.

What determines the time to match players for a battle?

To ensure fair battles, the matchmaking system tries to find a group of players approximately equal in strength to a group of opponents. The matching time depends on the number of players with vehicles of suitable power that are looking for a fight. Naturally, there's more of them during prime time and less, for example, at night or early in the morning.

What is a Leviathan?

A “Leviathan” is an armored vehicle, built by players in a special slot and sent into battle for a day. A Leviathan under AI control fights players in ‘Invasion’ mode. For each victory the ‘author’ of the Leviathan gets 15 copper pieces.  The maximum amount of copper that a Leviathan can bring to the owner in one day is 75 pieces.

I have ideas on how to improve the game, how do I get my ideas to the developers?

If you have any suggestions for improving the game, share it with us and other players on the forum in the ‘Suggestions’ section.

How can I see my resource limit?

Information on the limit and available resources can be seen before joining a battle, to do this, hover your mouse pointer over the icon of the desired resource.

How much does the warehouse extender increases my storage size?

1 extender increases storage capacity by 25 slots. The maximum size of the warehouse is 600 slots.

How do I increase the number of parts installed on an armored vehicle?

The number of parts grows with your level with the ‘Engineers’ faction, and also with the purchase of packs.

Will the functionality of game chat be improved?

Yes, we are already actively working on expanding chat functionality. The first step is the introduction of the ability to enable / disable the display of the chat. Additional functions will be introduced gradually. Stay tuned!

You can post your questions to developers in the discussion thread on the forum for this news item until the publication of the next issue. We will choose the most interesting ones and try to answer them!

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27 June 2017