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Weapons in Crossout. Part I

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, it is very often your weapons that decide whether you live or die. The armament of choice for any player should correspond to his or her play style. Currently, there are five types of weaponry:

  • Machineguns
  • Shotguns
  • Artillery pieces
  • Autocannons
  • Rocket launchers

Each weapon has a number of characteristics and features, proper understanding and application of which are the key to success. Players hire crafters to create weaponry using either the spoils of battle or those of trade.

Not every deadly contraption is created equal, and thus they are divided into groups by rarity: common, rare, epic and legendary. Note that just like your best friends, better weapons come with benefits. For your convenience, rarity levels are colour coded like this:

Today we are going to talk about your first choice and trusty common weapons.

Starter machinegun

This saturday night special will help you pose a hint of a threat to your adversaries. A last-resort weapon, this item will always be at your side as it is not susceptible to wear. It has unlimited ammunition but overheats and jams after prolonged firing, so it's smarter to fire in short bursts.

Light machinegun

Mimics the Starter version in many aspects, yet it is more energy efficient and can be utilized in numbers, increasing your ride’s firepower. Though it also has unlimited ammunition there is a good chance of overheating. Be extra cautious when using it.

Light shotgun

A deadly weapon in the right hands, this one tears through anything at close quarters yet is useless above point-blank range. It is considered an automatiс weapon thus it has unlimited ammunition.

76mm cannon

A heavy, unwieldy and energy-hungry beast that deals beautifully with any enemy upon a direct hit. For every shot you take, it may as well be your last, it is recommended that you take your time aiming and go for the cockpit with this one. Doesn’t overheat though has limited ammunition.

Next time we will touch upon the next level - rare weapons.

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5 October 2015