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L’éligibilité réelle aux avantages et bonus et à leur extension dépend du montant, de la portée et de l’engagement du contenu de Crossout sur votre chaîne et est soumis à des arrangements individuels.


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The Gaijin Network Ltd., hereafter referred to as Gaijin Network Ltd., hereby offers the public at large a non-exclusive and global license to use the graphical, audio-visual materials and any other content of the game ‘CROSSOUT’, on the basis of the restrictions described in this license, with the aim of (i) creating independent informational materials about the game ‘CROSSOUT’ in any language in the form of video reviews, streaming the game’s content, writing reviews and notes, hereafter referred to as Materials; (ii) distributing Materials on the Internet by means of online streaming or publication on web resources. The use of Materials in accordance with the conditions of this license is not limited by time.

In creating and distributing Materials, it is forbidden to:

  1. Claim or imply that the Materials were created or approved of by Gaijin Network Ltd., Targem Games or their employees, and equally to claim or imply that Gaijin Network Ltd., Targem Games or their employees have any connection to the Materials (aside from the fact that the Materials were created in accordance with this license);
  2. Distribute false information that does not correspond to reality, and equally any other information that contradicts applicable legislation;
  3. Violate the conditions of the User Agreement of the game ‘CROSSOUT’ (, hereafter referred to as the User Agreement;

This license forbids the use of any symbols related to the game ‘CROSSOUT’ (including the name and logo) for the customization of any products apart from the game ‘CROSSOUT’ itself, with or without the aim of making a profit. It is also forbidden to register such symbols as trademarks and/or domain names (including subdomains) in any country.

For clarity, it is forbidden to create computer programs (including applications for mobile devices) that use materials from the ‘CROSSOUT’ game.

With regard for the limits set out in this license, the use of Materials for the aim of monetizing your web resource or page on third-party web resources (YouTube channel, social network group etc.) by means of hosting paid advertisements from third-parties is not forbidden.  

This license shall form an integral part of the User Agreement. For matters that are not regulated by this license, the provisions of the User Agreement apply. In case of contradiction between this license and the User Agreement, the provisions of this license apply.

For any questions concerning the text of this license, please contact [email protected]. For questions concerning collaboration, please contact [email protected].

In case of any confusion or problems, contact us directly at [email protected]. Our employees will quickly answer you and solve any issues or doubts you may have.

Gaijin always fulfills all the obligations it takes on and is open to dialog. Rest assured that we always listen to our partners and find solutions to challenging situations as soon as possible.

Effective date: April 10, 2017