[PS4] Crossout 1.58. Knight riders

They are back! Thanks to them, the iron monsters of the Wasteland regularly get new destructive weapons. It is they who are ready to reward only the most devoted and dedicated. Thanks to them, the appearance of many armoured vehicles will change beyond recognition. And their name is Knechte!

Knight riders

Attention! The event “Knight Riders” will last from April 9 to April 24!

New Knechte festival “Knights of the Wasteland”!

  • The mission counts towards the progress of daily challenges.
  • For taking part in the mission, the player receives a special temporary resource: talers.
  • Talers can only be earned in this mission.
  • Talers cannot be sold or purchased through the in-game market.
  • “New scanner” increases the number of talers received after each battle.
  • After the end of the “Knight riders” event, all unused talers will be withdrawn from the option to exchange them for any other resources.
  • Talers, as well as a certain amount of resources and parts, can be exchanged for goods from a special temporary workbench, “Martin's Tent”.

Temporary workbench “Martin's Tent”


Light cabin “Harpy”


  • Rarity: epic.
  • PS: 1800.
  • Max. speed: 100 km / h.
  • Tonnage: 4500 kg.
  • Weight limit: 8500 kg.
  • Produced energy: 12 units.
  • Durability: 295 pts.
  • Mass: 1000 kg.
  • Perk: “Increases the number of additional charges from modules of “Ammunition” and “Microfactory” types by 50%. Extends the radius of projectile explosions by 20%.”

Resources and parts required for production:

  • 650 units of scrap metal
  • 600 units of wires
  • 600 units of copper
  • 300 talers
  • 250 units of plastic
  • 2 cabins “Bat”
  • 2 engines “Dun horse”
  • 2 “Twin wheels”

Launch your “Harpy” from the hangar even on a stormy day to make the enemies fear you and the allies respect you. Fit for regular raids. A fast and light cabin that boosts your ammunition reserves and explosion damage.

Medium cabin “Photon”


  • Rarity: epic.
  • PS: 1500.
  • Max. speed: 80 km / h.
  • Tonnage: 5000 kg.
  • Weight limit: 13000 kg.
  • Produced energy: 12 units.
  • Durability: 335 pts.
  • Mass: 2000 kg.
  • Perk: “All energy weapons do 130% damage to heated parts. The more heated the part is, the higher the damage. ”

Resources and parts required for production:

  • 650 units of scrap metal
  • 600 units of wires
  • 600 units of copper
  • 300 talers
  • 250 units of plastic
  • 2 cabins “Pilgrim”
  • 2 generators “Big G”
  • 2 coolers “CS Taymyr”

This cabin was removed from a cargo planetary rover, which successfully worked on the surface of another celestial body. When it returned, it became a model for teaching the younger generation of engineers, and after the disaster, it also attracted Dawn's Children attention. It has a relatively high weight limit and durability for the cabins of this type.

Heavy cabin “Bastion”


  • Rarity: epic.
  • PS: 1500
  • Max. speed: 60 km / h.
  • Tonnage: 9000 kg.
  • Weight limit: 20000 kg.
  • Gives energy: 11 units.
  • Durability: 495 pts.
  • Mass: 4500 kg.
  • Unique feature: “The blade in the front of the cabin has increased resistance to all types of damage, except for energy damage”.

Resources and parts required for production:

  • 650 units of scrap metal
  • 600 units of wires
  • 600 units of copper
  • 300 talers
  • 250 units of plastic
  • 2 cabins “Trucker”
  • 2 wheels “Lunar IV”
  • 2 shotguns “Sledgehammer”

A modified cabin of a tracked bulldozer which is a perfect fit for the heavy machinery meant to clear blockades and form pathways through the city ruins for the Brotherhood's primary forces. Incredible power and tonnage are offset by low speed.

New weapons and hardware

Frontal machine gun “P-29 Protector”​


  • Rarity: epic.
  • PS: 705.
  • Durability: 185 pts.
  • Energy consumption: 3 pts.
  • Mass: 170 kg.
  • Unique feature: “Each hit on the enemy increases damage resistance of the Protector by 2%. The effect lasts for 1 sec and stacks up to 10 times”.

Resources and parts required for production:

  • 650 units of scrap metal
  • 600 units of wires
  • 600 units of copper
  • 300 talers
  • 250 units of plastic
  • 2 machine guns “P-23 Defender”
  • 2 microfactories “Genesis”
  • 2 “Chained wheel (ST)”

An excellent density of fire. Increased damage resistance. Limited firing angles.

Lightweight minigun “MG14 Arbiter”

  • Rarity: legendary.
  • PS: 975.
  • Durability: 170 pts.
  • Energy consumption: 3 pts.
  • Mass: 260 kg.
  • Unique feature: “The longer the gun shoots, the higher the damage. In 10 sec of continuous shooting, damage increases by 150%.”

Resources and parts required for production:

  • 1350 units of scrap metal
  • 800 units of electronics
  • 1350 units of copper
  • 500 talers
  • 800 units of batteries
  • 2 miniguns “MG13 Equalizer”
  • 2 weapon boosters “Tormentor”
  • 1 plasma emitter “Prometheus V”

Three-barrelled minigun. Designed for dense firing with medium accuracy. It takes time to spool up the barrels.

Plasma gun “Pulsar”


  • Rarity: legendary.
  • PS: 1950.
  • Ammunition: 16 pcs.
  • Durability: 850 pts.
  • Energy consumption: 6 pts.
  • Mass: 950 kg.
  • Perk: “For every 100 m passed by the projectile, the radius of its explosion increases by 0.25 m.”

Resources and parts required for production:

  • 1350 units of scrap metal
  • 800 units of electronics
  • 1350 units of copper
  • 500 talers
  • 800 units of batteries
  • 2 plasma guns “Quasar”
  • 2 wheel drones “Fuse”
  • 1 drone “MD-3 Owl”

Tireless inventors from Dawn's Children continue to develop their series of plasma guns. “Pulsar” is a logical continuation of “Quasar”, working at the maximum range with maximum accuracy.

New module — “Rift 2M”


  • Rarity: rare.
  • PS: 185.
  • Durability: 15 units.
  • Mass: 35 kg.

Resources and parts required for production:

  • 600 units of scrap metal
  • 300 units of copper
  • 150 talers
  • 3 boosters “B-1 Aviator”
  • 2 cabins “WWT1”
  • 2 Shotguns “Lupara”

It seems that even the hardened knechte appreciate good jokes. Otherwise, how do you explain the creation of this unit? When activated, the squibs located in the module detonate, and all parts attached to the device are disengaged from the car. Does not deal damage.

In addition to new parts, the knechte have not forgotten about those that have already become their calling card:

Crossbow “Spike-1”

Resources and parts required for production:

  • 1000 units of scrap metal
  • 1250 units of wires
  • 1500 units of copper
  • 300 talers
  • 700 units of plastic
  • 4 radars “Oculus VI”
  • 4 drones “Sidekick”
  • 4 boosters “Blastoff”

Revolver “Corvo”

Resources and parts required for production:

  • 650 units of scrap metal
  • 500 units of wires
  • 600 units of copper
  • 300 talers
  • 250 units of plastic
  • 2 shotguns “BG2 Goblin”
  • 2 engines “Hardcore”
  • 2 melee weapons “Circular saw”

Attention! During the event “Knight Riders”, you can craft 1 piece of “Spike-1” and “Corvo”.

Coupling module “Contact 2M”

Resources and parts required for production:

  • 600 units of scrap metal
  • 300 units of copper
  • 150 talers
  • 3 cabins “Docker”
  • 2 cabins “Huntsman”
  • 2 cannons “Avenger 57mm”

At the workbench “Martin's Tent” you can also craft:

  • Gun-mount wheel (normal and ST).
  • Decor: “Bludgeon”, “Armoured skull” and “Huntsman's horn”.
  • Paints: “Teutonic Cross”, “Teutonic Stripes”, “Teutonic Eagle”, “Fleur-de-lis” and “Material: Plate Steel”.
  • Stickers: “Drain Knight”, “Lance knight shield”, “Iron Lily”, “Lion Rampant”, “Jouster” and “Knight Riders”.

Knechte portraits

During the ‘Knight Riders’ event, you can also complete special tasks and obtain unique Knechte portraits:

  • For 10 wins in missions or raids, the player receives a portrait of August Donner
  • For 30 wins in missions or raids, the player receives a portrait of Ulrich

Attention! The tasks will be unavailable if you have already obtained these portraits during the previous events!

New pack “Lord of War”

Attention! The pack will be available for purchase from April 9 to April 24!

The pack includes:

  • Unique character portrait “Wasteland Baron”.
  • Decor of epic rarity “Ammo belts”.
  • Decor of epic rarity “Bandolier”.
  • Decor of legendary rarity “Baron's banner”.
  • Paint of relic rarity “Shattered”.

The knechte first met the Baron at dawn. He stepped onto the road from the direction of the rising sun, and the air trembled with a haze over the hot sands behind him. His face was covered in fresh wounds, and his chest was crossed out with a half-empty bandolier. Ammo belts wriggled around his left hand like metal snakes, and his right hand gripped a bullet-torn banner.

They almost filled the stranger with lead when he approached their leader, but Martin stopped them with a gesture and looked intently into the eyes of the strange soldier. Nobody knows what he saw there, but the Wasteland Baron, called so because of the invariable iron crown on his head, was immediately appointed an officer and marched to the leader's right. Needless to say, in subsequent battles, Martin never regretted his decision.

Faction workbenches

Shotgun “Nidhogg”

Now the part can be made on the workbench “Underground treasury” of the “Firestarters” faction.

Plasma emitter “Helios”

Now the part can be crafted on the workbench “Laboratory 51” of the “Dawn's Children” faction.

Radar “Oculus VI”

Now the part can be crafted on the workbench “Scavenger outpost” of the “Scavengers” faction.

Sounds and music

Dynamic range

With the update 0.10.40 we are adding an additional audio setting “Dynamic Range”, which improves the sound of the game and allows you to customize the sound at any time, depending on your needs:

  • “Normal”. Everything is as simple as possible here. These are the audio settings that all survivors are used to. By choosing this option, you will keep your familiar sound environment.
  • “Advanced”. It can also be called HDR Audio (High Dynamic Range). This is the mode in which the sound system dynamically changes the volume of the sounds in the game so that the loud sounds (the more important ones) sound even brighter, more powerful and clear. For example, in the case when an ally nearby passes through the bushes, and a projectile from a cannon hits you at that very moment, you will only hear the projectile hit. Such dynamic range expansion systems have been used successfully in many 3D shooters. It is recommended to use extended dynamic range on high-quality Hi-Fi systems.
  • “Night”. Cannot use your headphones, but at the same time you do not want to disturb the people around you with the sounds of the game? Then the “Night” mode is definitely your choice! Thanks to this mode, the loud sounds become quieter, and the quiet ones remain at the same level, which makes it possible even at the minimum volume level to hear everything that happens around without risking disturbing those who are nearby. Also this option will be useful for players using the acoustics built into the monitor or laptop.

At the moment we are testing new settings and we invite you to try them with us. You can share your feedback in the update discussion and the topic with the “pro and contra”, which will be opened later. In case of any difficulties associated with the new settings, please post a bug report here. This will help us quickly find the source of the problem and fix it.


Added sound effects that indicate the perks of the Echo and Favourite cabins are ready to activate.

Game modes



  • Now raids can be fought by just one survivor or by groups of 2 or 3 survivors. The number of players in each case will depend on the waiting time in the queue. Raider difficulty will be automatically adjusted according to the selected difficulty level and the number of players in the raid.
  • Added elite enemies to easy raids. Later we plan to add some new challenges based on elite enemies in easy raids.

Gone in two minutes

  • For the targets that need to be destroyed to advance through the scenario, we added special markers.
  • The mechanics of picking up cargo have changed:
    • To get the cargo, players need to fight with hostile raiders.
    • Some raiders in the location will drop cargo crates when destroyed.
    • In order to move the cargo to the truck, just drive up to them and press the interaction key. The cargo will automatically be moved to the truck.

Data theft

  • Now in this scenario, instead of collecting cargo, you need to drive up to generators and activate them.
  • After activating a generator, survivors need to protect the tower from raiders.

The war for fire

  • Now, instead of collecting energy elements, survivors need to hold off raiders and activate 2 generators protected by them to start the tower.
  • After disabling the tower, survivors will have to protect the truck with fuel from raider reinforcements.
  • If the truck is successfully protected, it starts moving to the evacuation point. The objective of the survivors is to prevent the enemy from destroying the truck and escort it to the destination.

Perimeter breach

  • Now, to destroy the gate survivors need to defeat 2 enemy turrets that protect it.
  • After the survivors reached the cargo, they will have to destroy the enemy's turrets and prevent the cargo from the incoming raider reinforcements.
  • To complete the raid, survivors need to take out the cargo and hold off the last reinforcements led by the gang leader. Each group member can pick up the cargo. To successfully complete the raid, at least one player has to take the cargo to the evac point.
  • Increased turrets view range and damage dealt by them.

The last convoy

  • The mechanic with the collection of 4 cargo crates for the destruction of the gate is removed.
  • Now the truck will stop near each of the 2 generators that need to be enabled and overloaded to destroy the gate.
  • After the gate is destroyed, survivors need to escort the truck to the target and protect it while it’s prepared for the explosion.
  • The boss is not going to like this interference! To successfully complete the raid you have to defeat him and his sidekicks in battle!

Steel cradle

  • Removed the mechanic of using 3 units of explosives for the destruction of the tower.
  • Instead, to damage the tower, survivors must disable 3 generators providing the tower’s operation.
  • Now, when fighting the boss, survivors need to activate explosives (press the interaction button) for dealing damage to the tower.


Leviathans are now able to use the perks of the Favorite and Echo cabins.


  • Added the ability to replay harder versions of some tasks from the Awakening storyline.
    • Completing challenging tasks is only possible with the fully completed “Awakening” storyline.
    • When resetting progress in “Awakening”, the ability to perform harder tasks becomes inaccessible until the completion of the storyline chain.
    • Every day at the location there is a point where you can go to replay one specific mission.
    • After the memory is completed, the point disappears from the location and reappears the next day.
    • The player can replay memories in a group in which he is not a leader.
    • The first completion of the mission memory brings the full reward (just like the first completion of the same task in the storyline “Awakening”).
    • Repeated passage of memories brings a smaller reward, by analogy with the storyline tasks of the “Awakening”.
  • Now raiders from different factions can fight each other, defending their territory.

Weekly tasks

Added a new weekly task: “Complete the task-memory once”. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.



  • Shotgun “Hammerfall”. 

Changed the perk. Its new version: “Every 200 m, passed by the car, give 1 charge, which is spent when fired and is guaranteed to turn off the rotation of the enemy's weapon for 0.5 s. Maximum 2 charges. ” 

  • Grenade launcher “GL-55 Impulse”. 

Changed the perk. The new version: “While the car is not moving, the weapon overheats 25% slower.”

Developer comment: We would like to phase out perks with random triggers, because they do not allow the player to fully control their actions in battle. After the changes of “Hammerfall” and “Impulse” the player will always be able to assess the situation and use the perks when he needs to.

  • Shotgun “Breaker”. 

Weapon durability increased from 360 to 430 units.

Developer comment: at the moment, the effectiveness of the new shotgun “Breaker” is significantly lower than that of other relic weapons. This shotgun unjustifiably quickly gets destroyed in battles, and that is what we consider to be its weakest side. The increase in durability will allow to balance this weapon relative to other relic parts and to increase its performance.

  • Melee weapon “Harvester”. 

Changed the perk. The new version: “Deals 120% more damage to enemies under the influence of negative effects, as well as the heated parts of the car.”

Developer comment: The main problem associated with “Harvesters” is their use at low PS and high efficiency of the gun in such battles. Our task is to reduce its effectiveness at low PS and maintain current performance at medium and high PS. The use of additional weapons applying negative effects automatically increases the PS of the entire assembly and moves the craft to battles with machines that can provide decent resistance.
Please note that the perk of the “Harvester” will not work on towers and pumpjacks in raids and “Adventure”.


  • Tracks and augers.

Increased reverse speed. Now the reverse speed on tracks and augers corresponds to the forward speed on these movement parts.

Developer comment: We continue to move in the direction of increasing the dynamics of battles and ease of movement on various movement parts. Thanks to the changes, crafts with tracks and augers will not lose so much in dynamics to cars with faster movement parts.


  • Radar “Oculus VI”.

Added the display of “Kapkan” mines and approximate location of invisible enemies on the map and mini-map if they are within range of the radar. 

Developer comment: We believe that it is quite difficult to fight with invisible enemies at the moment, focusing only on the radar animation. The change will allow you to see the approximate location of invisible enemies within range of the Oculus, on the map and mini-map, which will allow more efficient use of the radar.


Now a hit from the cannon “CC-18 Typhoon” to the shield “Aegis-Prime” does not impose a negative effect on the car.


  • The window with the description of the Memory missions in the “Adventure” mode is improved.
  • Tweaked the position of machine guns in the “Technology Tree”.
  • The “Rewards” button has been added to the “Clans” tab, which contains comprehensive information about rewards and the conditions for receiving them.
  • The function “Show welding points” has been added to the part characteristics window.
    Added the corresponding icons n the technology tree for the parts obtained from packs or during in-game events.


  • Improved the matchmaking system.
  • Added sounds that are characteristic for moving around pebbles and rubble.
  • Optimized a number of graphical effects.
  • Glazed windows in the Survivor’s garage (standard version of the garage).
  • The paintable area of the “Growl” cabin surface has been increased.
  • The cockpit model “Growl” was improved with “CK McCampbell” applied to it.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with raiders getting stuck on the “Wrath of Khan” map.
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug related to bouncing crafts that have at least 1 hover installed in the middle.
  • Fixed a bug related to various sound artifacts during the shell shock sound effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the application for membership in the clan was saved, if the player has already been accepted into the clan through the in-game chat.
  • Fixed a bug in which it was proposed to improve the level 3 turret in the “Frontier defence” raid or repair a fully repaired turret.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Lancelot” spears with “CK Viper” applied to them could be installed into each other.
  • Now, when teams have 1 player left, and one player destroys another with the help of self-detonation, the victory is always awarded to the team whose player destroyed the enemy by self-detonation.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the “RD-2 Keen” part.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect animation of the movement of armoured vehicles with tracks (crafs tilted forward).
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of shadows in the game.
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of the effect of fire puddles from the “Porcupine” barrels installed on Raiders' cars in “Adventure”.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect display of markers in the clan list.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect display of the animation of the base capture icon.
  • Fixed display of self-destruct bulbs in the Echo cabin.
  • Fixed a bug related to the disappearance of one of the surveillance cameras in “Adventure” at a certain position of the player’s camera.
  • Now the bolts of the Phoenix crossbow are attached to the cameras in “Adventure” and destroy them.
  • Now in spectator mode, the speedometer correctly shows the current speed of the player you are watching.

This patchnote reveals all the key in-game changes and doesn't include all the fixes. Changes, that are aimed at improvement of Crossout, appear constantly and may not require their own patch.


9 April 2019