[PC] Last chance to purchase the "Horsemen of Apocalypse: Famine" elite pack!

Attention! The pack will be available till July 14, 20:55 GMT!

  • All players who buy the pack get a unique garage of The Four Horsemen as a gift!
  • Armoured car “Famine Machine”
  • Unique holographic decor “Carnivore”
  • Unique epic cabin “Howl”:
    • medium cabin
    • PS: 1500
    • Max. speed: 90 km / h
    • tonnage: 4500 kg
    • weight limit: 10500 kg
    • produced energy: 12 pts.
    • durability: 250 pts.
    • mass: 400 kg
    • perk: “The damage of weapons and drones increases while you have enemy vehicles in a radius of 20 meters from you. The max. 25% bonus is achieved over 10 sec.”
  • A unique portrait of Veran Wolf aka Famine
  • 4000 in-game coins

Additionally, the player gets:

  • The unique background and logo of the rider Famine
  • “Famine” structural parts
  • Weapons: rare shotgun “Junkbow” (2 pcs.), melee weapon “Borer” (2 pcs.)
  • Unique decor “Swarm” (left and right)
  • A set of unique stickers
  • Paint cans “Eroded Metal” and “Warg”
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55

It's hard to recognize the heart of a factory range for military equipment in a hangar sheltered by sand and burnt by the sun. They used to recreate the conditions of real battles, adjust weapons, evaluate bullet ranges, and conduct trial trips here. And now the gang of Horsemen of Apocalypse has appropriated the territory.

Veran Wolf was an ordinary employee of the production department at Waderkvarn. He never had any bright ideas, nor was he particularly efficient, but he did his job on time and in good faith. Everything would have gone on as usual, had the apocalypse not happened.
Poor Veran had the misfortune to be at the test site when the doors shut, forever isolating him from his past life. A group of employees who'd gone completely crazy seized the power inside. The tyrants were overthrown with great difficulty. The Horsemen lived at the test site, never got in trouble and never started any. Until one day the tyrants returned. Twice as strong and three times angrier. Rivers of blood poured in, and Veran’s nerves broke down. A beast awakened inside the quiet clerk. And inside it grew a wild, all-encompassing hunger. And it was impossible to relieve it. The attackers were defeated largely due to Famine, who did not know pity. When he was dragged out of his armoured vehicle, the beast was gone. Only the bewildered Veran remained.
Over time, Wolf learned to control Famine, asked it to put on a mask, so as to protect himself from the beast. Though the other personality may scare Veran, for the Horsemen's sake he is ready to release it to the call of Death again and again. And may the Wasteland shudder upon hearing his hungry howl.


11 July 2019