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A page from the diary of the Mentor, the founding father of the Engineers. The data in the text is encrypted by himself.

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9V brought news about Ivy. My daughter continues her renovation, and I'm sad to hear about it.

Everything I did was to save her from the fate of a blacksmith and a soldier. My girl could have taken the rejuvenated world into her hands, free of blood and oil, and begin a new history of mankind. Who would the people follow: me, the “dictator” and the “murderer,” or Ivy, the first snowdrop after the long cold war? I agree to wear the bloodied crown until my death if my actions form the basis of the perfect world, and my daughter continues my life's work.

For now, I have to watch the battle from the sidelines, holding back the rage of my people. Each of them burns with anger, watching my daughter’s allies use the Engineers for their own purposes. Ivy is too kind and that makes her vulnerable. She never notices how the sweet speeches of Scar AB undermine her vigilance, as Ulysses’s self-conceit forces her to risk people for the benefit of others. The squad that was lost during the foray into the red zone at the request of Ulysses —who's going to bring them back? The Engineers lost both the equipment and the people because they tried to be good allies, but the thing is the Nomads are not on our side. They don't care about anyone except themselves.

I need more time. Then I can push my daughter to accept the bitter truth. 9V, 13T and 86A are broadcasting my beliefs to Ivy, suggesting the right thoughts, but this is not enough. I want to personally help my daughter to see the true essence of her fake allies, even if this means I have to alter the truth slightly. A couple of fake attacks, some looted caravans and not a single living witness. The important part is leaving the right tracks.

My dear Ivy, I will show you how ugly the world really is.

The portrait “Mentor” is currently available to players. You can get it by completing one of the tutorial missions.

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10 June 2019