Contest “Cover car: Scavenger Armoured Train”!

Collecting whatever survived after the death of the old world is a responsible matter. And there is no man in the Wasteland who knows more about this than Scar AB. But such a committed attitude to business has a downside: the volumes of goods collected daily are constantly increasing, and even heavy armoured Scavenger vehicles are not enough for transport. It is time to resort to the old, but the proven method — the railway. The cars have already been found, now's the easy part — the skill of designers of the Wasteland. We need an armoured train worthy of the leader of Scavengers!

What you need to do:

  • Build a functional craft that matches the style of the competition (armoured train for the Scavengers faction).
  • The use of structural parts of any factions is allowed.
  • The entry can be done in the armoured car slot or the Leviathan slot.
  • Upload your craft to the in-game exhibition, be sure to add 0819 to its name (at the beginning of the name).
  • Upload a screenshot of your craft with the same name as in the game to social networks (VK, Facebook), and always use the #CalendarXO tag. This will help us confirm your authorship in the event of a dispute.
  • Wait for the appearance of your craft in the voting system.
  • On June 20, 06:00 GMT, 5 of the crafts that scored the most likes, and 5 of the crafts noted by the jury board, will be selected for the final vote in the official Crossout communities in VK and Facebook.
  • Voting will last until June 28, 09:00 GMT. The results will be summed up taking into account the total amount of votes in VK and Facebook.

Rules of participation and selection by the jury:

  • One player can only be represented by one craft in the final vote.
  • The craft should correspond to the given style of the competition and be functional (able to move).
  • In the absence of a screenshot confirming authorship, the entry may not be allowed to the final vote.
  • The number of crafts that one participant can submit to the competition is not limited. But only one of them will be allowed to enter the final vote.
  • The selection of works by the jury, as well as the accrual of prizes,  is made according to the general rules of the competition.
  • The following crafts are not allowed to participate in voting:
    • crafts violating the rules, terms of use, game license agreement or laws of the Russian Federation;
    • crafts without movement parts, sufficient for movement;
    • crafts consisting in part or in full of words/letters/symbols.


The craft of the participant who won the vote will be displayed in the game calendar. The author will get:

  • 30 days of scanner,
  • The pack “Third half” + 1000 coins!
  • Unique decor “Rewarduck”,
  • And also at the end of the year, the winner will receive a printed calendar for 2020, where his armoured vehicle and all subsequent winners will be present!

All participants who passed to the voting stage, but did not become a winner, are awarded 250 coins each, 7 days of a scanner and a unique “Rebuild in Crossout” sticker.

Also, the authors of any entries that the administration deems worthy, may be awarded out of the competition!

We wish you inspiration and good luck!


10 June 2019