Changes and new features in testing


Next week, we plan to release the update 0.10.60 in Crossout. As is the tradition, we invite you to take a look at the main changes and new features that are currently being tested on a special server and may end up in the game.

A continuation of the additional storyline campaign “Contagion”

In the upcoming update, we will present five additional “Contagion” missions. We heard that many survivors are eager to return to the Colosseum at least once more. Well, you're going to get just that!

Reworked map “Control-17” station

The map's rework has affected both its appearance and the placement of environmental objects and passages, which will not only bring fresh emotions from the battles at this location but also solve some controversial balance moments in the battles between the two teams.

In-Game Event “Another Year in the Wasteland”

Since June is the month of Crossout, we plan to launch a small in-game event. By completing fairly simple tasks, you can get unique stickers to decorate your armoured vehicles. Also, absolutely everyone without exception who logs into the game during the event will get the unique “Anniversary” fireworks!

After the test of changes in the effects of explosive damage on decor, we took into account your feedback and suggestions, and plan to present their updated version to you:

  • The search for parts within a certain angle will no longer be conducted.
  • The projectile's explosion will occur either after contact with a structural part located behind the decor along the projectile flight path, or if there is no structural part along the flight path, the last destroyed decor.

We studied a lot of suggestions and complaints from players related to toxic behaviour in raids when one or several participants intentionally stay idle and then get rewards based on the results of the battle. We plan to revise the mechanics of scoring for completing the tasks of the raid and will soon present you with the updated version.

Also, if there are no more players in a clan, its name and tag will be automatically deleted and can be used when creating a new clan.

Let's move on to balance changes. Here's what's planned for the upcoming updates:

“Bastion” cabin

The skill “Indomitable” of the co-driver Hans will now affect the cabin “Bastion”

“Photon” cabin

The skill “Medium Heavyweight” of the co-driver Jade will now affect the cabin “Photon”.

“Cerberus” cabin

Weapon booster “Tormentor” will increase the damage dealt by the melee weapon built into the Cerberus cabin.

“Steppe spider” cabin and mechanical legs

The perk of the cabin “Steppe spider” will increase the maximum speed of mechanical legs by a smaller value, and the maximum speed of mechanical legs themselves will be slightly increased. Thus, the final maximum speed of the legs with the “Steppe spider” cabin will remain the same, and when using the legs with other cabins it will become slightly higher.

Developer comment: According to statistics, mechanical legs are overwhelmingly used in conjunction with the “Steppe spider” cabin. Thanks to its unique features, you can significantly increase the movement speed on this suspension. We would not like to “tie” the legs to only one particular cabin, so we want to increase the maximum speed of mechanical legs and slightly reduce the bonus from the perk of “Steppe spider”. Thus, the maximum movement speed with the cabin “Steppe spider” will not change, and cars with other cabins and mechanical legs will become more efficient. 

Tower cannons: “Little Boy 6LB”, “ZS-34 Fat Man”, “ZS-46 Mammoth”

All tower cannons can be mounted on the sides and under the bottom of the armoured car.

Revolver “Corvo”

The reload rate of the revolver “Corvo” will increase when using the engines “Hot red”, “Oppressor” and “Colossus”, as well as the cabin “Echo”.

Developer comment: according to the latest data, the effectiveness of the revolver does not match the rest of the weapons of epic rarity, and we would like to increase it through synergy with other parts.

Single-shot shotguns: “Junkbow”, “Fafnir”, “Nidhogg”

The spread of single-shot shotguns will no longer be random and will be preset.

Developer comment: In the current version, the spread of single-shot shotguns is quite high, and one shotgun volley can be both extremely accurate and extremely inefficient. We want to remove such random mechanics and make single-shot shotguns more predictable.

Autocannons: “AC72 Whirlwind” and “Cyclone”

Explosion radius of autocannon projectiles will increase

Developer comment: Practice has shown that the previous change to the Rapier autocannon was successful and helped increase the effectiveness of the gun. Therefore, we decided to move in the same direction in the case of the “Whirlwind” and “Cyclone” autocannons.

‘Reaper’ minigun

The minigun's durability will increase

Developer comment: an analysis of the latest statistics showed that the “Reaper”, despite its good perk, simply does not have enough time to deal sufficient damage due to insufficient durability and is quickly destroyed. We plan to increase the durability of the minigun and will continue to monitor its performance in battle.

Tesla emitter “Spark III”

The time required for applying the maximum negative effect of the Tesla “Spark III” emitter will increase. The negative effect itself will have a lesser effect on the movement and reloading speed of enemy weapons.

Developer comment: one of the main drawbacks of Spark in terms of balance is that the maximum negative effect of its perk is applied to the enemy almost instantly and leaves no chance for the opponent to respond. After making changes, the maximum effect will take longer, which will increase the chances of resisting or retreating. In addition, as a result of the tests, it turned out that the description of the emitter's perk was incorrect, and the negative effect applied to the enemy was higher, due to a number of circumstances. We plan to reduce the negative effect of Spark so that the slowing down of enemies and an increase in the reloading speed are not so strong. 

Cannon “CC-18 Typhoon”

Now the first hit with the gun will block the enemy from controlling his armoured vehicle for 1 second. A second hit on the same opponent will result in a loss of control for 0.5 sec. Subsequent accurate shots on the same vehicle will not disable control until 5.5 seconds has passed since the last shutdown.

Developer comment: With a well-coordinated team of “Typhoon” owners, you have the opportunity to control one target for a long time, right until its destruction. Thanks to the edits, the weapon will retain its effectiveness in “1vs1” battles, and, at the same time, it will be impossible to “turn off” the enemy for a long time when playing “team vs team”.

Pulse accelerator “Scorpion”

Accuracy of the “Scorpion” pulse accelerator will increase, while the penalty for damage dealt through penetrated parts will decrease. In order to compensate for the significant boost of the weapon, the base damage dealt by the Scorpion will be reduced.

Developer comment: With these changes, we would like to emphasize that the Scorpion is a “sniper” weapon capable of piercing armoured vehicles and, with a successful shot, destroying explosive modules. Therefore, when you break through the parts, the shot will not lose so much in damage, and, thanks to increased accuracy, you will be able to destroy the explosive modules of enemies. Such a boost for a weapon can seriously increase its effectiveness, so we compensate for this by lowering the base damage.

The “Incinerator” catapult and the “Mandrake” howitzer

Special settings will be added that allow you to adjust the sight sensitivity for the “Incinerator” catapult and the “Mandrake” howitzer along the X and Y axes. Also, the sight ope will no longer return to the standard position after each shot.

Developer comment: We would like to thank all the players who shared their experience in using the updated sight mechanics. We took your wishes into account and we are adding the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the sight and, thanks to this innovation, remove the return the sight to the standard position.

“Porcupine” minelayer

Barrels of the “Porcupine” will no longer be destroyed by the “Spark III” emitter immediately after the shot from the minelaying machine.


We plan to rework the parameters of many fenders, changing their durability, mass and PS.

Developer comment: With these changes, we want to systematize the parameters of the fenders, given their faction identity, and increase the attractiveness and effectiveness of those parts that are rarely used in assemblies.

  • We plan to add the ability to manually lock parts in storage. After this, the item will not be able to be randomly sold or used in fusion. The locked part can be unlocked back.
  • We are planning an option to hide your own profile and select those who can view it: all players, friends and clans, only friends or nobody.
  • We are planning additional filters to the option “Can build”, thanks to which you will be able to exclude certain categories of parts when searching for a suitable blueprint. You can add exceptions like: “Structure”, “Weapons”, “Hardware”, “Movement” and “Decor”.

In addition to all of the above, we also plan to make a number of other changes and improvements, as well as fix a number of known errors.

We remind you that all the new features and changes described in this news item are still in testing and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all.

Special test server

Today, we are once again launching a special test server, where you can test new balance changes, tweaks to the effect of explosive damage on decor and optimized game loading processes, and also check out the updated Control-17 map.

Test, research, share your opinions and comments in this special thread, which will open sometime after the launch of the test server!

Let us remind you of the instructions for logging into the test server:

If you have already participated in testing on a special server, then it will be enough to start the Launcher from the folder with the test client and wait for the update to complete.

  • Create a new folder for the game on your hard drive.
  • Download the Launcher from this link. The file name should not contain numbers indicating that the file is a duplicate. Please note that you should launch the file that does not contain any digits (1), (2), etc. in its name. If, when starting the installed launcher, you get to the live game servers, you need to delete all downloaded launchers from the download folder and try again.
  • Start the Launcher and install the game to the folder you created (for example D:\Public test\Crossout).
  • After the installation is complete, start the Launcher and enter the game with your username and password.
  • The whole progress of your main account will be transferred to the main server (including parts in storage and levels of reputation in factions).
  • After logging in to the server to transfer the progress from your account, you must press the “Esc” key and select “Copy account data”.
  • Please note the schedule of the test server:
    • Friday, June 7, 2019, from 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT time)
    • Saturday, June 8, 2019, from 15:00 to 18:00 (GMT)
    • Sunday, June 9, 2019, from 15:00 to 18:00 (GMT)
  • Any progress you make on the test server will not be transferred to the live game servers (INCLUDING ATTEMPTS TO BUY PACKS).

The public test server is intended only for testing of the upcoming update, and may not accommodate all players without exception. However, absolutely anyone can join the server, as long as there are free spots.

Discuss it here!


7 June 2019