The story of “Cerberus”

There are many legends about the grinning cabin, tearing the enemies of its owner, like a dog. To get this, you need Red Hot — a firestarter, who has incinerated more than a dozen souls.

He stood over the rough table and looked at me, grinning with his cracked lips.

— You want a “Cerberus” too? Got what it takes to tame it? This isn't just a car, it is an animal spirit moulded straight into steel. Can you take it?

I suddenly wanted to know the history of this cabin. Hearing my question, Red Hot laughed dryly.

— I'll tell you if you want. The more faith, the more fire in the world. It all happened a couple of years ago. My friend, Khar, then made friends with a small village. The local metalworkers made the “Cerberus” for him. Khar liked the car with this cabin so much, he considered her almost alive. And everything would be fine, but the local raiders had some business with the metalworkers. They barged in, started causing trouble. The guys gave them a fight. It was a massive fight until just Khar survived.
Having paused, Red Hot sucked in the air through clenched teeth.

— All the guys in Khar's squad were his family. He could not leave them, and he blamed himself for not saving them... So Khar took their bodies along with the remains of the cars, started a fire and burned them. And after that, he stayed to guard the whole thing. A couple of days later, the raiders' friends rolled in, wounded Khar and dug up the ashes, searching for loot. And then, as Khar told me before his death, “Cerberus” came to life. It stood there completely broken — and then suddenly the engine started! As if by its own will it ran over the raider leader and ground him along with the bones! Then we came, but it was too late... We cleared the raiders, buried Khar, and I took the “Cerberus”. That metal had the spark of life, I couldn't throw it away. I took it with me, made a blueprint, and now I am helping the brave ones make a new friend. “Cerberus” will tear through both flesh and steel for its owner!
Red Hot looked into my eyes and smiled broadly.

— Well, you gonna take it?

Currently, the cabin “Cerberus” can be purchased in the “Arsonist” pack or on the market from the players.

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3 June 2019